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Sally Hansen

Complete Salon Manicure

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure combines a base and top coat strengthening and growth treatment and salon inspired shades. It contains Micro-Encapsulated Time-Release technology infusing nails with advanced wear, care and shine for up to 10 days. The formula utlises coral calcium and sea mineral complex to aid nail growth and strength, pearl protein to enhance the smooth finish and marine kelp to help boost shine. Available in Sheers, Deeps, Brights/Vibrants, Classics, Nudes and Metallic/Stone. Shades include Clear’d for Takeoff, Sheer Me Now, Peachy Keen, Shall We Dance?, Pink Slip, Wine Not, Navy Baby, Midnight in NY, Yellow Kitty, Grass Slipper, Calyspo Blue, Purple Pulse, I Pink I Can, Kook-A-Mango, Right Said Red, Café Au Lait, Mudslide, So Much Fawn, Guilty Pleasure, Pedal to the Metal and Black Platinum.



Priceline, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent pharmacies nationally. Miracle Gel is available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, selected pharmacies and selected Myer doors.

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i bought 2 or 3 in this range and was so excited to try them asap. so the bottle shape is great and the brush too. but the shine and finish at the end was not that great. it didnt really feel or look like a salon look. havent used them again. and it seems to take forever to dry.



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Best Nail Polish Ever

This is the best nail polish I've ever used. My nail care is sporadic and half hearted at best, but these help keep the quality of my nails.
With a wide brush to help minimise (my) errors, it's easy as to apply, has good staying power and there are gorgeous shades!
Using this for just a few days, my nails grow quickly and get stronger.


I even use my pale colours as a base coat under other nail polishes!
Can be used with one coat being enough for bright shades or two coats for a really strong colour. Pale shades - one coat can be quite sheer (but I like that) and two for solid colour.

Ideal for

Everyone! I recommend this to everyone, and bought my mum some for Christmas.



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i am involve with sally hansen complete salon manicure. just to start it off, the wide brush tips are amazing and give you the ability to literally only use two strokes for a full nail coverage. the liquid is not too thick and not too thin, intact is the right consistency. in my opinion even one layer will do the job. it lasts a long time and does not chip!



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Nice colours but a bit too goopy..

I actually won two different shades of this nail polish in a Beautyheaven competition. After using one of them (the color was Shell We Dance) I was a little disappointed with the product. I normally love Sally Hansen products but I felt that the actually nail polish consistency was way too goopy and kind of gluggy. So when I applied it to my nails the layers were wayy too thick. On the positive side the brush was awesome - really big - and the shades were really colorful and opaque. Overall I'm a little disappointed...



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Bright and long lasting

Picked up two colours on my way to a destination wedding 2hrs drive away - had ran out of time for a proper mani.
It was the first time I tried this range and loved it.

The packaging is simple and you see exactly what you're getting.
The bottle itself is an attractive square-based glass bottle with a silver lid and rubber grip.
The instructions and ingredients are found on the back of the bottle - just peel the barcode label down from the top to reveal 3 mini pages of information.
The brush is thick and you can apply the formula easily and neatly in just a couple of strokes. The rubber grip also helps to keep a steady hand.
The smell of the polish itself is not as strong as many others.

The colours I chose were 560 Kook A Mango and 530 Back to the Fuchsia.
I have since used both of them for hands and feet.
1 layer in a rush gives great coverage and shine.
2 layers provides a beautiful finish. The double coat lasted a good 3 days before chipping on my hands and lasted 3 weeks on my feet (I often do not wear shoes so this was pretty amazing).
I did not wear a separate base or top coat with this formula.
It dried within 20 minutes of application.

Pink Hornet


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Sally Hansen has got game

The range of colours I reviewed was developed for the Spring Racing Carnival in conjunction with Kate Waterhouse. They are beautiful, modern and bang on trend.
The new packaging is heavy glass with a squared off bottom, has discreet white lettering and has a silvertone lid with a rubbergrip that aids control and precision in application.
Overall it has a more modern luxurious look in both packaging and colour range.
The brush is wide but not too thick, and combined with the rubber ring on the lid and fantastic formulation enabled precise quick and easy application.
The formulation dispenses with the need for a separate bottom and top coat. All 3 colours, a nude, a blue and a coral, that I tried were sufficiently opaque that only 2 coats were necessary for a professional high gloss finish. It took 1/2 hour to dry on its own.
The polish wore without chips for between 3-4 days. I filled in any chips and gave all nails an extra single coat. This easily extended wear to a week.
I used the coral colour, 380 Peach of Cake, on my toes with two coats and easily achieved 4 weeks of wear.


Sally Hansen isn't the girl you knew at school. She's moved to the big city and you would be proud to go to the races with her. She'll be the girl on the fashions in the field catwalk.

Ideal for

Everyone, a shade for every occasion and so easy to apply.



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Oh the brush!

I adore the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range for several reasons:

1) The thick easy to apply formula. The formula is literally the perfect constancy, quick thick and opaque meaning you can get away with only one coat. It's lovely and smooth which results in an even application and beautiful shine.

2) The brush! The brush itself is much wider and longer than most polish brushes (think twice the width of the typical OPI) making it easier for those of us with wider nail beds. I can easily coat my nail in two quick strokes and don't have to worry about missed areas or going over onto my finger. Just brilliant.

3) The colour range... oh my, ever possible colour you would want from a drugstore polish is available! The nudes in this line are to die for and literally cover every possible need! Some of my favourite colours include Mudslide, Purple Heart, and Commander in Chic.

The packaging of these polishes is so simple but stunning with the square based bottles with curved edges. They're beautiful to display on a shelf and really do give the perfect salon look.

Wear time on these is around 4-5 days, longer with the correct base and top coat for your nail type (I'm a big fan of Sally Hansens Diamond range for weak nails)



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only seen in action

I have not had the opportunity to trial this product as I missed out on a manicure at the degustation, and I don't have any nails to paint. When I saw this being used on the day it seemed to be a great product, the smell was not overpowering and the consistency appeared to be quite good. The colour selection is great. Overall a good looking product.

Yvette Rose


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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

What I love about the most with these Sally Hansen nail polishes is the brush, the shape of the brush allows to give a smooth finish without the polish going over the sides.

The nail polish lasted me about 3 days before chipping which is a record for me as mine start to chip the next day due to always cleaning, gardening and washing my hands.

I love the colors, at the Beauty Degustation we were given 3 colors, a soft blue, soft pink and coral color, which are just perfect for Spring and Summer.



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Love the shade range

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend the Beauty degustation where I not only had a tutorial on the health status of nails and how to correctly apply nail polish, but was fortunate enough to take home a sample of colours. The nail artist chose a colour suited to my skin colour, which was an eggplant colour- a colour to be honest i would never choose for myself, yet how did she know? I spent the next day falling in love with my usually neglected nails and hands. I moisturised with hand cream (but that's another review altogether) I was careful to avoid unnecessary housework which could risk chipping. But you know I really didn't need to worry as the varnish stayed on chip free for a number of days.

I just love the spring racing colours on offer, but to be honest I don't have the time to apply a new colour that frequently.

I am loving that I have returned to paying attention to my nails again. It's amazing what a little encouragement can do to bring you back to something.... I forgot how much fun painting you nails was from childhood. Thanks Beautyheaven and Sally Hansen, I am loving my childhood memories....


Enjoy the wide angled brush... making application even quicker for girls on the run

Ideal for

This polish is ideal for those with a few minutes to spare before racing out the door to those who want to travel back to the fun of childhood nail-polish days gone buy.

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