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Favourite polish brand

I've tried lots of polishes but I always come back to this classic by Revlon. It applies to nails thick enough that generally only one coat is needed. The polish is silky as it claims and applies evenly. I've been buying this polish for years and it doesn't go gluggy quickly and I also find the long handled brush much easier to paint with. There's also a huge variety of colours which I love.

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Temporary Pr...


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Not the best of the lot

I've been using Revlon nail polishes ever since I was a teenager in the 90's, and it's pretty much the same design at this point in 2014 as it was back then. The brush, bottle and formula have been similar throughout the years, and it's still all there!

The trip down memory lane aside, it has unfortunately not improved from 2014. It still takes quite a while to dry and the formula continues to be thin, meaning that each layer is a little sheer.

They do, however, have a great range of colours!

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Doesn't last long, expensive for what it is

- The bristles on this nail brush are the thin sort (not the thick flat ones that other brands may use)
- Texture: Generally the ones I've used have applied well. I have a variety of pinks and corals.
- Biggest downside: doesn't last long at all! There's tip wear after a day and nail polish normally lasts at least 2 days (with base and topcoat) for me
- at $13.95 RRP, it is very very expensive for its quality.
- I much prefer other drugstore brands (e.g. essence, ulta3)

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Revlon is just ok

I found application was reasonable, though it is true that one colour can vary from the next as to application and finish. Dry time is average. I do find that it does not wear as well as some other polishes, and that I have some chipping and flaking each time I wear a Revlon polish. It would be nice to see more colours in the range. Might buy again but unsure, will probably be a spur of the moment decision if I do.

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Great Selection

Revlon really knows their colours. They have a great range. The brush is average size for easy application. I do use two coats, but I do with most polishes. The most important thing in polishes to me is staying power, I hate to have to do my nails more than once a week - Revlon is not as great as some other polishes I've used.

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I have this in Bewitching and love the colour. Revlon always has a great range of colours. The brush isn't quite a thick, so makes application a bit more tedious, but once on it stays on. The lasting coverage is great!

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Scray Scray


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Hit and miss

I own multiples of this product in plenty of different shades (over all these years!) and I have to say, it really comes down to the shade. Some shades are buttery and beautiful, others fall short and require multiple coats to see much colour which is a shame. Sometimes they can be streaky, or look perfect on the first go. I have this in a mint and light purple colour (very similar levels of colour) and the mint is just streak city, whereas the purple is a dream. I don't care much for the stock-standard brush though, it's a bit too long and rounded for me to like it!

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Always Smiling


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Great product for the price

I have several of Revlon's nail polishes mainly because of freebees (when I purchased over a certain amount) although I have brought a few aswell. I love the colour range and for the price you pay I think the product is very good quality.

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Nail Addict


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I own silver several pastels reds and purples. I found the formula excellent for the darker colours but the pastels require three to four coats before i get opacity. For such a big international brand I would expect their pastels to be far more opaque.

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Great value

I love this nail polish! It goes on thick enough that you don't need two coats, which makes it perfect for a quick polish on your way out. It stands up well to the more expensive polishes in terms of lasting, and there are more than enough colours to choose from.

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