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Ulta3 prides itself on its extensive range of nail polishes. The enamel is salon quality and long-lasting. Featuring every colour from classics to neutrals, manicure shades to this season’s vibrant hues; the collection is available in 80 shades, including a Base Coat.


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Bargain & large colour range

I recently purchased my first Ulta3 nail polish - I had a hard time choosing what colour, so I purchased 3! I apply 3 coats of the colour and it goes on smoothly. I pair this with a top coat and I can get around 5-7 days of chip-free wear! Pretty good for a $2 polish!

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what a bargain!

I think this is a bit of a hit or miss product, today I got a bit excited when I saw all the pretty colours and bought about 12 bottles, but when I went home I noticed that i think 4 of them were made in Australia, one in Taiwan and the rest in PRC. I haven't tried all of them yet, but there does seem to be a difference in quality between them

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Carmen @ pai...


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great for the price

I have too many ulta3 polishes to count. For the price they are great. the formula varies, but for the most works works really well, there are so many colours and they are always bringing out new collections.

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Do not get the shade Party Shoes!

I was curious to try out a polish from Ulta 3 after seeing them pop up in my local supermarkets but the first shade I picked up left me disappointed. Party Shoes is a bright coral-pink that looks beautiful but ended up being a beautiful disaster! Very thin and watery, 3 coats and it STILL wasn't opaque and took FOREVER to dry that I would end up mucking my nails up and having to remove all the nail polish I had layered on. Not worth it even for the cheap price.

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Kittens meow


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amazing for the price

how can you go wrong for the price? the range of colours is fun and they are so easily available, i reach for these just as much as essie, butter or opi

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Karano 月


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Amazing quality for the price (and made in Australia)

I own two ulta3 nail polishes and the only reason i don't own more is because the colours i can find aren't usually my type. They have a massive range of colours: neons, classics, pastels, glitters, but i think they have more cremes than shimmers, so creme-fans have at it! (I haven't tried a creme so I can't vouch for them tho)
These nailpolishes are awesome! I started off on these because they're so cheap ($2-3?) and at first I thought all nailpolish would be at least up to this standard. Pigmented in one swipe, doesn't stain your nails, smooth and dries fast enough (it's not quick dry but after half an hour you can pretty much do anything). They don't separate, and you get 13.5 mls in each bottle! I've never really counted how long it takes before chipping occurs but on two coats i think i can make a work week before noticeable damage occurs, the tips might rub off a bit before that but that's about it. With a topcoat, a week and a half max i think, before you see significant damage.
The quality is on par with Revlon nailpolishes, which are also good, but at over 10 times the price, ulta3's nailpolishes definitely win. Although Revlon will give you 14.7ml, most other companies give you less and charge more for it.
So buying an ulta3 nailpolish would be the best way to try out a colour, if it works, you have a full sized bottle of good nailpolish,and if it doesn't suit, you only paid $2.
p.s. the two colours i own are waterlily and orchid, both purples with golden shimmer, orchid is more of a magenta with purple and gold shimmer. i can't find waterlily anymore tho.

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Cheap, cheerful but also great quality!

I was a bit wary of trying this brand of polish because I thought for the price it can’t be worthwhile! However, I was intrigued to see it win the best polish category in the 2013 Best in Beauty Awards. When my prize pack arrived I was eager to see if a $2 polish really could be any good.
The colour I received is called “tone it up”, a pinky-red shade. I decided it would be a nice bold shade for my toes and it complemented my fair skin nicely. I did two thin coats of polish and it went on perfectly smooth: a nice consistency with no streaking. The drying time was fairly quick and, therefore, there were no smudges. I didn’t bother doing a top coat but the polish lasted several weeks without much noticeable chipping. I’m highly impressed with this product and think you cannot find a better bargain around. I will definitely check out their other colours when I’m next in the pharmacy.

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I get why it was a BIB2013 winner

When I received my BIB prize pack and saw this nail polish I was a bit shocked as I thought OPI or Revlon would have been the winner. I thought there's a reason why it won so I gave it a shot.

The colour I got was a reddish pink and when I followed the instructions with applying 1-2 coats and it just came out perfectly. It was like an instant drying nail polish where I didn't have to wait long.

The brush was not so bad, I made sure I had enough polish on the brush before I applied the nail colour and after a few goes, it brushed onto my nail fine.

The colour result was just as you see in the bottle. I feel like I've been to the salon but saved a whole heap of money! It lasts quite long, it hasnt chipped for 3 days now.

Would definitely stock up on more colours since it isnt expensive!

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I purchased this in the shade Pale Dahlia, and am impressed. This nail polish has a RRP of $2, so I didn't really expect it to be good. Thankfully, it turned out to be a winner!

This nail polish is easy to apply and dries quickly. It is not thick nor too thin, so it is rather simple to get an even application. The shade I purchased is a pale pink, so I did expect that I needed to apply a few coats. It doesn't bother me as this nail polish is quick drying. Additionally, it lasted on my nails for 6 days without a top coat. Pretty impressive for a $2 nail polish!

Overall, a great nail polish. It has a high shine finish, dries quickly and lasts nearly a week without chipping. I can't wait to buy some more and for $2 anyone can afford to buy a few! :)

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87 Beauty Queen


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Value for money nail polish

Large range of colours at an affordable price. $2 per bottle you can't go wrong. Goes on smoothly and when used with a top coat, great staying power. Doesn't feel or look like 'cheap' nail polish. I would highly recommend Ultra3 nail polish.

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