I’ve changed. Yep, it’s not something noticeable like a sharp new haircut, or the arrival of a brilliant boy into my life (okay, maybe a little), but it’s something more than that. I’ve pushed my beauty borders, and I’m really loving the way it feels.

I know we spoke about nail mash-ups not long ago, but if I’m being honest I never thought my dalliance with two-toned digits would last more than a week or two. Normally I’m onto the next trend before my nails have even completely dried. But not this time. This time, I’m coming up with ways to re-invent this trend, so I can sport it on my talons for even longer.

Introducing nail mash-ups: the metallic edition. This is much like the original nail mash-ups, you know the one where we used a nail stickers and polish combination? Only this time you’re using two polishes – a pastel and a metallic (or a variation of the two).

Tips to ace this look:

- Stick with interesting combinations. Either a pastel and metallic polish in the same (or similar) shade, like the lilac version above – or a duo with a contrast, like the pale pink/stone shade paired with a gold shade on the ring finger, like the version on the right.

- Using either a metallic or glitter shade on your ring finger will work well, you can also use it on your thumb too, if you like.

- Be sure to coat with a super shiny top coat for added gleam and a long-lasting effect!


Used in this look:

ORLY Nail Lacquer

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish

Ulta3 Nail Polish


Could you go back to just regularly painted nails now?