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Chi Chi Nail Polish are long lasting, chip resistant, and quick drying. Available in 62 shades.


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Good staying power

I like the few shades that I have, but most of the shades are too "fluoro" and not mature enough for my liking. I have a bright red and bright pink and I love using them as they only require 2 coats and last a decent amount of time. They are easy to apply and don't clump.

exquisite we...


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Good price, nice colours

I used to own a lot of nail polishes of different brands but for the quality AND price Chi Chi if my favourite. In fact I chucked out most of the other brands and kept all my Chi Chis.

I feel like they offer a nice variety of colours and that the polish lasted as long as any other brand, and in some cases longer (which is what annoyed me about the other brands since they were more expensive!).



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I bought a 6 pack of these nail polishes and found that all but one of the shades were gorgeous and vibrant. The formulations for all of them (minus 1) where great too.

It applied easily, drying time was average and flaking wasn't too bad.

The one shade that I wasn't happy with looked black in the bottle and it has silvery speckles in it, but when applied I found it was 'watery' and looked grey rather than black. Even after applying 3 coats, it still appeared grey and watered down.

I was quite disappointed as I bought this pack mainly for this black speckled nail polish and it was the only one in the pack that did not measure up. However I had no problem with any of the other shades at all and would still recommend these nail polishes to others, but do be weary of the formulations/shades.


gradually build up intensity with each coat, waiting for each coat to dry before applying the next.

Ideal for

gorgeous looking nails



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So so

I neither love nor hate these nail polishes.
They have a great colour selection to choose from with beautiful shades from pastels to neon.
Long drying time, I find no matter what I try to speed up the drying time of this polish it never works and never wants to dry.
They chip easily and need quite a few coats to be opaque.
If on sale has a great price point in comparison with others on the market. At normal price (no sales or discounts) they aren't worth it!
All in all I probably won't buy any more but I won't be chucking the ones I have out as I can cope with the flaws they have.



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I have no idea how Chi Chi can charge $12.95 for these polishes, when brands like Essie and Sally Hansen are around the same - but quality is opposite ends of the spectrum.
I did grab this on sale, thank God...I would've been devastated if I had paid full price.
I found the polish goes on thick, doesn't dry quickly at all and chips within 24-48 hours.
I also have a stack of nail polishes from all different brands and I keep them for ages...with no problem but this Chi Chi polish goes gluggy, which then makes application extremely hard.



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So many pretty colours

This nail polish caught my eye due to the wide range of shades available. Finding out it comes in 62 shades is impressive. I've only got it in the shade "Only Girl In The World", which is a bright purple shade. The colour is opaque (and vibrant!) in one coat but I usually prefer two anyway. Now on to the negatives...

I don't find this nail polish quick drying. Additionally, I find the formula turns thick quite quickly. It's disappointing that I have so much of the product left, yet I can't use it as it is too thick and gluggy. I don't have this issue with other brands.

Overall, this nail polish is okay. The best thing would have to be the wide range of colours that are available. Otherwise, there is nothing really impressive about this nail polish. There are better nail polishes in this price range (and cheaper ones that are better too!).



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I purchased the hot pink. Fantastic colour. Great price. Doesnt chip and is worth every penny



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Lovely but pricey

I love chi chi nail polish but usually opt for the mini ones over these because they are much better value. This range has a great range of colours and wear just as well as the minis but I don't think they're worth the price. As far as the nail polish itself goes, relatively quick drying, long lasting and beautiful shades :)



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Chi Chi polish

I bought this in a bright neon orange. I love it, I got loads of compliments on the colour and their overall range is good. The wear was decent, although I only used on my toes and the wear is generally good there anyway (3+weeks).
The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is that it is a bit runny, and it required several coats to get it opaque. I might try a tinted base coat next time. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with it.



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Not Good At All.

Holy mother. I got a pack of these in black, white, hot pink, pale pink, pale orange, and nude, top and base coat as a birthday gift - it was the Chi Chi Vive La French Manicure - the modern twist on French Manicures. Having never tried these nail polishes, of course I was stoked. I specially grew out my nails for them and waited until the perfect moment to try them - the day before a party.

OKay the packaging I admit was very sweet and tidy (packaging of the gift) and I love how the top and base coats came with a square top which I find so much easier to open or close. The actual colours were pretty in the bottle and I tried nude with white - the classic french mani.

The pink when on first. The first coat was splotchy and runny and had very little consistency. I was left with a horrible uneven sort of watery look on my nails. Needless to say I was horrified. I had no nail polish remover. I continued to add coats. I was at four before it began to look decent again. The colour finally matched the bottles and the finish was quite glossy and smooth. ONly problem was that with all these coats, it'd take forever to dry, plus my nails felt so dragged down by these coats and I could see a literal layer of polish on top of my nails. With so many coats on too, it was hard to not have gotten any on my cuticles so they looked pretty bad too.

I then added the white. My gift packet came with the nail tip guides for 'the perfect straight edge', again I was stoked. I made sure my coats were as dry as possible before I applied one on. I quickly painted the white which came out splotchy and uneven, a huge blob on one side and nothing by the time I got to the other side of my nail. I then waited for that to dry before pulling off the guide...and half of the nude polish off with it. I was devatasted. Truly, my nails looked disgusting.

That thick polish on my nails were truly really bad. I won't ever repurchase, I have no idea what to do with the rest of my polishes and really, I could buy much much better polishes with less money.

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