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Ulta3 prides itself on its extensive range of nail polishes. The enamel is salon quality and long-lasting. Featuring every colour from classics to neutrals, manicure shades to this season’s vibrant hues; the collection is available in 80 shades, including a Base Coat.


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not really opaque

The colour is great! But it 100% needs more than one coat to even get the colour standing out. As a nail artist...I need colours which are going to stand out boldly and that are opaque enough, because when I am working with more than 1 finger at a time, I do not have the time to continuously wait for it to try to apply a top coat...I do have customers :)


Get dark shades and colours which do not have even a hint of shine in them. Stick with matte or gloss.

Ideal for

People who have the time to apply 3 or more coats.



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Great Nail Polish

Love Ulta3 it is a good brand i have heaps of colours and chemist sell them really cheap and the colours are really good colours, the colours look really good on my nails, i put 2 coats and it last a really long time with a top coat.

Robyn Maree


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Awesome colour range

I absolutely love this nail polish. The colour range is impressive, it lasts ages on my (toe) nails with a clear top coat without chipping and is super affordable. There is a colour to suit everyone and being $2rrp it's not a huge outlay to try new colours and expand my collection!



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Long lasting.

This is a great nail polish, it's so affordable and you can't pick some up for $2! Now that's a score!
Before you think "cheep and nasty" this nail polish deserves a gold star! I love this nail polish, it last so long!
I just apply 2 coats and the colour is so bright and looks so beautiful, they don't stink or have a yucky smell, they are so easy to apply and finish so nicely with a great shine!
This nail polish has a MASSIVE range of colours from natural colours to bright fluro colours. They last so long without chipping!
They are amazing! And dry fast too!

Green Teacup


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Great Colour Range.

Frankly I don't even know how many colours I have now. Cheep Cheerful with great coverage I think this is a must have. It's a bit of a lucky dip colour wise to see if coverage is as good from bottle to bottle but the price means I'll continue to risk it.



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Best in Beauty 2014 - no vote

This is a great priced product and definitely value for money but would I buy this again?
Probably not.
Unlike some of the other nail products out there I find this frustrating to apply. The colour is not greatly pigmented therefore I need to apply this numerous times.

I’m not sure if it is just me but the finish is also super streaky too and I find that it does not last long at all. For some for $2 the longevity is fine but since I am not great at the application to begin with I do not want to constantly remove and reapply the nail polish.

My experience has comes from the use of three different bottles/colours and the results were the same for all three. A great priced nail polish and a great range of colours but sadly not a product for me.


spend a couple more dollars and get a better quality product

Ideal for

those who have time to constantly fix up or reapply nail polish

Cherry Ace


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Best in Beauty

Do you know how difficult it is for me to avoid buying more nail polish to sustain my addiction when these nail polishes pop up in almost every pharmacy and department store at just $2 a bottle?!? $2, that’s insane, it means I can have a bottle in every single colour of the rainbow, and not only that, they aren’t just a cheap polish, with a quality that reflects the price, they are actually of a pretty decent quality. I’ve bought so many of these, and they update the colour ranges all the time which makes them practically irresistible. I always use a base and a top coat, and these polishes go on nice and smooth, true to colour, and have decent staying power. I actually don’t own too many plain colours, because their glitter polishes are just too darn alluring, and my only disappointment is that they are difficult to remove (as with pretty much all glitter polishes). You can get pretty much any colour of glitter that you desire, my personal favourite is ‘Over the Rainbow’ which is a mixed rainbow glitter which can be worn over pretty much any colour polish, though I love to wear it over a bubblegum pink, I always get so many compliments. It has a slightly gluey consistency to it, but it goes on just fine, and it doesn’t seem to have a very strong smell to it either. The absolute worst (BEST!!!) thing that this company has done most recently, is that they’ve set up a vending machine of products at Southern Cross Station. Thank goodness I don’t live in Melbourne, I hope for the sake of my purse that they don’t ever bring one to my local train stations! Overall, these are great little polishes, they’re in a decent sized bottle with a nicely sized brush meaning easy application. For $2 a bottle they’re well worth the cost, and with their incredible range you can get pretty much any colour you’re looking for.


Use these polishes with a base and top coat, it gives them that little bit of extra staying power, and also helps to remove the glitter polishes that refuse to budge.

Ideal for

Anyone looking for a decent nail polish, at a great, low price, and if you’re after one specific colour or glitter. These would also make great polishes for teens, who want the latest colour or glitter without having to spend too much.

