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Cutex Nail Polish Remover is a liquid nail polish remover that comes with child-proof caps. As they are available in many varieties, there is one to suit every kind of nail.
Available in:
Strengthening - with protein and vitamin B5
Nourishing with CRC - with vitamins and moisturisers
Moisture Guard - to protect against nail breakage
Acetone Free with CRC - a protein-rich formula with conditioners that is suitable for sensitive skin as well as artificial and natural nails.


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Target, Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Woolworths and selected pharmacies nationally.

Consumer Hotline:

1800 812 663

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Solid Remover

I tried out the 'nourishing' remover (the one with the purple lid) and have no complaints. The scent definitely didn't have the harsh acetone smell, and left my nails feeling quite smooth and hydrated, as opposed to the ones that leave the white residue and quite dry. I'll definitely be purchasing this again!



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"Nourishing" but harsh with prolonged use

I have used the purple nourishing cutex remover and it feels nice. I never got any chalky residue after use and my nails did feel nice afterwards. I didn't notice a "whitening" effect like it claims but its also not too potent smelling. I dont like the style of child proof lid - i've found it to be very tricky to open at times! and i'm not a child! lol.

Biggest downside is that it contains acetone and I found with prolonged use it was really starting to make my nails weak and prone to peeling. However, the acetone free cutex doesnt work nearly as well or feel nearly as nice. I'm still on the hunt for a remover that is acetone free (because my nails just cant handle it) but that works as quickly and well as the purple cutex one did!



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I love it becuaes it dosn't smell really strong and works like a charm. The nail polish comes off so easily and leaves you skin feeling soft and still hydrateted, not all dry and gross!



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Purple bottle 'NOyrishing' - it's a winner

Just bought this last night and used it on my toes. I did not mobisturie after using and it still left my toe nails feeling hydrated and smooth. Very happy, might be switching from the pink to the purple bottle.



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Nourishing Cutex Nail Polish Remover

This is a fantastic product that leaves my nails feeling smooth and nourished after use. It does not have a strong acetone odour and certainly cleans off polish quickly and effectively.



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sensitive skin - no worries

No need to worry about your sensitive skin with this product. I use this product as I do not like harsh removers on my skin. I feel reassured when using this remover.



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Pink one was the best

Pink bottle did not dry my nails out and left them feeling strong and moisturised. It also had a pleasant smell rather than the usual strong polish remover smell.



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pink bottle

i have always been a fan of cutex and have started using the pink one. seems to work well leaving my nails feeling clean.



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Nail polish remover is all the same to me as long as it is asatone free im ok with it i have tried this product once and it was ok but like most nail polish removers they all do the same job so i dnt care



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does the job!

this is a great range of nail polish removers. its gentle and does the job well. it doesn't harm your skin, or make it inflamed; its just easy to use and great to remove.

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