Clean & Clear® - Deep Action In-Shower Facial

Clean & Clear®

Deep Action In-Shower Facial

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Clean & Clear® Deep Action In-Shower Facial works in three ways for skin that feels refreshed, revived and completely clean. Detoxifies deep with a purifying formula made with natural fruit acids that work with the shower's steam to deeply cleanse the pores. Exfoliating beads sweep away dead surface skin, while natural skin conditioners leave skin soft and smooth.


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Works tremendously

I received this lovely product in the Turquoise booty and it truly does everything it says it would.

The consistency is quite this when applied but means there is a good amount of coverage as you leave it one for the minute while it works wonders. During this minute it creates a lovely tingly feeling with the steam in the shower which feels very rejuvenating.

After the minute is up and you rub in the cream it intensify's the feeling and makes for a very very clean feeling. The small beads through the cream help to ex foliate as well as cleanse.

It has a pleasant smell which I found non intrusive and made my shower smell lovely! On another note.. I also really like the colour of the bottle :) It's much lighter than their normal blue shade which I thought was more inviting.



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Good little scrub

I usually don't bother with products like Clean & Clear because I don't think my skin is as young anymore, but since I still do tend to break out I figured I might as well give this one a shot and see what happens! First off I like the colours used on the packaging, it appeared really refreshing and bright. However when I went to use it in the shower, the tube is very soft and squishy and you have to press quite hard before any product comes out.
The smell is clean and fresh and the product goes on easily enough over wet skin and stays fairly well while you go on with your shampooing or whatever else it is you do in the shower! Washing off involved the physical exfoliating scrub process which left my skin feeling lovely and smooth afterwards.
Looking in the mirror over the past few weeks I haven't noticed any real difference in the look or texture of my skin so I wouldn't say this really lives up to its claims of being a "facial" in a tube as such. However because it still works well as a nice scrub I would probably keep using this without any problems but wouldn't necessarily purchase again.

Ideal for

Congested or rough skin



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Made me break-out :(

First I would like to say thank-you to BH for letting me try this product! The few days I loved this product and the clean and fresh feeling it gave me when I used it. And the smell is so nice and fresh, which I love. But over a couple of weeks of using it every few days, my skin started breaking out. Especially, I noticed around my neck and shoulders. I'm not sure if it's because my skin can be a little more sensitive, but my skin sometimes got some red patches of irritation around the areas I used it. Which is really unusual for me. So I don't think this product is for me, It's such a shame, because I think the idea is great!



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Suprisingly Gentle

I always expect these types of products to be really hash and sting my face, especially when they are not for daily use. However, I was really suprised at how gentle this product was. There was no stinging or hash feeling on my skin at all. The texture is like a fine grit which is gentle but also feels effective. It rinsed off easily and left my skin feeling clean. The fragrance is neutral. I noticed an immediate reduction in redness of my blemishes after use but haven't yet noticed a long-term benefit.

Ideal for

Ideal for people with mild to moderate acne or people with clear skin who just want a really good clean to leave their skin glowing.



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TOO sensitive

I loved the feeling of putting it on in the shower, the tingle and the smell. Unfortunately this made my skin too sensitive and has broken me out in little pimples.
It has not made a huge difference in any other aspect of my skin but I do concede that this often has to do with using it for such a short period of time.
It is a cheap product and I would recommend it to people who have less sensitive skin. I gave it to my friend and she really enjoyed it!

Overall I will continue to use the product for another few months and I will give an update to all you beauties out there after my skin gets used to using something with AHA's in it.

Thanks BH for letting me review this product



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Cheaper than a facial, with the same result!

I trialled this for the Trial Team. It came in a great package with two tubes (one of which I gave to a friend), a shower puff and a face towel. So generous!

This is a product that definitely does what it says. We all know that lots of products make big claims, and then fail to live up to them, but Clean & Clear’s Deep Action In-Shower Facial is not one of them.

