bh HQ is buzzing with all things Australian BlogStar Awards (ABAs) right now. Yep, we’re calling on everyone we know with a blog to enter – especially since this year’s ABAs are bigger and better than ever, with not one, not two, but FIVE coveted awards up for grabs! So have you entered yet? If you’ve got a beauty or lifestyle blog you’d be crazy not to – not when there’s a year-long guest blog spot on bh (how good would that look on your resume?) as well as a prize pack of beauty goodies worth over $1,200 up for grabs. Oh, and did we mention that the first 200 entrants will also nab a fab prize thanks to Rimmel London?

Anywho... While we’ve got blogging on the brain, we thought we’d offer up our best tips and tricks when it comes to creating a successful blog. Considering we blog multiple times a day here at beautyheaven, we’ve come to know a thing or two about the online world, and we thought we’d offer our top seven tips so you can nail the whole blogging thing, too. Enjoy!

TIP #1: Be committed.
Running a blog is an ongoing commitment, so if daily or weekly posts are too much of a stretch for you, think twice about starting one. 

TIP #2: Know your audience.
Once you’ve decided on the theme or topic of your blog, research your audience and tailor your posts to their needs. What other blogs are they reading? How old are they? Where do they live? What information are they looking to gain from your blog? Knowing this will not only drive users to your site, but keep them coming back. 

TIP #3: Keep your posts conversational.
Don’t write like a news journalist or a feature writer – blogging is all about being relaxed and informal. This is not, however, an invitation to let your spelling, grammar and sentence structure slip. Write conversationally, but write well. 

TIP #4: Use images.
People don’t enjoy reading large chunks of text online, so be sure to place large images (that are eye-catching and relevant to your blog post of course) wherever possible to enhance your posts. 

TIP #5: Scrub up on your SEO knowledge.
For those who don’t know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it defines a number of key strategies websites use to rank higher in search engines such as Google. The more SEO-friendly your site is, the more organic traffic (users coming from outside sources) you will receive.  

TIP #6: Embrace other bloggers.
Read their blogs, comment on their posts and link to them in your own writing. Hyperlinks are good for SEO, so share the blog lovin’ around. And if they’ve got good blogging manners, too, they’re likely to link to your posts on their site as well. 

TIP #7: Utilise social media.
Create Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts in your blog’s name, and use them engage with your readers and other bloggers. You can also utilise social media platforms to link to your own content and other online content you love.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the ABAs right here, right now!

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Have you got your own blog? Do you have any other expert tips? And have you entered the Australian BlogStar Awards yet? You should... Now!

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