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Great shade selection, gorgeous bottles, long-lasting polish

I recently received pretty pastel shades to trial at the Beauty Degustation- a coral, light pink and baby blue. These are great picks as I would wear all of these (besides the blue shade) on a normal basis and was more than happy to try them out as they are part of the new Spring racing collection curated by Kate Waterhouse (Wouldn't it be nice to curate a nail range? Dream come true!) They are all gorgeous shades and last around a week with no chipping or fading (unless you're always swimming, washing your hands- you know!)
On the BH degustation day, Nikki applied a Nude shade from their permanent collection and explained there was no need for a top and base coat which is excellent for a lazy girl like me ! I love how sheer they are because you can build the colour up, but it isn't gloopy and doesn't pile up polish on your nail either. I find that the colours were all quite thin but buildable, produced a really bright and gorgeous nail lacquer and had an easy-to-apply brush . These polishes come in premium-looking bottles too, and there's always new collections out! Gotta love Sally Hansen polishes <3

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Oh la la!

I have long nails but spend little time taking care of my nails. I also have lots of contact with salt water due to the nature of sports I'm involved in. I don't wear nail polish much but was open to giving it a go at the Beauty Degustation event.

I was very impressed by the vibrance of the nail polish and how it looked on my finger. It glides on smoothly and I love the 'flatter' brush to ease application. The colour is very true and also rather long lasting. It lasted about a week on me without touch ups, reapplication or top coats etc. This is of course accounting the fact that I wash my hands excessively and play water sports 3 times per week.

I love the range of colours especially in the new spring collection. Very pastel-ly and suitable for the upcoming Melbourne Cup events. I highly recommend these nail polishes!

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Beauty Degustation - Great Colours, Expert Advice

I was lucky enough to get to try out Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in the new Spring racing Colours at BH's Beauty degustation event. The Sally Hansen manicurist at the event was absolutely lovely and gave us some great advice not just about the complete salon range, but also about nail care in general e.g. trends for the season, nail growth and strength and fixing broken nails. The spring racing colour range is amazing, a perfect mix of pastels and colour pops. My favourite is Almost Almond, a great neutral for all outfits. The polish has a very wide brush with more bristles than most polishes so that it is applied easily in one stroke per nail with no streaks. It is quick to touch dry and two coats with no top or base needed gives a beautiful finish. For someone like me who has horrible finger nails ands is an absolute novice at painting my nails, the brush and consistency made it easy for me to get a professional look by myself. I will definitely be recommending these polishes to friends and will continue to use.

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Long lasting colour and easy to apply

I recently tried Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "Sheer Ecstasy".

I loved the sheer pale pink colour and the nice shiny finish that two coats of polish gave me.

The brush in this product is great. It is wider and longer than most usual nail polish brushes which means that the polish itself is quite easy to apply. I have struggled with the application of sheer colours in the past but was happy with the result with this product.

I was even more impressed at the longevity of the product. I painted my nails on Sunday night before work for the week and was still happy with my nails (i.e. no chips or missing flakes) on Friday - all without a top coat.

I will definitely be looking to buy a few other colours from this range.

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Perfect Polish

I’ve been trialing a few of the new Spring Racing Carnival colours from Sally Hansen. I love the colour range and have been regularly swapping them around, as they are perfect for my work attire.

My nails usually are neglected as I just don’t have time to be applying several layers but the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is ideal for me, as it combines a base coat, top coat, and a strengthening and growth treatment which means I can apply two applications of my chosen colour and that’s it. The flat wider brush enables a very smooth and easy application.

This nail polish is perfect for me, as I’m very hard on my nails, I did need to reapply after about 3-4 days due to chipping.

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lovely colours

I fell in love with the gorgeous spring colours at the BH degustation.

Two coats provided adequate coverage, the polish was also easy to apply. Lovely glossy finish and relatively long lasting colours. My nails started to chip around the edges on the third day. The colours did not stain my nails like some of the other polishes. Love the spring range!

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Amazing Spring Racing Collection - BH Beauty Degustation

I was very lucky to be gifted three shades from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure 2014 Spring Racing Collection. I received the shades 380 Peach of Cake: a perfect peach colour with a smooth finish, 360 Barracuda: a pastel light blue shade, and 310 Almost Almond: a very light nude shade. The range has seven Spring Racing inspired shades, all which are perfect for a pop of colour to glam up an outfit.

Sally Hansen has also designed a new brush to make application of the polish easier. The new brush style features a curved end which is great for getting right into the base of the nail and around the cuticles. I found this very useful as I have quite rounded nails naturally so I felt very comfortable using this nail polish applicator brush. The brush also has a large amount of bristles - I find the thickness of the brush to be great for covering the surface area of the nail in 3 strokes seamlessly.

