Neilrawson's product review of Toenail Clippers by Manicare

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  • Apr 23, 2012 7:25pm

Great Toenail Trimmers

Manicare Toenail Clippers come in a cardboard back blister pack. The Toenail Clippers are silver, chrome plated.
The whole family uses toenail clippers. Keeping toenails trim, saves so many socks from getting a big toenail hole.
The toenail clippers are a larger version of fingernail clippers.
I clip my toenails after showering, the nail is softer and more pliable, making things a tad easier to clip hard toenail.
The curve of the clippers helps the cutters grab the toenail and secure for clipping.
To use the clippers, pull up the flat triangular lever and swivel it around to meet up with the base again.
To cut toenails, press the apart ends together allowing the curved cutter edges to come together to clip the nail.
Clippers are used regularly in our household, the main thing to remember is not to clip to close to where the skin and nail bond, skin can get clipped along with the nail and it hurts.
I store nail clippers in a small plastic container and disinfect them regularly for hygiene.
Manicare Toenail Clippers can be purchased in Priceline who have a great range of Manicare products. The Toenail Clippers are Made in China.

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