Arty Girl


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Best in Beauty 2014

If I was asked “What is your most loved beauty product ?”, my reply would have to be “Ulta 3 Nail Colour !!!”.
Here are the reasons why :
Affordability: Ulta 3 Nail Colour is extremely affordable at only $2 a bottle. In fact, it is one of the the cheapest nail colour brands available in Australia and one can find this at some Terry White Chemists. My local Terry White Chemist always stocks this brand so it is very convenient for me to pop around to see if there are any new colours that have just been released.
Quality: For a bottle of nail colour that costs only $2, I must admit that the quality is very good. A store like Big W does sell its own cheap brand of nail colour that costs just $2, but when it comes to quality, Ulta 3 far outshines it. Two coats of Ulta 3 nail colour is usually all I require to achieve maximum opaqueness and density. The colour applies smoothly which is all I ask.
Like most glass nail polish bottles, the base of the bottle is made thicker and is of toughened glass to help reduce breakage if dropped.
The nail polish brush is of a medium thickness so it takes an average of 4 strokes to cover my nail.
Drying time of the nail colour is average but a “nail polish quick dry oil” used on top, can easily overcome this issue.
The nail colour is fairly chip resistant and long lasting but Ulta 3 also produces a clear Top Coat called “Non Chip” (also $2) which would make the whole manicure more so. I know that I've used this product numerous times for my manicures.
In addition there is Ulta 3's clear Base Coat, again $2. It is only recently that I have discovered how good this product is and have started using it all the time, compared to my other base coat brands. This base coat appears to form a good protective coating for the nail, to which the nail colour is to be applied. I've used Ulta 3 and some other brands of nail colour on top of this base coat to find that when it comes to removing my manicure, the nail polish colour has the ability to peel off. If it does not peel off, the base coat “attaches” to the nail colour so that removal is fairly “clean” using nail polish remover. I've certainly found less staining of my nails from nail colour, using this base coat !!!
Colour Range : Ulta 3 has a very extensive colour range and the company is constantly releasing new colours. They are so pro-active in this, that some old colours get deleted while new colours come onto the market. Ulta 3 also produce “limited edition” colours that are usually found at Christmas time, in their special gift packs. I bought their “Ulta 3 Candy Couture” pack last Christmas containing 12 limited edition shades plus 4 bottles of “candy sprinkles”. With colour shades constantly being replaced, Ulta 3 must have the largest colour collection on record !!! I love it because there is always a new colour to look forward to purchasing for my nail art.
Varying types of nail polish: In addition to colour, Ulta 3's Nail Colour consists of varying types of nail polish within their nail colour range. There are cream, shimmer, frost, pearl, glitter, glitter with colour polish, etc. Ulta 3 now have top coats with big glitter pieces inside !!! Isn't it great that Ulta 3 keep up with the nail polish trends !!!
In view of the above, it is very clear why I love Ulta 3 Nail Colour. Don't you think that it deserves a 5 Star Rating too ?



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beautifully long lasting - BIB 2014

What's not to love about these nail polishes. Firstly, the price is ideal so that you can buy many colours.....as I have done.
This nail polish is just lovely to apply and dries quickly. I have tried and used many brands of nail polishes over a lot of years and I find that the Ultra does have a longer lasting application than the expensive ones.

The bottle is the right size and the brush just applies brilliantly to the nail bed. I have actually worn this nail polish for 2 weeks and no chips or fading was noticed. Great for when you go on holidays.

For the cost of $2.00 I am happy with the results I get from the colours I have chosen.



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Bargain polishes - glosscars

I'll have to admit while I love a good bargain, at first I was a bit sceptical about this nail polish considering its only $2, however being so cheap I was happy to give it a go anyway as I only stood to lose $2. It turns out I lost nothing as it is pretty good polish.

I actually experience an annoying problem with many brands of nail polishes that occurs regardless of the dollar value, or the proposed quality. This problem is that I have trouble getting the polish to “stick” to my nails (it always seems to "slide" off even after letting dry for over an hour and even with base and top coat). The reason I’m telling you this is because I didn’t have this problem with this nail polish so that already gives it a thumbs up from me because at least I can wear it.

I find these polishes are very easy to apply because they have a nice brush that helps it goes on very smoothly without streaking for the majority of cases, but I do have a couple of shades that are streaky when applied but these tend to be the light shades like white and pastel yellow. With top coat, two coats of this nail polish lasts about 6 days until it starts to look a bit shabby which I think this is fairly reasonable.

I have successfully used these polishes to create a variety of designs using techniques such as water marbling and sponging. To create the best nail art looks you need a variety of shades so the great thing about these polishes is I can afford to buy a whole selection of shades for less than I can buy one shade in another brand. There are quite a range of stylish options available in bright, pastel, glitter, metallic, etc so I have stocked up on a few different ones. They are also perfect to buy for occasions where I only need the shade once and am not sure I will wear it again so don’t want to fork out a lot for it.

I recommend anyone trying these, as at $2 you might as well give them a go. They can be quite easily found at chemists and supermarkets so they are convenient to pick up. I will definitely buy more of these as needed (or wanted?) and at $2 I don’t need to feel guilty when I pick up a new polish to add to my already overflowing collection.

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