Almost almond is the perfect shade if you are after a subtle nude which instantly adds an element of sophistication. I found applying two coast of this shade worked well to help develop a strong finish of colour. The shade looks great against black clothing.

Peach of cake is my favourite shade out of the three. Since receiving it I have worn it on several occasions and have always received compliments. It is a stand out peach shade which can take you perfectly from day to night. I find applying two coats of this shade works best - one coat can look a little streaky.

Barracuda is a more daring shade since pastel blue shades are not too common. I really enjoyed wearing this shade against darker clothing because it provided the perfect pop of colour. Two to three coats of this shade worked best to provide me with an intense colour.

Overall, each shade in the range had great longevity. When applied with a base and top coat, I found the polish to last up to 5 days without needing to reapply. At the Beauty Degustation Event, we were given the tip to use a top coat the day after applying the nail polish, and then every second day there after. I found this golden rule worked perfectly for my nails! Thank you Sally Hansen for the lovely goodies, and thank you BH for hosting the amazing event.

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Worth a try!

I recently got to try out the new Spring nail polish collection and I must say that for someone who hardly wears nail polish, this has changed my mind! Firstly, i fell in love with the packaging. Its solid, sturdy and feels like a very high quality product. It also comes in a variety of shades so there id definitely one to suit every personality!

The brush on this product is really amazing because it is the perfect size to ensure that the whole nail is covered quickly and easily without putting the colour on your skin. The colour itself is very opaque and two coats should definitely suffice for a good week or even more. However, the only downside to this product is that it does chip. I tested it out quite a few times and even on days where I hardly sue my hands or am doing just relaxed work, the edges of my nails start to wear off.

Apart form that, I highly recommend that every beauty gives this a shot!

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Great colours and gloss

I hadn't tried Sally Hansen products before so was more than happy to give these polishes a go. To begin with, the range of colours is just fantastic. The new Spring Racing range is a group of gorgeous pastels but the normal range of colours looked just as great too. There's a colour to suit everyone's style and mood.
Once the polish is applied is did look just as good as a gel manicure. The colour looked lush and thick with a nice gloss.
The downside is that without applying a top coat, the polish didn't last very long. After about a day the colour on my nails started to look a little shabby around the edges. Not too chipped but definite signs of wear and tear. Perhaps applying a top coat would make it last longer??
The one thing that I wasn't so keen on with this polish was the size of the brush. I'm sure this was a conscious decision by Sally Hansen to make the brush thicker and wider for better application, but I actually found it made the polish harder to apply. As much as I tried not to, the brush kept applying way too much colour. And for smaller nails (such as pinkies and toes) I ended up getting the colour everywhere. Too messy!
Despite the bad points, the colours in Sally Hansen's range are great enough to make me persevere. And it's a really good price too. I'd recommend this polish for those days or nights where you're going out and want to make a statement with your nails, and then are happy to take the colour off the next day.

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Blew my nails away! Very impressed!

Thanks again to the BH team for your BH degustation event!

I have a confession to make before I start. I'm probably the least loved fan when it comes to nails polish/nail art etc. I work in an environment where I'm constantly washing my hands and give little TLC to my hands and nails. When I really have to buy nail polish for some event, I buy the cheapest one out there! Not caring about quality and performance. However... after been given some Sally Hansen goodies I'm totally in love and transfixed!!

I was given 3 bottles, one nude, one dark pastel blue and a glitter/sparkly one. hey all come in serious sturdy bottles that really mean business! All the brushes are plentiful and thick which works so well for people who are rusty with painting their nails like me (hands up!), I found the thick brushes great for applying the colour smoothly onto the nail bed. There's nothing worse than having streaks on my nails let alone trying to apply nail polish properly!

I love the combination of the base and top coat, such a time and money saver! And sometimes I don't have all day to apply 3 bottles of nail polish, I'm very happy with this formula! As a base coat, it doesn't leave my nails 'worn out' or gives a discoloration tinge like other nail polish so it's good to know it doesn't damage my nails.
The top coat I feel works from the day you applied till 5-6 days after. I guess if I wanted a longer lasting finish, I would invest on another top coat to finish it off. But overall, I'm impressed with how long it stayed perfect!

I do get dry and brittle nails from time to time and lazy me, try to treat them as often as I can. I do find that overtime with this nail polish that my nails have become stronger than before. I didn't get any chipping or brittleness while wearing the nail polish. I feel it gives a protective barrier which is surprisingly good feeling!

Overall, super happy and impress with Sally Hansen nails. I would definitely purchase their nail polishes again, it's so beneficial for my nails while making them look good! I even already have my eyes on their dry and go drops!

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