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60 Second Nail Polish

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish has a fast-drying formula that dries in less than 60 seconds and comes with Pro-cision brush with longer, supple bristles for quick, easy application. Available in 40 shades.



Priceline, Kmart, Target, Big W, Coles supermarkets & selected pharmacies nationally.

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Dries very quickly!

This nail polish has a huge range of colours and is so affordable. I usually buy them from Priceline and sometimes they are around $4 when on sale which is great! The brush makes it so easy to apply the polish and it is very opaque just after one coat! I apply two coats as I like the 'shellac' look. The polish lasts very long for me and I do not find the polish to dry up or anything as stated by other reviewers.

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I like using this polish when i need a quick polish in little time, it dries fast and has nice colours. Only need 2 coats. I wouldn't say this polish was long-wearing though, lasts 2 days max before chipping.

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by Kate486.



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Shine on!

What they say: "Dries so fast, you can change your nail colour every day! XpressTM brush for 1 second application Dries in less than 60 seconds Picture perfect nail colour in a flash!" Their website (for Aus) states they're down to 23 colours. Bummer.

What did I get: I have the top coat, the black, an electric blue and an electric green, and lastly, a pearlescent pink (which I just adore).

My take on initial application: My favourite part (other than the great prices you can get these little puppies for) is the brush. It's slightly wider than the average brush but even better, the brush is shorter and makes application more manageable. I didn't fully realise what a difference it would make having a shorter, wider brush to swipe your colour on. Yes, I realise the bottles are smaller than the average nail polish and that impacts both price and brush size however seriously, it doesn't matter because this stuff is so good. It really does dry quickly, but beware putting on a slightly thicker coat rather than two thin coats: you will suffer from little dots / bubbles in the finish. So, even though the drying time is phenomenal, still exercise a little patience. No point in doing this if your mani is going to end up looking like zombie claws.

Lasting impression: Impressed. Super shiny, easy to apply, great colour range (but they move quickly so find out when your local store re-stocks).

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No complaints at all!

A nail polish that comes in 40 shades, can't complain about choice. A nail polish with a beautiful brush, can't complain about that. A nail polish that dries in a blink of an eye, definitely can't complain about that. What's not to love about this polish?
The colours in this range are beautiful and vary across the rainbow and in finish. The nail polish is in a little bottle, which I love because often I don't use up nail polishes in bigger bottles before they dry up, but the size of this one is just right. I've owned some for two years (I need to replace them I know) and they haven't dried up or changed in formula consistency at all. The brush is a great size. It fits on my nail really well so two strokes is all I need to cover my nails. The formula is nice and opaque as well, I could probably get away with only applying one coat but like applying two for longevity. The drying time on this polish is insane. I've had nail polishes which claim to speed dry yet don't actually dry quicker than my normal polishes. But this one definitely lives up to its 60sec claim. I've even applied this nail polish in the car before on my way to a party and when I've arrived had perfect nails!!

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Awesome polish

This Rimmel 60 sec Nail Polish is one of my favourite polishes.
There are so many different colours to choose from. They come packaged in simple glass bottles...I like the brushes in these polishes too...I always get a really smooth application using it. The colours are awesome and 2 coats gives me a perfect result - high gloss and they really do dry quick, which is a huge plus for me. I'm sick of smudging and denting my nail polish.
I get great longevity too from this polish...usually 5-6 days without and chipping..

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Temporary Pr...


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Dries quickly, gets clumpy

While I love the idea of this nail polish, it can be quite thick, which also means that it gets a little clumpy when it comes out. Shake well prior to application to prevent this from happening to you!

The dry time is quick, and opaque enough that I find 2 coats to be sufficient. For the price, particularly when it goes on sale, this is worth a try, but don't buy too many of them in one go - this can dry within the bottle quickly!

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ellie rocks


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quick drying and incredible coloursh

I love this nail polish, dries really quickly without streak marks.
Fantastic shades from neutral to glittery and bold colours.

easy removal with your standard nail polish remover.

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Love the brush

I purchased this in a few colours, it's so affordable and I like the little bottle. Quick dry nail polishes in big bottles mystify me, we all know it's going to go gloopy way before we've used even half of it, right? The colours are nice and pigmented and it does dry fast. But best of all I love the brush. Oh, the brush. Flat, wide and domed. Perfection for my personal nail shape. One star off for lack of staying power, but I wasn't expecting too much from a quick dry formula. I would definitely purchase again for those quick mani moments.

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Cheap and good quality!

I love these little nail polishes! For the price you pay they are great quality and Rimmel has a great range of colours.

These nail polishes usually require 3 coats for me but they dry fairly quickly. I wouldn't say 60 seconds but still not too long.

They don't chip as easily as other cheap nail polishes do and last me a few days. The brush is also nice and makes applying this a breeze.

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fast drying but still cracks easily

This nailpolish does dry fast, but i find it cracks more easily, definately shellac is a better option these days

Read the full review of 60 Second Nail Polish by kayla289.

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