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10 Days Nail Enamel

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Bourjois 10 Days Nail Enamel is a long-lasting formula that boasts rich and radiant colour. Nails are smoothed and coloured with a pro-silicium formula so nails are twice as resistant and protected with no chips and no breaks. The multi-purpose brush is wide and profiled and therefore fits to the shape of your nail, giving it instant curve. Available in 12 shades.


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Long lasting!

I'll admit, I'm incredible lazy with my nails, so I like something quick and long lasting! So this suits be perfectly...
Definitely a good quality polish...lasts a long time without chipping!
Angle brush aids easy application
Dies quickly

I have found most of the Bourjois nail polishes to be excellent...!

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by Sonia85.



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Bourjois Polish

I also have this nail polish by Bourjois. It's a #17 colour (can't find a name for it) but it's a deep wine/red colour.
This is said to last for 10 days...I don't usually get this long out of it but I get probably 6-7 days of no chips.
I usually apply 2 coats of this, I love the unique brush on the polish too, makes painting nails easier.
The result is gorgeous colour, with a high shine finish and good longevity. I will definitely purchase more of these.

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by iluvfacialz.



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Lovely colours, lasts pretty well and the brush really does make it easier to apply! Good value for money :) would repurchase

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by Sabah.



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Nice to own.

This is a nice one to my manic nail polish collection! I picked it up at the Heat Warehouse sale last weekend, so for about $3 I have #25, the summery coral that applies decently, dries quickly. 2-3 coats and you're good to go. I work in an environment that my nails don't survive in so I'd be very interested to see how these go with regards to chipping. Besides that, they're beautiful! :)

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by lmaugzy.



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Fantastic nail polish

I have this nail polish in #21, which is a fantastic red colour. I loved the brush it made it so easy to apply nicely. The polish looked geat on and lasted about a week. The price is great especially at priceline, which usually have good sales.

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by Cherrykisses13.



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I find these nail polishes reliable and love the peach toned colour! It's easy to apply - I love the shape of the brush and it last longer than other nail polishes these days that claim to be long wearing.

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by LisOnLife.



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Great colours, good quality polish

I bought this nailpolish from priceline in 21 which is a really rich dark red colour. It applies really smoothly, gives you a really nice finish, and the colour doesnt fade or darken after a few days of wearing.

I found that it didn't necesarily live up to claims of longevity. It was really just like any other nail polish. but then I tried applying it thicker over the ends of my nails and it lasts better now.

The slanted brush is good for fixing chips but makes it difficult to apply evenly; I always miss the very sides of my nails with it.

Overall, loved the colours and the nailpolish. Needs to be applied carefully but definitely worth buying again.

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by Ashleigh91.



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Chip free wonder

I bought this in a last ditch effort to jazz up my rather ratty nails for a wedding a few weeks ago primarily because of the shade -#13 which is a pale pink that matched my shoes.

This is one of the longest wearing nail polishes I have ever bought and I am really impressed with how well it lasts - 10 days probably isn't an exaggeration (7 is as long as I lasted before I got sick of pink).

It also seems to have some hardener in there which has stopped my very soft nails from flexing and breaking as much while wearing it. The angled brush really does make application easier and I did find that it touches up chips and gaps very well - filling in a gap rather than putting a thin layer over it.

I really wish this enamel dried a bit faster though as it still wasn't quite set after 25 minutes (tried OPI drip dry over it but still wasn't drying quick enough) and the colour range is fairly limited which is the reason I only gave it 4 stars.

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by Bobbin01.



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Beautiful Bold Deep Red (#21)

Bourjois 10 Days nail Enamel in the shade #21 Deep Red is a beautiful bold red. The formula is not too runny nor thick and with just two coats I could achieve an opaque finish which is true to the shade you see in the bottle. The nail enamel lasts a good 3 days without any chipping and that is pretty good compared to most nail enamels I have used.

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by pinkheart.



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great inexpensive purchase

Quick and easy to apply with an awesomely angled brush for even applications. Dries quite quickly so multiple coats can be done in a relatively short time. #12 is great as a stand alone of used as a top coat on other polishes.

Read the full review of 10 Days Nail Enamel by thelife.

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