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Very hard

I received 2 of these in a Manicare haul from a competition just before Christmas. I had just thrown out my shower sponge so was in need of a sponge or loofah.
This is quite a large, long shaped loofah and it's made from something that is really hard and tough...this is not a loofah that is going to fall apart on me after a months use.
You have to wet it down before use and then I add my shower gel to the loofah and massage it over my body, to remove dead skin cells...things is it almost removes the top layer of my skin. It's long and because of the material it's made isn't pliable, so remains stiff and doesn't mould around the scratches my skin. I actually find it a little hard to use in some areas.

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Loofah heaven

I bought this just before I went on holidays. I use a loofah at home but it is a little big so I wanted something small to take with me on holidays. It works well to scrub and clean my skin. I love loofahs and cant leave without them! Nothing cleans the skin on your body like a loofah !

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use for exfoliating leg and cleaning back

This is great for cleaning my back and exfoliating my legs, but i dont use it anywhere else on my body. It a bit too rough for anything else

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this one is the best loofah that i have used. great for exfoliation! my skin feels so smooth afer using it. affordable

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must have

great for exfoliation, i have one of these hanging in the shower! my skin feels so soft and smooth after using it

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This product is excellent* for exfoliation, but was rather abrasive and left my skin feeling sore.

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Great for thighs...

If you want to get your hips and thighs tingling, then this loofah is the go. I don't use it every day, but when I do, it really wakes up my skin. Have had mine for a few years and it looks as good as new - every so often I put it in my undies wash bag and run it through a machine cycle, that way it doesn't get slimey or discoloured, which can happen when left hanging in the shower recess...

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love it

dis really do the job.i use it wen i am in the shower.but it can get gross when left wet. Otherwise it is a good product
overall it amazing
thanx BH

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Manicare Loofah

Have always had one of these hanging in the shower... great exfoliator leaving skin soft and silky

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Great Loofah!!

Hubby uses this one as seems to get a build up of acne on his back.... has reduced the blackheads considerably!!

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