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Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat gives a crackle effect on coloured polish providing a unique pattern on each nail. The overcoat is applied after the base coat and nail colour, and sealed with a top coat. Available in four shades: Snow Blast, Fractured Foil, Fuchsia Shock and Ink Splatter.



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so cool

This is an awesome and easy way to have an effect on your nails, I had bought the Silver one which goes with so many of my dark colours. Just one coat of another coloured nail polish and put this one on. Just wait in seconds the crackle starts to appear

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by joburkey.



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Interesting novely product

I have this in the black overcoat. I find that it is a good "novelty" polish however the cracklr effect can sometimes not look very even across all nails... leaving some nails looking blacker than others. One definite plus was that the overcoat dries fairly quickly and the final crackle application requires a top coat to smooth it over. Definitely a novelty/phase product that is mostly on the way out now I feel but it was kinda fun whilst it lasted!

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by Vixeness33.



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Rubbish staying power

I have Distressed Denim (royal blue) and Fuchsia Shock (hot pink) and they're passable. I find it hard to get regular polish to last 2 days on me without chipping, so with the odd formula that allows the colour to "crackle", crackle polishes last less than a day on me. They crack just fine, but no amount of base or top coat can prevent the polish from chipping and flaking off within the hour. So I'd say that the shades technically do what they say on the bottle, but good luck in getting your mani to last beyond the night. :(

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by Dazzlepants.



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Hard to get an even result

I bought this crackle overcoat in black. I have also used OPI shatter which I prefer. It is very tricky to use any sort of crackle overcoat so I can't blame the brand entirely but every time I use this some nails look great and others just don't work at all. You only get one shot at painting your nail as you can't add more because it immediately goes gluggly and clumpy. For me, this means sometimes the coat is really thin, so where there should be solid black the base colour shows through, reducing the impact of the crackle effect. When it works, this crackle overcoat looks amazing, especially with a really bright vibrant colour underneath. However, there is always at least one or two nails I am really unhappy with. I guess practice makes perfect though!

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by vnv.



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I love the crackle effect of this silver but sometimes I find it hard to get the amount of crackle I desire. It is easy to apply just like regular nail polish but sometimes I wish it would crack differently, it is hard to control the outcome. This crackle looks great over pinks and I am a fan of it but not sure if I would buy it again as it did not live up to my crack expectations. Overall it gives a fun look though.

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by Beautybabe140194.



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I purchased the Silver crackle and was sorry to have parted with my cash. The product (despite shaking for a solid 5 minutes) was thicker than I expected, and the crackle result was uneven - some places were very, VERY thick chunks of colour, others not so much. I understand the result is meant to be random, but a couple of nails didn't crackle at all. I wouldn't recommend this one at all - the OPI product I have works much better.Because of the thickness of the product in some areas it took longer to dry, and the top-speed drying coat can be a bit hit-or-miss if applied over the top (if I'm in a hurry I need to dry nails fast).
Also, the packaging does make it difficult to handle. The shrink wrap on the brush handle does make it awkward to try to open - which means I'm more likely to spill it :(

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by ecnalubma.



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I bought a few of different colours. I used it only a few times and it clumped up and dried out. I couldn't do anything to make it un clumpy. But overall it was fantastic.

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by Lucy143.



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pretty and works well

i brought the silver crackle nail polish and i thought that it worked great. i loved having pink underneath the silver! it really stood out and was effective.

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by Wendy394.



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Doesn't work

I love the crackle look on nails so I thought I would grab myself a bottle and give it a shot. No matter how thin or thick I put it on it did not work. It made my nails look quite nasty:( I thought it wasn't working because I wasn't using a SH nail polish so I decided to a SH nail polish and it still didn't work.

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by Amanda .



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Works for me

When I first got into the shatter polish trend, I decided to go with OPI instead of Sally Hansen as SH crackle polishes have had mixed reviews. Now the trend is over and I decided to give SH a try as they have come down in price. I got Fuchsia Shock as a GWP and Vintage Violet when on special.

The polish seems a bit thin, once applied to my painted nails, the colours are not as rich as OPI shatter. Both polishes crackle as they should, and dry matte. But with a top coat they become shiny.

Shatter polishes, like normal polishes, separate when they are not used frequently. So you do need to shake them thoroughly for them to work. Overall they work well for me, despite the colour intensity.

One downside is the bottle design: they have the crackle polish design in plastic wrap around the paint brush handle, but the wrap isn't tight enough so when you try to open the bottle, the wrap twists with the handle and makes it very hard to open the bottle.

Read the full review of Crackle Overcoat by stackcats.

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