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So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish

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Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish contains twice as much vinyl as the original So Laque and has a high retention of up to seven days. The adhesive resin coats nails with a flexible, ultra brilliant and resistant film. Available in: Beige Elegant, Rose Lounge, Beige Glamour, Fuchsia Hype, Rouge Casino, Rouge Escarpin, Rouge Diva, Noir de Chine, and Santal Opulent.


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cherry pie


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classic, long-wearing shades

Best in Beauty 2014
My fave go-to, fuss free polish combination is Bourjois Rose Lounge (a very pale, natural pink) on my fingers and one of the deep reds on my toes - Rouge Diva if I am feeling vampy and Rouge Escarpin for a classic cherry red. If I am dithering about colour choices or just want something safe and classic, I use these. The reds are gorgeous - rich, deep and glossy. Rose Lounge doesn't look like polish on my nails - one coat protects them, evens the colour and gives them a subtle sheen that makes them look naturally healthy. The brush is easy to use and covers well without streaking and the polish is one if the more chip-resistant I have tried. It takes a little longer to dry but I use a quick dry topcoat so it doesn't really bother me. One thing I absolutely love about this polish is that the lid colours are the same as the colours in the bottle! Makes it so much easier to grab the one I want. I've been using these for ages and they are always in my regular rotation. The colour range is limited but it is a nice, classic selection, they are often on sale and I can get wilder colours from other brands.



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Great nail polish

I really like this nail polish. The applicator stick is long and thin which makes applying this polish much easier. And I really like the bottle shape, it's not like the other typically nail polish bottles. The colour lasts long, and it does not easily chip. The colour on my nails shine, and even though it says it only lasts for 7 days I find that for me it lasts longer than that which is a great bonus. This is definitely one of the best nail polishes that I have used due the the long lasting effect.


Put in the fridge to make it last longer. Also, you only need to apply 1 coat.



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Fantastic nail polish!

I own these shades in: 41 Rouge Fashionista, 43 Magenta Show, 44 Bleu model, 42 Orange Creation, and 38 Lime Catwalk and I LOVE THEM.

The colours match the bottle PERFECTLY. Which makes it so easy to choose a shade in the store as you don't need to try them.

I really do love the formula of this nail enamel as it has highly pigmented, a smooth consistency when applying it, and dries fairly quickly. It is ultra shiny even without a top coat and the colour never faded plus it only took me two coats and it was done!

The only flaw of this product I have found is the "ultra shine and hold for up to 7 days" which is stated on the bottle can be misleading. Yes it shined for 7 days but it lasted me around 4 days before it started to chip at the tips for me. However 4 days is plenty when it comes to my nails and nail polish.

Overall I love these nail polishes and I put them right up there along side my OPI nail polishes.



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So Shiny & Glamorous!

I have been wanting to buy this in the BEAUTORIUM since it began on Beautyheaven and I did get it in the last Beautorium. The colour is Beige Glamour which is what I'd call a bold beige with a reddish tinge to it - not much red but enough to give it a strong colour for a Beige. It's beautifully glossy and shiny which looks fantastic! It doesn't lose it's glossiness either so it looks freshly applied for days! I just freshen up the tips of my nails when it starts to wear off the tips.

I can apply this with one coat to achieve an almost transparant version of this Beige Glamour colour. With two coats it becomes completely opaque and so it has a deeper shade - much like the colour in the bottle & lid itself.

I love this and want to buy some more! It's the shiniest polish I've used so if shine & gloss is what you're after in a nailpolish you've found it here with this So Laque Ultra Shine range.



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Beige Glamour - Looks Like Shiny Terracotta Coloured Vinyl

Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Beige Glamour comes in a round tapering glass, bottle with a chunky plastic screw on applicator brush lid.
The brush is a standard nail polish brush, it paints the polish onto nails easily.
Beige Glamour is a neutral colour, rose tinted beige or terracotta.
It's a thick smooth flow polish.
Bottle should be gently tapped in palm to mix settled ingredients.
The aroma is quite strong, use in well ventilated area.
One coat covers nails nicely, like a vinyl layer.
The colour is rich with a gorgeous gloss shine.
It does not take long to dry with the one coat.
Opting for a second coat, it takes a little while longer to dry.
Having tried both, 1 coat is sufficient for better results.
The enamel wears well without chipping.
Shine holds for up to a week.
I like So Laque, it's fuss free to apply with it's luxe formula.
Gives nails a brilliant ultra shine colour that looks like shiny vinyl.
An excellent polish, one where I don't have to apply a clear shiny top coat.
I would recommend Bourjois So Laque, just for the ultra brilliant shine alone.
I received the Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Beige Glamour as part of the massive BH, BIB prize pack. Thank you Beauty Heaven.

Made in France



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ok not the best

I have this nailpolish in 3 colours as i heard it was good. however i was dissapointed with it. after 4 days the polish peeled off my whole nail. even with using a base coat it stained my nail. was sad and never used them again they just sit in my cupboard.



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Nice texture & lasts well

I've had a bottle of Rouge Casino in my collection for a while & used it on both toes & fingernails.

It's a lovely shade of cherry red that looks great on hands and feet. For toes a couple of coats is all I need for weeks of wear - for my hands, it'll last me, with 2 coats & a top coat around 5 to 6 days before chipping - that's better than most other brands I own. It applies smoothly & has a quality brush.

Like others I agree that the colour range is pretty limited in Oz, but they do cover the basics.

If you're after a very good quality polish at a decent price that lasts well, in "classic" nail shades, this is ideal



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All you want in a polish

I was lucky enough to recieve a full-sized Beige Glamour as a GWP recently. I am so glad I got to try this as it's really all I want in a polish. The bottles are cool with the lids matching the colour. The brush is comfortable to hold, allowing excellent control when applying. The brush is also a generous size allowing for easy application. The formula of the polish applies smoothly and easily without clumping or sticking. One coat was opaque but I applied two for a deeper colour. With my normal top and base coats this polish was the longest lasting I've tried. I got four days unchipped, and seven days with only minor tip-wear/chips. The finish was shiny and smooth. The only dissapointing thing is the colour range is quite small, however does have very classy and professional shades, and a few nude options. Despite it's great staying power this polish was also super easy to remove with non-acetone remover.


Ideal for everyone, this really is a polish worth the money. I found it noticeably superior in quality than other polishes in this price range. I will definitely be stocking up on this range.



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decent but not the best

Not the best nail polish I've used. (the 10 Days Nail Enamel is really good)
It requires at least 3 coats for an nice even and opaque finish otherwise it turns out sheer. Long dry time, really long. Although it does have a decent colour range. Picked up #28 rose lounge.

Steph Speth


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Does what nailpolish should

Looks great, applies easily, lasts well! What more can you ask for?

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