As a teenager with a meager budget, a facial isn't really a possibility for me at the moment, which is why I was super excited to trial this! I really liked the packaging, which looked clean and fresh. The product itself is of a thick, creamy texture, sort of a cross between a face scrub and face mask.
It's easy to apply: you just rub a small amount in the palm of your hand and then apply it all over your face. After leaving it for about a minute my face felt a bit tingly so I washed it off, leaving me with smooth, seriously clean skin that felt cool and refreshed.

After using this product for a few weeks my skin is looking fab, and I've also noticed a reduction in the amount of blemishes I was getting, which is always great!

Overall, I think that this is a fantastic cleanser, definitely one of my new favourites! It's affordable and leaves my skin looking amazing. I know I’ll be buying it again.


Use it three times a week for clean, blemish-free skin!

Ideal for

People with oily or combination skin. And those who would love a facial three times a week!



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Impractical and N

This product really isn't for me. I'm 23 and still suffer from the occasional breakout, so I usually love Clean and Clear products. Unfortunately this product is a bit nondescrpt because it neither meets Clean and Clear's usual anti-acne product claims nor does it provide a practical product solution for specific problem.


I think the idea of an in-shower facial is great; however it’s a bit impractical. I have found in the past that using a mask after a shower increases its effect because the steam from the shower opens up and cleanses my pores. However when I tried to use this product in the shower I had a number of problems. First, I had to stand still in the shower for the 1 minute to prevent the product from rising off (which wastes water). Second, when I turned the shower off for the 1 minute I almost froze to death. Third I had to turn the shower on cold to rinse the product off because we all know you should not use hot or even warm skin on the face, and a cold shower is not exactly my favourite start to the day.

Ideal for

While this product seems like a good idea it just doesn't quite meet my practical requirements. On the plus side this product did leave my skin feeling a bit softer and I really like the way it smells.



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Great for those on the go

I’d just like to say thanks a bunch, Beauty Heaven for giving me a chance to try this product and of course, saving me time in my skin routine :D
This product comes in an easy squeeze tube and is pretty alright value for a mini facial that won't have you splurging and saves you time in the morning.
I have mild teenage acne, oily skin and suffered through a breakout so it was perfect timing receiving this product. This does the job, smooths, cleans and refreshes skin in the morning. These products definitely works best in a hot, steamy shower to soften and clear out the gunk in my pores, absorb excess surface oil and also provides mild exfoliation which is a plus for me. I like to leave the mask a little longer and after that, massage the beads into my skin. While using this product for about say 10 days? .. there wasn’t any major improvements in my skin and did not aggravate my acne but did help clear my breakout and gave my skin a smooth texture. This product has a neutral scent and caused no irritation except a slight tingling. Overall I’m happy with the product and have no negative feedback however this product could be improved if it didn’t cause sun sensitivity to the skin
I’ll definitely continue using this product and post an update if there are any improvements to my skin.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Gentle & Soothing

Dont forget to massage your skin during application to get the best exfoliation.


Any skin condition. Anyone after a little extra luxury.

Ideal for

Before this product I'd never used Clean & Clear because I'd heard from a few people that it gave them breakouts.
After using the Clean & Clear deep action in shower facial Im not scared of Clean & Clear anymore!

The smell is not overpowering and smelled slightly minty to me which I loved. The exfoliating beads werent too harsh and when leaving the product on for the minute it produced a slight tingling on my skin.
It left my skin soft, smooth and clean with a great price I would purchase it again for an exfoliating treatment.

It was a little drying but a bit of moisturiser took care of it.



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Does what it says!

I’ve been trailing this product over the last couple of weeks, and I must say I am impressed. Like most people, I find myself to be short on time in the mornings, so I rush through my morning routine. With this product, that can be a thing of the past as it works while you’re in the shower.

The 150g tube makes the product easy to use. Just squeeze a small amount onto your finger tips and apply generously over your face. You only need a small amount, so this product will go a long way.

The smell isn’t overly powering, however I could feel a slight tingling sensation as the product went to work.
After I rinsed it off my face, my skin felt soft, smooth and cleansed, and it looked much more radiant than usual. With continued use, I could see gradual improvements in my skin, so I am looking forward to using this product long term.


Gently massage your face as you rinse the product off, this will gently exfoliate the face.

Ideal for

The Time Poor

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