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Cutex Nail Polish Remover is a liquid nail polish remover that comes with child-proof caps. As they are available in many varieties, there is one to suit every kind of nail.
Available in:
Strengthening - with protein and vitamin B5
Nourishing with CRC - with vitamins and moisturisers
Moisture Guard - to protect against nail breakage
Acetone Free with CRC - a protein-rich formula with conditioners that is suitable for sensitive skin as well as artificial and natural nails.


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Target, Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Woolworths and selected pharmacies nationally.

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1800 812 663

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Takes a lot to remove nail polish

I use all different nail polish removers, usually what is available at the time, and currently have the acetone free one. I find it dries up on the cotton ball quickly and you need to use a lot to get the polish off. And have to rub really hard to remove the polish. Not the greatest



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My favourite in Australia

When I moved to Australia I needed to find a good and cheap nail polish remover. I really go through tens of bottles a year and I needed something effective, yet affordable. I have tried several but Cutex I like most. It is not the most expensive, it comes in a 100ml bottle, which I think is quite big ( although in Poland we could buy nail polish remover in 250ml bottles). I prefer the removers with acetone as they seem to work quicker. What I like about this remover is that it does not smear the nail polish all around the nail. It works fast, one doesn't need to use much of the remover to get rid of the polish, it doesn't dry out my cuticles. And the cap is child resistant which at the moment is very significant for me as my daughter taught herself how to open all the drawers and cabinet doors. At the moment I am using the Strengthening version but have used other versions too and was satisfied as well.



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Good polish remover

I have tried cheaper brands, but I think Cutex is the best and worth paying for. It removes polish well without leaving any trace behind and the smell is tolerable. It's not too harsh or drying.



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Quick & Easy

This is the only nail polish remover I buy now, it works amazingly well and is really affordable.
I love that it doesn't dry my cuticles out and doesn't need a huge amount of cotton pads to remove my polish.
I find the smell a lot less harsh than the other removers on the market.

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Good at removing nail polish

Love this nail polish remover. It is very good, very affordable and works quickly. Some nail polishes these days, especially the glitter and sand varieties, and this nail polish remover works pretty well on them.



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Cap difficult to open for people with Osteoarthritis

I've always considered Cutex nail polish remover to be a great product for its price point (I still do). Sadly, while I appreciate the appeal of the of the child resistant cap, I find that since developing Osteoarthritis in both hands, I'm unable to open it without help.


As I don't have this problem with other products that produce similar child safety caps, perhaps Cutex could look into alternatives

Ideal for

Regardless of your budget this product is ideal for everyone. It is a great product - except for those with Osteoarthritis, Dupuytren's contracture, Tenosynovitis, RSI or similar conditions in their hands and/or fingers



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Never Changed!

I've been using Cutex's nail polish remover for years! It is just really good and it protects your nails. It completely removes the nail polish and I love the child safety screw top! I have kids in the house and I wouldn't want them touching nail polish removers



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Effective and well priced

I don't use much nail polish in terms of colour, but I always have a clear strengthening varnish on and need to remove this every 3-4 days in order to not have it go yellow.
I was finding that using a different brand of remover was making my nails split at the ends, but since changing to the strengthening version of the Cutex remover I no longer have this problem.
I find the bottle is ergonomic, and fits nicely in my bathroom cupboard and the smell isnt as strong as some others i've tried.


Don't leave cotton buds soaked in this on wood- not good!



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Effective, but 'not so much' effcient: Strengthening

Instead of purchasing Sally Hanson's version of Strengthening Remover, I decided to try this instead and see if its results will be replicated. The Strenthening Remover (pink one) works best for removing ordinary nail polish, and completing the job effecively. The end result was fantastic! My nails were not splitting or peeling and I do believe it strengthens the nail, but only by maintaining the strengthness and condition of the nail. The only negative feature of the product is its effeciency, it does not remove the polish quickly. I use the polish on a cotton pad but it takes a while for all my nail to be completely clear of the polish.

Like many have said, the packaging is designed well. It features a 'pear' shape (easy to grip the bottle) and a child-proof cap. I disagree with some people, the smell isn't overpowering like some other removers. It is quite pleasant compared to Sally Hanson's removers or 100% acetone removers. Yes, it contains acetone and other harmful chemicals but the scent is not as harsh as other removers, I do believe it features a 'flower' scent, though that can be questionable.

In addition, the remover features a nail whitening formula which in fact, does work! I do paint my nails frequently and overtime my nails do become yellow. However, this polish has slowed down the process and it is clearly seen that it doesn't become as 'yellow'.


Use this remover on a cotton pad/ball

Ideal for

Weak, peeling nails. Also for nails that are not peeling or weak, perfect for maintaining the condition of the nail.



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Favourite remover

This nail polish remover does simply what it's supposed to do; remove nail polish! It doesn't seem to leave my nails too dry or too brittle and only takes a quick swipe or too with a cotton ball to remove varnish.
I am also a fan of the child-proof cap as I know when I was younger I used to think this stuff was vinegar because of the smell! That being said, it does have a strong chemical scent but I guess you need so something strong for polish. Always purchase Cutex remover as it's a beauty staple of mine and lasts a while.


Use with a cotton bud or wool.

Ideal for

Removing nail polish.

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