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Ulta3 prides itself on its extensive range of nail polishes. The enamel is salon quality and long-lasting. Featuring every colour from classics to neutrals, manicure shades to this season’s vibrant hues; the collection is available in 80 shades, including a Base Coat.


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Dries really fast

I picked up 6 of these from target for 2 bucks each! Bargain!! I love them, great range of colours and they dry super fast!

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Kittens meow


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colour, price and availability! tick tick tick!

how can you not love these, for $2 each and available at most supermarkets and chemists, the colour range is great, i find its a great way to experiment without spending $20 on a polish that just isn't your colour.
i find with a decent base coat and top coat these last just as long as my more expensive polishes.

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Temporary Pr...


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Red Velvet is delicious!

I recently acquired this in Red Velvet, which is one of their limited edition (I think) autumn shades. It took me about 2 shades to get it to a streak free gorgeous opacity!

For cheap nail polish, this also doesn't have a terrible smell to it, which is great. Additionally, this comes with a medium sized brush, and it also doesn't feel cheap. This particular shade isn't very watery, but conversely, didn't dry all that slowly.

For the price, this comes in some great shades - I'm looking forward to trying out the others!

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Be wary

I'm very lucky, these are about $1 at my local chemist and as much as I love the many different colours, some are better then others, and you have no way of telling which ones you should spend your money on without opening the bottle.
I recently bought 3 new polishes by the names of 'Hollywood' 'Infamous' and 'Blue Marlin'. I was super excited because they looked as if they were going to be very beautiful colours! But boy was I wrong. They were very watery and needed about four coats just so it didn't look so translucent and by then it was already all over your fingers and you'd applied way too much polish for it to dry. This is about as bad as it gets when it comes to buying nail polish, but if you don't mind buying rocks in order to find the gems (which you will) then you'll find that its a pretty good company.
Some polishes will last and some will be duds, you just have to make up your own mind, I would recommend this brand and product when it comes to nail polish, but iI wouldnt recommend the three shades I got

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Not that great

I found that the quality was not good at all. It took forever to dry and it chipped off the day I put it on. The actual brush was a bit too thin which also made the nail polish streaky. Even though it's really cheap I still would not buy it again.

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Wonderful for the price.

One day these just magically appeared in my nail polish collection and I love them. A wide variety of colours, it applies on easy, also easy to take off. Just be careful to make sure its dry before doing certain things, cos sometimes trying to cover up smudges just makes it look worse. If I was only ever allowed to buy one nail polish brand ever again, this would be it.

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Kittens meow


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what an amazing choice of colours for such a inexpensive price, there are so many options and i have to admit i'm rarely disappointed. the price makes it easy to play around with colours and I've found by using a decent base and top coat, these work just as well as more expensive brands. Usually only two coats are needed for an opaque finish. very impressed

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great price, awesome variety.

Love these nail polishes. Super cheap with a large variety. I find them easy to apply and quite fast drying. Bargain buys!!

Read the full review of Nail Polish by nomazoca.



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You can't go wrong with this

This only costs $2, so it's great if you're on a budget. The quality of these nailpolishes is fantastic, I always find myself buying more. The shade range is incredible, and they go on smoothly, only needing 2 coats for opaque cover. These are fantastic.

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Bargain & large colour range

I recently purchased my first Ulta3 nail polish - I had a hard time choosing what colour, so I purchased 3! I apply 3 coats of the colour and it goes on smoothly. I pair this with a top coat and I can get around 5-7 days of chip-free wear! Pretty good for a $2 polish!

Read the full review of Nail Polish by beauti-licious.

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