If you’re up-to-date with the what’s what in the nail polish world, then you’ll no doubt have already jumped on the bandwagon that is nail effects. I’m talking shatter polish, two-tone colours, stick-on designs – the works!

These nail effects are all pretty standout, which is great for a fabulous party or a night with the girls, but not always the best option for everyday wearability – especially if you work for a corporate company!

Which is exactly why we’re loving Australis Crystal Colour Top Coat in Speck-Tacular. It’s a holographic, light-reflecting top coat that contains shimmering flakes to add extra dimension and subtle sparkle to your nails. Simply sweep it over your colourful nail polish (it works best on black, but can gently jazz up lighter colours too) and your nails will be instantly eye-catching without looking too over-the-top.

But besides just looking pretty, this Crystal Colour Top Coat also helps to strengthen your nails and protect your polish from chipping – which means less mani maintenance time for you, hoorah!





Do you prefer a standout nail look or something more subtle?

Is your workplace strict about the colour of nail polish you wear?