When it comes time to perform a DIY mani, there’s one tool that can make your job so easy, you’ll be wanting to manicure your nails every week!

The tool is the handy dandy 4-way nail buffer, and to get the most out of it it’s important to know when to use each side.

Most 4-way nail buffers have the same elements, with each side numbered so that you know to start with ‘side one’ and work your way through to ‘side four’.
However, there are always some exceptions, so I’ll take you through the sides based on the fabulous Manicare 4 Way Buffer.


Side one: File – perfect for getting your nails to your preferred shape. Square or rounded, this is the side to use to shape your nail.

Side two: Buff – run this side along your entire nail to help buff away any ridges or peeling. Take care not to overdo it though, as excessive buffing can damage the nail.

Side three: Polish – uses a finer buffer to help smooth down the new nail surface and reach any tiny imperfections missed by the buffing step.

Side four: Shine – the final step works to leave a beautiful sheen on your nails so that they’re ready for a slick of polish!

What is your best DIY mani tip?

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