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60 Second Nail Polish

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish has a fast-drying formula that dries in less than 60 seconds and comes with Pro-cision brush with longer, supple bristles for quick, easy application. Available in 40 shades.



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I really love this range from Rimmel. The colours are amazing and the price means I can have get a little collection going. Right on the mark.



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This nail polish is one of the best. The brush makes it so easy to apply and the colours are so pretty. This lasts quite long and dries very quickly.
I would definitely recommend this.



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Love it

I love the colours of these! It's easy to apply, the flat brush works well for me. It is quick drying. You can easily go a week without it chipping. The only thing I can fault is that you need to use two coats as the colour is a bit light.



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I have a bajillion Rimmel polishes! The 60 second ones make up probably 1/2 of my Rimmel collection.

The bottle is quite small? I'm not sure if it contains less product than the average polish - but to me it seems smaller. I don't really care about size that much, because I've never finished a full bottle of any polish before, but it's probably something to consider when looking at the price.

The brush is flat and curved, which makes it a lot quicker to apply.. It can take a bit of getting used to, though - it can take about 2 strokes for each nail to really get it on nicely, as the curve of the brush doesn't necessarily match the shape of the base of the nail.

The colour is stronger than average.. Definitely an advantage! It has a little bit of opacity depending on how thin/thick each coat is.

As it's quick drying, you have to work quickly, so if you notice that you miss a spot or it's not as even as you'd like, you have to remove and start again.
The quickness of drying is definitely depended on how thick the coat is... The thicker it is, the longer the drying time.

I always use a top coat, and this chips in a few days, so doesn't last very long.. For me, however, this is actually a benefit, as it means there's less nail polish to take off, and I get bored of colours very quickly, so I change it pretty often!

Overall, it's worth it if you get it on sale..

Ideal for

Anyone in a rush
Anyone looking for fun, highly pigmented colours



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black out

I bought the colour black out because i needed it for a design and it is one of the best nail polish ive ever had so easy to apply and i could peel off design sticker quicker than normal and it didnt smudge.. i also bought another colour(euphoria) because they were so good and cheep. Great range of colours as well. YAY for rimmel.


it chips easy so finish with a clear top coat

Ms Billi


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Super quick drying

I have bought quite a few colours from this collection when Target had $3 off Rimmel and was amazed with the quality!
The nailpolish has a specially flat large brush so you only need two swipes to colour your whole nail. The concistency is also pretty thick so you do not need more than one coat for a lot of the colours in the range. My favorite thing about it is the drying time, the polish really does dry very quickly within a few minutes.
The only bad thing I can say about this nailpolish is that it does not last very long and it tends to chip on my nails after around 3 days of wearing. Otherwise it is great value for money and time saver product



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One of the best nail polishes on the market

I always seem to smudge my nail polish before it's dry so these are perfect for me. They do dry in 60 seconds if you do one thin coat, but take a little longer if you do 2 coats or a thick coat. They still dry much faster than regular nail polish. The wide brush tastes a little bit to get used to but it is much easier to use than the regular thin brushes in other brands. The nail polish itself is really pigmented, all of my colours are really strong and have great shine to them, they're very eye catching. The bottle is a bit small but the thicker consistency means you don't need to do 2 to 3 coats so it does last you longer than you'd expect. Another great Rimmel product.



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Love it!!

I’ve recently bought this nail polish, and I love it! It dries really very fast. It is available in the great range of colours, and I have it in rapid ruby. The most I like about the nail polish it comes with a flat brush which makes it very easy to apply, and you need two coats of polish and with a top coat it stayed for a week without chipping. It is inexpensive, so can try different colours. Overall I like the product.

Miss Busy


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Colours for al moods

To prolong the wear of your nail polish, extend your top coat to the very edge of the tips of your nails.
For myself, I tend to experience nail staining and weak nails after extended use of Rimmel's nail polish so, always lay down a base coat!

Ideal for

I am a huge fan of Rimmel's colour range and have always been a huge fan of its formulation. I am constantly updating the colour of my nails and always find myself buying new bottles of nail polish every time I take a trip to the store. Even as I type, blurs of Rimmel's 'grey matter' on my nails are whizzing across the keyboard. However, I am not a huge fan of the 60 Second formulation and wide brush. I'm aware that the new brush is designed to make application easier, but I find that I'm more prone to making mistakes and this results in more polish on my actual finger than the nail itself! And due to its fast drying properties, the product thickens a lot quicker leaving stroke marks.
Despite this, with proper application, it is almost chip proof and long lasting!
Loving the colours <3



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I have this nail polish in the colour grey matter(which actually looks like its a bit blue sometimes)- an extremely unique and flattering sahde for all skin tones. I had to apply 2 coats to get a nice even application- but i did not use a base coat or a top coat and the nailpolish has last a week without chipping. I cant guarantee that it dries in 60 secs- but it does dry quicker than other nail polishes. The brush is also super easy to work with. This nail polish deserves 5 stars because it great quality for the price. I will definately try out other colours in this range

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