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Fast drying, long-lasting, formaldehyde-free nail colour. Natio Nail Colour is chip-resistant and free of toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Colour is available in eleven stylish shades including French (palest pink), Camellia (pastel pink), Divine (shimmering nude), Excite (vintage pink pearl), Kashi (dusty rose velvet), Twilight (vibrant metallic pink), Adore (dramatic berry), Valentine (vibrant red), Ruby (ruby red), Mystic (rich burgundy) and Maple (deep plum).


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Had Worst Ever Experience With This! : (

I was about to come downstairs to the computer and write a four star rating review for this product. So I picked it up in the bedroom and gently twisted the lid to make sure it was on properly before I brought it downstairs.

Then the lid completely snapped off! That's not the bad bit! The lovely coloured nail polish (Aura) swished all over my clothes. So my washing machine is going again and I'm hoping the stuff comes out!

Moral of the story: if you don't mind cheap plastic lids on your nail polishes that can snap right off - then you might be okay with this but do wear old clothes because I've currently got over $200 worth of clothes in dire straits. Hoping it all comes out.



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Nice colour but chips easily

The colour I have is lovely but I found that this nail polish chips easily. I feel like after one day of wear I am having to re apply another coat the cover up the chips and don't have a lot of time to be starting my manicure again.
Positive is that it is reasonably priced nail polish. OK if your looking for a cheap polish for a quick nail colour change.



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Light coverage

I received a magenta colour as a gift, I love the colour but unfortunately found that it requires many coats to cover the nail fully as it is quite transparent. For the cost I don't believe they are a higher quality polish



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Chips easily

I had the dark purple colour and it was alright, except for the fact that I found it to chip really easily. I didn't have mine on for more than a day and I found it already chipped. Plus I had to put 2-3 coats as the consistency was very thin.



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I found this nail polish a lot like their mini bottles of polish....the brush is a normal width, shape etc. The colours is lovely (I have bright red) but you definitely need a few coats of this to get a good result. I do like the shine that occurs when it dries but again by the 3rd day I have chipping.

Temporary Pr...


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Takes a while to dry AND sheer!

Unfortunately, this is not one of my favourite nail polishes. I have this in Valentine, and while I find that this doesn't streak, this definitely is extremely sheer. It takes me 3 or more coats to get to the right level.

I also found that this took a while to dry, compared to certain other brands. However, the payoff for patience is that once it dries, it ends up having a lovely sheen and almost looks gel-like.



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Stardust - Metallic Earthy Gold Brown, Looks Fantastic

The nail polish comes in a 15ml square glass bottle with a screw on applicator brush lid.
I have the colour Stardust, a metallic light to mid gold brown shade. It's a lovely earthy shade with a gorgeous metallic shine.
The nail polish has a thick runny consistency.
It has a strong nail polish aroma.
The applicator brush is small and round, a regular nail polish brush.
The bristles are black long and flexible.
The polish is easy to paint onto nails, the coat is thick compared to other nail polish.
I like the vibrant metallic look so I apply 2 coats, allowing the first coat to dry before doing the second.
The nail polish wears well with a clear top coat to protect the colour. It doesn't over dry and flake, chipping is minimal, lasts 3 or 4 days with colour staying fresh and shiny.
It's a great nail polish, it's a luxe brand. I love the colour, it looks fantastic.

Made in Australia



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I have this in 2 colours so far, and plan on purchasing more. Great nail polish that is easy to apply. I don't have issues with this chipping either. I find this is the perfect consistency, not too thick. Drying time is minimal compared to polishes I've used previously. Comes in some great colours. Natio don't test on animals so this is really the perfect polish for me. Recommended. Will definitely repurchase.


buy it in every colour :)



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Sugar Plum - Metallic Bronze With Satin Shine Finish

Natio Nail Colour 15ml comes in a clear glass square nail polish bottle with a screw on applicator brush chunky lid.
In the colour Sugar Plum, a metallic bronze shade with a satin shine finish.
It's a lovely bronze brown tone.
Before using the polish tap bottle in palm gently to mix ingredients, you can hear a small metal ball inside.
The applicator is a small round brush with long flexible bristles.
The nail colour has a smell so should be applied in a well ventilated area.
The nail colour has a thin consistency.
It paints onto nails easily with the brush.
The coat thickness is controlled by the brush with this thin nail polish.
I only apply one coat with Sugar Plum, the bronze colour solid, which covers the nail with a single application.
It does not take long to dry.
This is a luxe polish that looks fantastic on nails.
The finish is smooth and even.
To protect the colour and get longer wear, I apply a clear top coat.
I like the Natio Nail Colour and I like the feel good brand Natio.

Made in Australia



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Aura - Pale Golden Satin Shade, Gorgeous Sheen

Natio Nail Colour 15ml in the shade Aura comes in a clear square glass bottle with applicator brush lid.
Aura is a shimmer gold colour, a pretty and light shade. It's a soft colour with shimmer.
The nail colour has a thin consistency.
Texture is fine, the nail colour coat is thin.
Has the standard nail polish strong smell.
The bottle should be tapped in hand to mix colour before using.
The applicator brush is a standard nail polish brush, the bristles long, soft and flexible.
Paints onto nails easily, smooth and pliable. The thin polish is easy to apply.
One coat produces an even but see through thin colour layer.
Two coats looks a lot better, the golden shimmer colour of Aura beautiful and satiny, pale gold is pretty.
I let the first coat dry thoroughly before doing the next.
To get longer wear with the nail colour I apply a clear top coat.
I use a flat clear, not a gloss, I want the satin shimmer finish of Aura coming through.
I like the Natio Nail Colour, it's a quality polish, no fuss to apply and it looks good painted on nails.
I love the colour Aura, it's lovely, looks great on nails, quite chic.

Made in Australia

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