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Cutex Nail Polish Remover is a liquid nail polish remover that comes with child-proof caps. As they are available in many varieties, there is one to suit every kind of nail.
Available in:
Strengthening - with protein and vitamin B5
Nourishing with CRC - with vitamins and moisturisers
Moisture Guard - to protect against nail breakage
Acetone Free with CRC - a protein-rich formula with conditioners that is suitable for sensitive skin as well as artificial and natural nails.


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Target, Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Woolworths and selected pharmacies nationally.

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1800 812 663

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Just Another Nail Polish Remover.

Same as anything cheaper or more expensive. The smells are the same and they still suck the life out of your nails haha.

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by FRIEND.



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try the pink one

Ive tried the pink one., and it is great. It doesnt leave the finger nails white and dry like other brands.

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by Bianca81.



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nail polish remover

l love this brand of nail polish remover it takes my polish of a lot quicker than other brand polishes do

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by Jules600.



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The remover made is easy to remove dark nailpolish without using excessive amounts. It prevented the nail polish color staining fingers while removing. which is a huge plus!
i rate it

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by Lhkane.



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Dont try the orange one!!

This one made my nails feel dry and easily breakable it doesnt remove those stains the nailpolishes leave behind

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by beauty_muskin69.



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Nothing Special

Maybe its just me - but I cannot really tell the difference between the Cutex brand and othe brands. It does the job pretty well, but I have to soak a cotton pad and hold it on my nail for 10-15 seconds before it comes off cleanly. Its goof that it comes in a few different types depending on what your nails need.

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by Nicollback.



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Love the nourishing polish remover

Great affordable nail polish remover doesn't dry out my hands after I use it nor does it have a highly potent smell.Would recommend to anyone with dry/cracked hands after a gentle remover

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by Happychic1.



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Cutex brillant brand

Cutex has been around for years and I have never used any other nail polish remover. I love the Acetone free range because there is no ghastly smell. I find that using a cotton ball works well then I just rinse my hands after it. It's gentle on your nails and cuticles and prepares them well for when you want to put nail polish on. They are the right price in that I have bought a few of the strengthing.....for when my nails have taken a beating and need help.

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by jatz.



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Simple, gentle and reliable

Simply a great standard that really works, and doesn't eat up and destroy my cuticles. I have the acetone free one and it works perfectly fine with a little bit of rubbing, very efficient. Not too horrible a smell either!

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by ibutler.



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Acetone free and GREAT!!

I love this as it is acetone free and really doesn't dry out your nails or cuticle beds. I do suggest though to rub some cream into your cuticles after using it and using a cotton bud to apply the remover itself.
Goodluck <3

Read the full review of Nail Polish Remover by Raiinbowfun.

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