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60 Second Nail Polish

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish has a fast-drying formula that dries in less than 60 seconds and comes with Pro-cision brush with longer, supple bristles for quick, easy application. Available in 40 shades.



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I have this nail polish in the colour grey matter(which actually looks like its a bit blue sometimes)- an extremely unique and flattering sahde for all skin tones. I had to apply 2 coats to get a nice even application- but i did not use a base coat or a top coat and the nailpolish has last a week without chipping. I cant guarantee that it dries in 60 secs- but it does dry quicker than other nail polishes. The brush is also super easy to work with. This nail polish deserves 5 stars because it great quality for the price. I will definately try out other colours in this range

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Rk2002.



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Will buy again!

I love this nailpolish! The formula is quite thin, which requires 2 coats or so to achieve the desired result, but Im not fussed. When applied properly, I found this lasted a week with minimal chipping. It takes a little longer than 60 seconds to apply, but thats not why i bought it - the colours in the range are so gorgeous! The one thing Im not so keen on is the brush. It is flat and wide, making it more difficult to paint in the tricky parts between the nail curvature and finger. Despite this, I will definatly purchase again!

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i love this nail polish although i do think they lie a little when they say " 1second application".... but it is good because it doesnt chip easy and it lasts quite a while

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Maddybff.



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Pretty good stuff

The price is pretty good, as well as the colour range, but as some others have mentioned it did take a little more the 60 seconds to dry. Also needed a few coats for the lighter colours, one coat looked pretty sheer. Good staying power though!

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by bonzie.



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hot colours

The colour range is amazing -plenty of bright bold colours. The maxi brush makes it so easy to apply (every nail polish maker should make these!). I normally apply 2 or 3 coats, it doesn't last very long and chips quite easily. But for the price I think it's fair.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Ohshutuuup.



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Needs more than one coat!

These nail polishes are cheap and come in some amazing colours. I have personally found, though, that these nail polishes take longer than 60 seconds to dry, and require more than one coat. The special brush makes application very easy, although it's almost impossible to get an even coat first time, and it does chip very easily if you don't finish with a clear top coat. Despite the polish not quite living up to it's name, the price and the colours keep me buying them.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Jen87.



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Love it!

I'm a huge fan of the Rimmel range of polishes and this one is no exception. It delivers a great, glossy coat and has a brush that applies evenly and with good consistency. I am a massive fan of their colour range (they always have something in season) and the polish also has a pretty good lifespan (2 weeks with top coat).

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by tennessee.



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One of my Favourites

This is my fav nail polish if im in a rush and just want to put on 1 coat and go to bed. I never need a top coat with this one, as it takes ages to start chipping off. I had 310-Red Carpet on last week. I have 3 kids and do all sorts of housework/cleaning (almost never bother putting gloves on to clean unless its really gross) and it doesn't chip off. I even cleaned the oven without it coming off!

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by NailObsessed.



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I like the applicator. Dries pretty quickly. The colours are really nice. But it chips so easily! Which is really annoying.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Cassxoxo.



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does not dry in 60seconds.

- great colour range
- easy to apply brush
- price is affordable

- chips easily [would need a topcoat of some sort]
- DOES NOT DRY IN 60 SECONDS. [mine take about 5mins, although faster than most].

THATS IT! great produc really. would be better if bottles were a bit larger.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by RAWRSKIES.

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