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Ulta3 prides itself on its extensive range of nail polishes. The enamel is salon quality and long-lasting. Featuring every colour from classics to neutrals, manicure shades to this season’s vibrant hues; the collection is available in 80 shades, including a Base Coat.


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Cheap and Awesome

Before I started buying Ulta3 nail polishes, I read an article about them which told me that they changed from being made in Australia to being made in China and the quality has gone down. I always check the label to see if I can find some of the ones made in Australia, and I often can so I snap these up. The colour range is fabulous, and I think it's a good a nail polish as any of the more expensive ones. I use a diamond top coat with mine and they last for a few days if I''m careful. Most nail polishes chip within a few hours for me.

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Good for price

Bought these a while ago for $2 ! And though it was worth a try
Quite a watery formula that need about 3 coats and has a really toxic smell, but I guess most nail polishes do
I am impressed with the staying time and find that they stay chip free for days
Overall, they are not the best quality but are defiantly value for money and great if you needed a color that you might need for a dress up or something as they are only $2 . I bought a yellow and green to wear on Australia day as well as a Fluoro orange

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Perfect opportunity to experiment

Okay, this is a very difficult product to review. Ulta3 has so many colours that there are mixed good and bad ones. I have quite a few of ulta3 polishes. Some are perfect one coaters, some are so thin it flooded my cuticles and takes five coats to opacity, but most fell inbetween the two spectrum, taking 2-3 coats as recommended in the bottle. It's just a matter of luck and preference. However, at $2/bottle or less, playing lucky dip with the product won't make a hole in your wallet. They also have many variations in every colour of the rainbow and finishes, so you can pick what you like

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Was not impressed.

I did not enjoy these nail polishes. I have had a couple of different shades and they just don't compare to other, better nail polishes that I own. My main issue I had was the formula. I found it to be thin and streaky and a bit fussy. It did last a good amount on the nail without chipping but It just didn't look as nice as other nail polishes that I own. Not worth the small price tag I'm afraid.

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Awesome price. Awesome product

I recently bought an Ultra3 nail polish and I must say I was totally surprised with the quality of it. It lasted longer then some of my other more expensive nail polishes. It is such a great price and there is a huge range of colours to choose from. I would love to buy more but I think I have enough nail polishes for now. If I am ever searching for a new colour I will be heading straight to my pharmacy to buy another ultra 3. I hope the price remains the same.

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Antique Gold - Metallic, Shiny, Shimmery Gold Bullion Colour

The nail colour comes in a round glass 13ml glass bottle with an applicator brush lid.
Antique Gold is a metallic gold nail colour, a shiny, shimmery, gold, metal like gold bullion colour.
The applicator brush is round, the bristles average length, flexible and thin plastic.
Antique Gold has a thick and runny consistency, it looks like gold paint.
Its pliable, the brush paints it onto nails with ease, medium coat thickness.
Between 2 and 3 coats gives a nice full gold, popping colour to nails.
I let each coat dry between application which doesn't take long.
The end result is eye catching, gold nails look great, the finish is shiny like muted gloss, a golden sheen.
I like to put a top coat over the nail colour to help it last, it seals in the colour, if I don't the colour starts chipping after a couple of days. Regardless of this I like the nail colour, it looks good and its easy to work with.
Being a budget friendly product I think its good value for money.
Ulta3 Nail Colour has such a vast range of colours to choose from, its fantastic.
Colour choice for nail art designs is mind boggling, I love it.
This metallic nail colour is worth its weight, its gold.

Made in PRC

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Dries really fast

I picked up 6 of these from target for 2 bucks each! Bargain!! I love them, great range of colours and they dry super fast!

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Kittens meow


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colour, price and availability! tick tick tick!

how can you not love these, for $2 each and available at most supermarkets and chemists, the colour range is great, i find its a great way to experiment without spending $20 on a polish that just isn't your colour.
i find with a decent base coat and top coat these last just as long as my more expensive polishes.

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Temporary Pr...


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Red Velvet is delicious!

I recently acquired this in Red Velvet, which is one of their limited edition (I think) autumn shades. It took me about 2 shades to get it to a streak free gorgeous opacity!

For cheap nail polish, this also doesn't have a terrible smell to it, which is great. Additionally, this comes with a medium sized brush, and it also doesn't feel cheap. This particular shade isn't very watery, but conversely, didn't dry all that slowly.

For the price, this comes in some great shades - I'm looking forward to trying out the others!

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Be wary

I'm very lucky, these are about $1 at my local chemist and as much as I love the many different colours, some are better then others, and you have no way of telling which ones you should spend your money on without opening the bottle.
I recently bought 3 new polishes by the names of 'Hollywood' 'Infamous' and 'Blue Marlin'. I was super excited because they looked as if they were going to be very beautiful colours! But boy was I wrong. They were very watery and needed about four coats just so it didn't look so translucent and by then it was already all over your fingers and you'd applied way too much polish for it to dry. This is about as bad as it gets when it comes to buying nail polish, but if you don't mind buying rocks in order to find the gems (which you will) then you'll find that its a pretty good company.
Some polishes will last and some will be duds, you just have to make up your own mind, I would recommend this brand and product when it comes to nail polish, but iI wouldnt recommend the three shades I got

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