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Hard As Nails Clear

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Saly Hansen Hard As Nails Clear treatment gives nails a hard, smooth, chip-resistant surface that helps strengthen and support nails. Nail edges are sealed for added protection against chipping, cracking and splitting. Gives nails the protection they need to grow.


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Priceline, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent pharmacies nationally. Miracle Gel is available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, selected pharmacies and selected Myer doors.

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Nail polish top coat

I use this more as a top coat to set my nail polish and make sure my nail tips dont break off or weaken. I havent really tested it on its own but use it each time over my nail polish. It prevents chipping and I am someone who doesnt take very good on my nails when I have nail polish on i.e. I still do all the washing up and often forget and end up hitting different surfaces so this one really helps me to get the most out of my nail polish colour.



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Super strong!

I love this stuff! It has been a staple of mine for years! Hard as nails has strengthened my nails immensely!

While i was younger I worked in hospitality- doing 30 loads of dishes a night can sure wreck your hands- and my nails were cracking, chipping, splitting and brittle!

After a friend's recommendation I tried Sally's Hard as nails, and noticed a significant improvement in just a few weeks. My nails were thicker, shiner, stronger and most importantly stopped snapping!

I no longer use my hands as much, although whenever I feel my nails need a pick me up, I fish this one out of the closet!

Ideal for

People who work with their hands, have brittle or chipped nails!



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Just what I needed...

I swear by this now. My nails used to be very weak, you could almost peel them off. I would always paint them to cover up how brittle they looked. I started using this and now they have grown nice and long. They don't break as easily and I like to leave them clear. I have gotten quite a few compliments on my nice nails. Very, very happy!



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Not great

This product hasn't really helped in making my nails any stronger, but it works pretty nicely as a top coat.



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Nice as a top coat but not really strengthening

I have really brittle and weak nails and I thought this would help strengthen it or at least prevents it from chipping and breaking. But i was quite disappointed as it chipped really quickly and my nails were still breaking and brittle.



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Perfect if you have trouble growing your nails

I have never been able to grow my nails due to their brittleness until I started using this nail hardener. It also looks good on its own and works well as a base coat and is fast drying.


i wouldn't recommend it as a top coat as it seems to make polish chip faster.

Ideal for

People with brittle, weak or flaking nails.



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Superstar product

Great as a base coat and a general nail treatment to keep weak nails strong. Used this to help grow my nails out. Good for a base coat with colours over the top.


Anyone with super weak nails



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Love this

I wear this by itself, and even as a top coat. I find this effective but only for 2-3 days after i apply it, i would usually have to apply another coat



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works after first try!

i love it. i now have strong quick growing nails.

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Great Stuff and Great Value

Sally Hansen has been around since the late 1950s, most famous for its nail treatment product, especially the nail hardener. No.1 in the united states for nail care. Well recognised brand that is taking over the world.

Yes it does what it claims to do, you don't need to be a rocket science to know how to use it, very simple and easy and especially affordable.


Avoid the cuticle area, continue using it to see the result

Ideal for

Dry, brittle, flakey nails.

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