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Right Said Red - Bold, Bright, Shiny & Full Of Confidence

The nail colour comes in a 14.7ml square base, rounded top glass bottle with an applicator brush lid.
The colour Right Said Red is a bold and bright crimson shade of red, its not red red. It has pinkish undertones to it.
Its a lovely uplifting colour, chic and full of confidence.
Right Said Red has a gloss and shine finish.
The nail colour, Complete Salon Manicure has all 5 steps of a manicure in one bottle, base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat.
Its applied to clean and dry nails.
The brush is a thin rectangle shape, rounded at the tip end, the bristles black, flexible and average length.
The nail colour has a thick consistency.
Texture is smooth and gel like.
It does have a strong nail polish smell that subsides when it dries.
The colour is easy to apply, smooths onto nails with the brush in a thick layer.
Need to apply several coats for a full colour finish, letting it dry in between coats.
When done nails are a gorgeous shade of red with high gloss shine.
The finish is sensational, the quality is there for all to see, salon quality that is achieved at home.
The nail colour is effective and efficient, lasts in wear and shine, the shine just keeps on shining on plus its hardy doesn't chip easily.
I can get about a weeks wear before edges start deteriorating.
With the added strengthener and growth treatment in the nail colour, nails seem to flourish.
The nail colour doesn't sap good health from nails, they harden and feel strong.
I use Cutex Polish Remover to take the colour off nails.
I like Complete Salon Manicure, its quality nail colour, it looks excellent on nails, it has radiant, rich and shiny colour.

Made in U.S.A.

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I didn't even get home after purchasing this polish without having to put it on my nails. I have the shades Red Zin and Wine Not and I love them! They have a gorgeous finish, have a reasonably quick drying time and a wonderful wearing time even with the stress I put my nails through with my jobs. Will need to pick up a few more of these because I am in love.

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Beautiful colours and formula! Great wide brush!

I love this nail formula. I think sally hansen makes the best drugstore nailpolishes & Ive yet to be let down by then. I own this in a beautiful lilac shade, and it goes on opaque in about 2 coats but I like to do 3 very thin coats. The brush on this is amazing, so thick that it covers most of the surface of the nail in one swipe which I find makes for a more even finish, and is alot quicker and neater than the tiny thin brushes on some polishes.
I find that after using this I get frustrated with other nailpolish brands and their tiny brushes

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Great Product

Great product from an application, resilience and colour choice point of view. I have around 4 of these in different colours. I still find that I need to apply a base coat first however, especially for the darker colours, to stop nail discolouration. I also find the bottle to be a little too big... I never quite finish a whole bottle as it gets gluggy and unusable before I can use the whole bottle. Despite this, a great, reliable product at a decent price with a lovely array of colours to tempt!

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This nail polish is absolutely great and I own about more than 10 bottles of these! The shades are highly pigmented and only require 1 or 2 coats depending on the colour. The brush is probably one of the best brushes as it is very wide. Definitely recommend this nail polish.

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Great Nail Polish

I love using this nail polish, I love this brush of this nail polish it is best brush that you can use to paint you nails. I have of this nail polish in dark pink to light pink. It does take some time to dry but if your hands on a rolled towel it help you don't touch the drying nail polish. I love using this nail polish and I will re-purchase more colours into the future.

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Gluggy - I wanted to love this

Bought two shades, a light pink and a light peach. Even one coat was gluggy, sticky and uneven. Took it off, applied a base coat, let it try for ages...still no joy.

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Scray Scray


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Will always come back to this!

I love this line of nail polishes. The formulas are always nice and thin and the colour is gorgeous! I have 3 right now. A pale pink, beige and a berry/wine colour. All so gorgeous! The formulas dry quickly. The cap is easy to hold and get open every time. I wish the brush was slightly more thinned out (I LOVE the wideness though!) so that the product could be applied more thinly. A great buy for around $5 when on special.

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Carmen @ pai...


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Great Formula

I have this formula in a few colours, my favourite being greige. The formula is really good on this one, it self levels, is opaque in 2 coats and has a lovely finish. The formula is not exact across all colours but in general is quite good. I will usually grab these when they are on special.

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Great polish

I tried out this nail polish when I had it applied during Priceline's 30 days of beauty event. The shade I chose is 'Mermaid's Tale' which is a clear blue polish with green and blue glitter.

The lady applied it without an opaque base colour. I normally would have applied it with one, for example a green, blue or black base colour, to get the full impact of the glitter. The bottle looks like it's jam packed with glitter but the polish actually applies with a subtle blue tint and sparse glitter. At first I was disappointed with the effect because I'm a fan of bold nail polish especially in jewel metallic or glitter shades (which is why I chose the shade). I grew to love the subtle look as it looks lovely and understated until the light hits it at a certain angle and the glitter flashes for a brief moment. Not only that but it's understated enough that you could get away with it in some workplaces.

While it says there's no need for a base and top coat, the makeup artist who applied it used both and I would at least use a base coat because some nail polishes stain without one. It lasted a decent while with both a base and top coat.

I like the packaging which looks quite classy. It's not exactly cheap but it's not overly expensive either. I think it's definitely worth the price. Overall, I highly recommend this polish.

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