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Revlon Classic Nail Enamel has a patented, silk-silicone formula that delivers a layer of silk proteins to instantly even out nail surface, while a silicone shield automatically smooths. A multi-patented film forming system provides tough resistance against chipping and peeling and contributes to adhesion and long-wear. Plasticiser system keeps film flexible and helps nail enamel resist chipping, while UV light absorbers protect the integrity of colorants and keeps product colour-true. Formaldehyde and toluene free. Available in 56 shades.



Myer, Priceline, Big W, Target, Kmart, & selected pharmacies

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Bit expensive

Although this is a little expensive for a nail polish in my opinion, it comes in some lovely colours -a huge range. It can last quite a few days without chipping with a top coat and doesnt damage the nail. The brush is shaped very nicely to allow precise application and the formula is a good consistency.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by breathesarah.



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great value

Often on sale, sometimes for just $2, I find Revlon nail polishes amazing value. The colours are rich and opaque, the formula is smooth and consistent, and the bottles are a generous size. I love the recent glitter ones - I have Scandalous (this one and it's GORGEOUS.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by Pearlsforbreakfast.



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Chips less then more expensive brands.

I have quite a sizable nail polish collection and Revlon features heavily in it. I love the brush, the creamy formula and the fact that it chips less then other more expensive brands. I pair it with a Sally Hanson base and top coat and I get away with it on my nails for about 6 days before I have to take it off.

Most of the colours are quite opaque and I only need two coats. I love these nail polishes.

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Spoilt by Pi...


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Classic Nail Enamel

In a nutshell, Classic Enamel is one of the best nail polishes I have tried on the lower end of the price scale. beautiful colours and decent quality. Available in a huge range of shades (45 to be exact), Classic Nail Enamel is well priced and easily accessible, available from pharmacies and supermarkets which makes it a great product. Classic Nail Enamel boasts a hydrating formula, enriched with a layer of silk proteins that help even out the nail surface. It claims to contain properties that prevent the formula from chipping or peeling and I agree that I did manage to extend the life of my nail polish when wearing Classic Nail Enamel - most last 2 days at most without chipping but this one only started showing minimal wear and tear by the end of day two. Because this product is quite readily available, you can duck out to your local supermarket and choose a shade to match your outfit before you head out the door - perfect! Oh and did I mention it is formaldehyde and toluene free.

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My color is Rock which is a dark purple and when you apply it it gives a really shine and smooth surface effect. Also dries pretty fast. Definitely recommend it.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by Erica962.



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Not for me

While this goes on like a dream, I find it peels off within 24 hours. No better than the $2 cheapies in my opinion.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by Sandyfeet.



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nice nails

applied smoothly. didnt last that long for me but maybe becasue i dont take care of my nails too well.
obverall a greta polish. love the colour selection, so much shades to choose from.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by s2pring.



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Brilliant shine

I received some Revlon nail enamels for my birthday; they work well and have never chipped in under a week.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by LauraNugget.



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Popular 230

I think "Popular" was formerly called starry pink and it's the first Revlon nail polish I've been seriously eager to get. I haven't tried any Revlon polishes since the 90s, but it's a brand that certainly shouldn't be forgotten about as their formulas are decent and their colour range is good. Popular is a very pale pink with small and large bits of silver glitter. On my fingernails I used it on top of a pastle pink polish for a very pretty effect. If used on its own it would probably require several coats.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by Jannz.



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Smooth & easy to apply.

I have the shade "Mad about Mango" and its scented when dry. It actually does smell like mangos when it first dries! It's an addictive smell.
Overall, great colour and formula, i'd buy Revlon nailpolish's again.

Read the full review of Classic Nail Enamel by Caitlin791.

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