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Tissue + hairspray = zero flyaways

15 Sep 2007 20:03 PM | Posted by Editor

Hairdresser Barney Martin loves hairspray. Loves it. And he's certainlyno slouch when it comes to using his favourite product to achieve a sleek, shiny finish. His favourite styling secret: After blow-drying, spritz a little of your hairspray onto a foldedtissue and use it to smooth away frizz and flyaways. Martin swears itwill keep locks in check and static-free all day long. Easy!



Achieving a smoky eye: make it a cinch

15 Mar 2008 | Posted by bh'sLeanne

Professional make-up artist Cassandra Rae Ferguson explains that the first step to perfecting a smoky eye is choosing the right tools more



Finding the silver lining

04 Feb 2008 | Posted by Editor

Well, it appears that a grey, soaking weekend in Sydney is not the ideal time to try and book a spot in your favourite spa. Or, I guess, it's the very best – so you've got to beat every other girl in town to the punch. And this is a really speedy city.

Having left it a touch too last-second to sneak into any of my usual haunts, my suffering lower back was left literally aching for a massage on Saturday. So, being a silver lining kind of girl, I took it as a sign to skill up in the DIY department

Literal silver lining credit: M.A.C.



Jems of genius

24 Jan 2008 | Posted by Editor

Last week it was English aristoglam Jemma Kidd; this week, home-grown make-up queen Jemma Gawned. In Sydney on a speedy business trip, Melbourne's glossiest girl swung by yesterday to say hi to the Bh team. At last.  

We've been in touch for ages. Jemma's a longtime Bh member and I'm a slave to her lip and cheek tint (won't check the letterbox without it). And, of course, we've all seen her on tele. But, in beach-haired and gleamy-lipped person, she was a surprise

Image courtesy



How to camouflage facial scars

11 Jan 2008 | Posted by Editor

Q) I have acne scars all over my face and, no matter how much foundation and concealer I use, I can never cover them all up. What can I use/do to get better cover? – Sam, QLD

Make-up trainer Andrew Christie offers his scar-concealing expertise… read more



I blink, you duck

17 Dec 2007 | Posted by Editor

Feel that slight breeze tickling your skin right now? That's just me swishing my new set of oh-so-flutterable false eyelashes. Okay, so I'm showing off, but long, luscious lashes have that way of making you feel like a devastatingly hot bombshell, don't they? They're high wattage weapons!

Which is why I asked make-up maven Victoria Baron for guidance

Longoria's lashes © HFPA and 64th Golden Globe Awards



Fake fuller lips

23 Sep 2007 | Posted by Editor

You can fake fuller lips fast with this little trick. Spend a minute massagin...



How to dry shampoo

23 Sep 2007 | Posted by Editor

If you're blonde, a little baby powder or cornstarch does the trick – "...



Delta Goodgracious

22 Sep 2007 | Posted by Editor

How did Delta  transform from pretty little Neighbour into super hot sexpot? Life makeover etc. says current Cosmo. Yeah, we know. But, seriously, how exactly did she get the sizzle she's rocking right now? We asked her make-up artist and buddy, Dale Dorning, to spill the precise steps he took to make Delta look so dangerous. read more