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60 Second Nail Polish

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish has a fast-drying formula that dries in less than 60 seconds and comes with Pro-cision brush with longer, supple bristles for quick, easy application. Available in 40 shades.



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Ethereal - lovely!

I've always loved the Rimmel nail polishes and I love it even more when what the bottle says is actually true. It does quick dry and it's so easy to apply with it's bigger brush. I have a few colours but I love the Ethereal colour. I currently have it on my toe nails and it just sparkles! I love it!

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Amydeville.



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Good staying power

I really do like this nail polish because it comes in a variety of colours and also stays on for a long time. It dosen't chip easily and i really like the applicator it comes with.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Ltleena.



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Goes on really nicely

I really like this nail polish, I've got it in a coral/pinkish colour. It goes on really nicely, and I usually just need one coat, though 2 coats makes it a bit more vibrant i guess. It chips a little easy, but that may also be me not being careful. Overall I really like it and I think its about time I go buy a few more colours.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Saskia17.



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Great range of colors and Affordable

I was very impressed by the price of this product. For a brand like rimmel it is quite a affordable price. It didn't dry as fast as i expected it to but it was faster than most polishes. The only big let down was the brush. Although the brush is ment tobe designed to be easy to apply, for me it was too think and wide. It was especially hard to paint my little finger.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Halamoni.



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true colour

i have this in a couple of colours and i have to say that the colours are absolutely gorgeous! they are so bold and eye- catching.
the only downside to it is that after wearing it for a couple of days it stained my nails yellow

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Sams2.



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I love the colours available, but i found that while it was quick drying and went on so nicely, it also tended to just peel off in one piece if just a little bit of it was chipped, if that makes sense. but for the price, its still good. and the colours are really lovely.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Gerwyn.



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So cheap.

This is a cheap but amazing product. I prefer the 60 seconds to the lasting finish purely because of the applicator. It has a wide application which makes applying nail polish so easy. It has a good mixture of pearl, shimmer and matte shades.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Somethingforsam.



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so easy i stroke!!!!!!!!!

dont need any tips for this one just brush on and ur done <3 it <3 it <3 love it

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Jaydensmum.



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Great colour range and definitely lives up to their claims!

I love how fast drying this is. I have this in Pompous and I think it's beautiful. My favourite nail polish by far. I have no problems with the brush and it is definitely quick drying. It doesn't chip very easily and I find that it last forever. I do use a top coat, though, so that might help with it not chipping.

I tend to use two coats to gain the colour in the bottle.
I can't think of a bad thing to say about this.
Really love this product. Will definitely be purchasing more when I can.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by xoylee.



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Hot colour in 60 secs!

It says, it delivers. Paint on the lucious colour from Rimmel London's 60 Seconds nail polish and it'll dry as quick as it says. The only let down I found was that the brush was too small for my nail, making it hard (especially when doing my right hand, as I used my left hand) to paint evenly.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Rachael24_12.

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