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Rokk96 nail polish brings quality colour to the fingertips. The range consists of 96 shades, keeping fingertips full of colour for all seasons. Paint on a layer to let the colour come alive. The extensive Rokk96 colour chart is listed below.

Shades include:
Angel – clear glitter

Icing Sugar – clear silver
Moonlight – clearish ivory

White Tips – white
Undercover – nude
Sheer Blush – light pink
French Made – pink
Babycakes – baby pink
Apricot – apricot
Stolen kisses – rose pink
Bellini – orangey pink
Pink Lemonade – bright pink
Stilette Pink – hot pink
Posie – posie pink
Honeymoon – bright peach
Matching Clutch – intense hot pink
Sheer Madness – bright pink
Made You Look - rich pink
Ess Jay – cherry red
Pink Terracotta – terracotta with a hint of pink
Sweetie Pie – pastel pink
Tina Sparkle – pink with glitter
Pink Diamond – bright pink 
Cindarella – pink with glitter
Feeling Rosy – rosy pink
Smooth Operator – lilac pink
Mauve is Me – light mauve
Sultry – deep mauve
Purple Heart – rich plum
Vino – intense cherry red
Ultra Violet – light violet pink
Plum Perfect – light plum
Purple Haze – royal purple
Iris – purple
C.J. – cool purple navy
Hypnotic - dark purple
Violine – deep plum
Backstage Pass – gunmetal
Caz MC – ocean blue
Mermaid – sea blue
Pastelle – pastel blue
Hanako – sky blue
Silver Screen – glittery blue
Bluebood – cherry red
Stop Sign – red
Next Round – light red
Tequila Sunrise – pinkish red
Lady Danger – deep red
Candy Floss – candy red
Fairytale – sparkling pink
Babados – terracotta red
Happy Hour – mauve plum
Fruit Tingle – rose
Dirty Secret – deep rose
Flashing Light – hot pink red
Yvette – deep hot pink/red
Paparazzi – mauve/hot pink
Weekender – deep cherry
Nero – dark gunmetal
Paris Night – intense gunmetal
Wine Spill – pinkish plum
I’ll Be Frank – purple plum
Bronzed Goddess – deep bronze
Perfect Clarety – burgundy
Dusty – mauve brown
Burnish – terracotta brown
Kasbah – pink cherry
Satine – brown
Haras – grey
Toasted Almond – silvery grey
Gunmetal – gunmetal
Argent – silver
Silverado – silver glitter
Dazzler – clear with blue glitter
Confetti – clear with purple glitter
Bejewelled – clear with glitter
Gold Digger – clear with gold glitter
Ruby – clear with ruby glitter
Sequin – sheer purple with purple glitter
Bon-Bon – clear with multi coloured glitter
Twinkle Toes – sheer blue with blue glitter
Emerald – clear with green glitter
Scrunchie – deep mango
Sherbert – light mango
Mix Tape – lime green
Hopper - bright lime green
Bananas! – yellow
Girlgroup – fluoro yellow
Dolly – fluoro pink
Akimbo – intense fluoro pink
T.L.M.C – fluoro peach
Clear – clear
Ovaltina – deep olive
Nimbus – dark grey
It’s Blitz – rich blue
Hurricane – navy purple blue



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Nice shine

I have stacks of these colours. But 3 stand out over all. I'll be frank is my favourite colour ever. In the bottle it looks like a murky glittery brown, but once you put it on its a beautiful burgundy with gold glitter. Caz mc is a gorgeous royal blue, it matches so many of my clothes. Silverado is a lovely silver, even though its a very thick consistency I find it goes on evenly.

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Not that great.

I received these from BH in 3 metallic shades. The colours are gorgeous but the polish itself is not the best. It applies streaky and is on the thick side. having said that, it is opaque in one coat but i've always used two regardless, so that wasn't much of an issue for me. When removing the polish, they left stains around my nails.

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Stunning Metallic Colour

I have this in Perfect Clarety and it is a divine and unique colour. It's a metallic ruby, rusty, bronzy-red wine/maroon cross brown! So hard to describe and it does look more of a warm rust metallic colour with one coat but with two coats it changes to a more of a deeper burgundy type of colour. It's beautiful both ways! It's shiny and shimmery as a Christmas beetle in the way that it is metallic.

I found it was really easy to apply and I'm not sure if that was the brush or the colour itself that seems to just want to hug my nail and go only where it's put.

It's easy to touch up after the second day as I found with my active hands the tips started to wear away but you couldn't tell I'd touched it up at all with this colour.

This nail polish is a treat amongst my nail polish collection. I love it.

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