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Classic Nail Enamel

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Revlon Classic Nail Enamel has a patented, silk-silicone formula that delivers a layer of silk proteins to instantly even out nail surface, while a silicone shield automatically smooths. A multi-patented film forming system provides tough resistance against chipping and peeling and contributes to adhesion and long-wear. Plasticiser system keeps film flexible and helps nail enamel resist chipping, while UV light absorbers protect the integrity of colorants and keeps product colour-true. Formaldehyde and toluene free.

Available in: Clear (771), Sheer Pink (006), Sheer Petal (909), Pure Pearl (020), Elegant (380), Gray Suede (705), Crème Brûlée (915), Bubbly (280), Cherries In The Snow (270), Fuchsia Fever (901), Sparkling (261), Posh Pink (912), Optimistic (290), Angelic (141), Bewitching (620), Posh (571), Charming (211), Seductive (062), Divine (063), Flirt (250), Girly (260), Extravagant (271), Enchanting (220), Plum Seduction (917), Scandalous (761), Dreamer (410), Radiant (441), Siren (440), Fearless (640), Saucy (650), Raven Red (721), Revlon Red (680), Teak Rose (161), Foxy (750), Knockout (731), Smoldering, Copper Penny (932), Artsy, Bohemian.

New shades launching April 2015: Privilaged, Provocative, Ravishing, Coy, Tempting, Sultry, Socialite, Sophisticated and Wild.



Myer, Priceline, Big W, Target, Kmart, & selected pharmacies

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1800 025 488

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One of the best drug store polishes

This is the only drug store polish that I purchase. Unlike other drugstore brands this polish doesn't apply streaky, doesn't need a million coats (max of 2, maybe 3 for light opaque colours) and doesn't chip straight after application!

Unlike so many other polishes this product applies in thin coats which means the drying time is minimal and that is a must for a quick mani/pedi.


Make sure you apply a top coat!!

Ideal for

A fast drying, non-streaky, cheap manicure

Rosey Posey


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Beautiful colours

This is a lovely nail polish collection. I absolutely love the colours and the fact that they set fast. The polishes aren't watered down either, two coats gives you such a vibrant colour. The consistency of the nail polish is so smooth which makes for easy application and an even finish on your nails. Not only does the polish on my nails last a long time before chipping (up to a week with a 'top coat' polish) but the polish in the bottle doesn't deteriorate over time either. I think I have some that must be a couple of years old and that still apply so well. I highly recommended this nail polish.



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Go to nail polish, quick to apply and dry.

I have this in a multitude of colours and I love every one of them. They don't apply streaky and dry super quick, they last about 3-4 days without chipping. For the darker colours one coat is enough if I'm in a rush but I usually do two coats and three for the really light colours. There are so many colours which is great and they last quite a while without the texture going weird and thick.



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Beautiful colours with quick application

The colours in this collection are gorgeous and I would love to collect them all. I love the packaging as the name of the polish is easy to find as well as the easy to use handle. I have several of these polishes and I can vouch that every single one has been super easy to apply and only needed two coats, if that. I do find that they often chip which can be irritating but I think if I used a top coat this would not be an issue.


Use with base and top coat.

Ideal for

A gorgeous mani-pedi!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

When I don't do Shellac, this is my go to polish!

These days I usually get Shellac because I love how long it lasts me. However before Shellac the only polish I would trust is Revlon Classis nail enamel. I could get away without using a base coat or top coat because it was so long lasting and shiny on it's own. Such a versatile, quick drying nail enamel. A lot of the colours in the extensive range only need 1 coat for rich, vibrant colour.


Always ensure you use a good hand cream to keep your cuticles healthy and prevent dryness.

Ideal for

Wanting to save money on Shellac? Thinking of going back to DIY mani's. Don't look past Revlon Classic nail enamel.



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Pretty bad

Considering this isn't a very cheap polish and its a revlon product I was dissapointed. I have much cheaper products which last mych longer! This product started comming off my nails after only a few hours. I normally let the first coat set overnight before adding a second with no issues. With this product doing that was impossible. It also looked pretty streaky so I won't purchase again.



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Dreaming for more

I have only one of these in the shade Dreamer, which is a darling periwinkle blue shade. I picked this up during one of Chemist Warehouse's 50% off revlon sales so it was great value for money but I wouldn't purchase this at the full price. The first coat is quite thin and streaky but the second coat resolves all of that and the colour is opaque and has a creme finish. The smell is not the strongest acetone scent that I've encountered but it might still bother sensitive noses. Luckily, it fades quickly and the scent does not translate onto the nails unlike some nail polishes I've tried. For me, the first signs of chipping appeared on the third day but this doesn't bother me as I like switching up my manicure often. Revlon does a huge colour range in many different finishes so there's something for everyone


Apply a base coat underneath and a top coat on top to increase longevity

Ideal for




Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled

Not the best

I am not quite sure which shades I purchased in this nail enamel, however I remember one being a pearlescent/opalescent pink colour which was quite sheer although added a pearly pink tone to my nails. The other was a shimmery gold colour, which again was quite sheer. I found that both shades needed at least two coats to get noticeable colour onto them however I did like the formula of the polish as it went on pretty smoothly. I would really have to try some other shades which give more colour because I really want to love this polish but at the moment it's only streaky and sheer coverage which is not what I am after.

The brush is your typical enamel brush so nothing special there however nothing particularly bad either. The size of the jar is quite big however it's Revlon's trademark nail enamel.

Might repurchase in different shades.


Go for stronger, bold colours over misty ones.

Ideal for

Bare nails.



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Streaky application

I found the application of the Revlon Classic Nail Enamel to be streaky. The polish is too thin and one coat is not enough, two coats and its not a smooth finish. The brush is also not big enough to cover the nail bed in a few strokes like Rimmel's nail polish brush. Would not buy again as it is dearer than many brands available in the mid price range.


Top coat to smooth over the polish and for a more clean finish

Karano 月


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good nailpolish, decent volume, what's not to like?

I only have a metallic, 2 cremes and 2 shimmery ones so I can't comment on their glitters, but in general revlon nailpolishes are one of those solid all-rounder products, and in Australia that deserves a slightly high price. (i'm a cheapskate anything over $10 for 14.7 mls is too much to me)
hang-on i'm pretty sure these cost more than 13.95, priceline sells them for 15.95.
fluid but not too thin, covers your natural colour in 1-2 coats, good pigmentation, wide colour range, isn't especially chip prone, and it's 3 free.
the shimmers with larger bits of glitter can feel a tiny bit gritty, but it's not really rough and one thin layer of topcoat will fix it.

Ideal for

anyone who is willing to pay $15.95 for 14.7 ml

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