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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure combines a base and top coat strengthening and growth treatment and salon inspired shades. It contains Micro-Encapsulated Time-Release technology infusing nails with advanced wear, care and shine for up to 10 days. The formula utlises coral calcium and sea mineral complex to aid nail growth and strength, pearl protein to enhance the smooth finish and marine kelp to help boost shine. Available in Sheers, Deeps, Brights/Vibrants, Classics, Nudes and Metallic/Stone. Shades include Clear’d for Takeoff, Sheer Me Now, Peachy Keen, Shall We Dance?, Pink Slip, Wine Not, Navy Baby, Midnight in NY, Yellow Kitty, Grass Slipper, Calyspo Blue, Purple Pulse, I Pink I Can, Kook-A-Mango, Right Said Red, Café Au Lait, Mudslide, So Much Fawn, Guilty Pleasure, Pedal to the Metal and Black Platinum.



Priceline, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent pharmacies nationally. Miracle Gel is available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, selected pharmacies and selected Myer doors.

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Spectacular Application Brush & Colour "All Fired Up"

I don't normally go for colours like "All Fired Up" but it looks fantastic on - a really beautiful and bold autumn colour perfect for right now! My nails look great in this colour!

The brush is something to rave about - it is perfectly chiselled and tapered to apply precisely the bright colour which I would normally find a lot harder to apply because bright colours are just usually more difficult to get perfectly right. This brush helps so much!

This shiny varnish goes beautifully over the top of one coat of the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener which makes the ultimately perfect base coat.

This bright colour comes off easily with the Diamond Strength underneath it. Make sure you get the Diamond Strength right down into where the nail meets the skin. My best tip is don't skimp on the Diamond Strength - that way your nails will be protected fully from any bright colour.

I only took off a star because I did find All Fired Up didn't last as long as other bright colours I've used and as I'm a very active and busy person with my hands I managed to get some tiny chips in the colour the next day.

This varnish dries nice and quickly - especially when using the Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops.



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All Fired Up Trial - Great shade of red.

I received shade #550 All Fired Up from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range as part of the recent Sally Hansen beautyheaven trial. I have tried a few other shades from this range and posted a review after a beautyheaven degustation day last year. Back then I felt like the colour didn't last for more than a couple of days without a base and top coat and I still feel like it really needs those protective coats to work well and look good.

I really love this lively shade of red. The wide brush makes application very easy. When applied over a base coat and with a top coat it lasts 4 or 5 days with lovely bright colour and shine. I find that I am not the best at applying nail polish and need to be sure that I don't apply coats that are too thick. When I have applied this polish too thick it really doesn't dry properly but that is more a problem with my skills and not with the product. A couple of light coats along with a base coat and top coat give a great bright red result. I look forward to continuing using this shade all through winter to brighten my days.


Don't apply the coats too thickly and use a base and top coat for the best results.

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I'm all fired up about All Fired Up!

Sally Hansen nail polishes never, and I repeat, never disappoints when it comes to my nails!

The Complete Salon Manicure range is no exception! This range comes with a wide-set brush, which means that you don't have to go over the nails very often, and it reaches the nooks and crannies quite easily.

The formula itself is thin enough that it dries quickly superficially, yet opaque enough to not need more than two layers to get a nice smooth application.

This doesn't smell too strongly of nail polish. I managed to squeeze almost 4 chip free days out of this particular nail polish, so that's definitely a win!



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gorgeous and long wearing

All fired up is absolutely beautiful, I couldn't stop staring at my nails!

The product came in a typical sally hansen glass bottle. The shade is true to the colour you see from the bottle. Application is ridiculously easy, I have shakey hands and always manage to get polish everywhere.. but sally hansen's flat brush made me feel like a nail pro. I was able to apply a lovely coat with two strokes. I thought I'd need to go back for a second coat, but one was definitely enough for me.

Scent wise, it smelt like any other nail lacquer, but it provided a smooth finish and a glorious shine!

I've had mine on for 4 days (with top and base coats) and just started to notice small chips. Never thought red would be the colour for me. Love it!



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Nailed it! ;)

Sad to say, it has taken me many years to bring myself to try a Sally Hansen product. Not for any bad reason, just that I've never really found a colour I loved in her range and so I always bought my other nail products from other brands also.
However, since Beautyheaven has been generous enough to allow me to trial this polish, I'll definitely say that it was well worth the wait! I'm a nail colour junkie, but unfortunately it seems my nails are prone to chips and breaks like you wouldn't believe.
I used 'All Fired Up' on top of 'Diamond Strength' as a base with '3D Gel Shine' as a top coat and hell I was surprised! Usually my colour starts to chip within a few days and I'll notice my nails underneath starting to peel away more with each passing day. However I left this trio on for close to a week before I noticed any real movement in the polish. The colour itself was gorgeous and eye-catching and a nice bright shade of red that I don't normally go for. However I was very happy with this colour as it wasn't too pink which I normally find turns me off some others. The brush is a nice thick and smooth bristled type that makes application so much easier and controlled.
I even popped on some Dry & Go drops just to see how they went and the polish dried quickly and evenly with no loss in shine or finish.
I'm definitely a lot more impressed with this range than I thought I would be.. Thanks beautyheaven!
If I could give 4.9 stars out of 5 I would, I only don't give full points because there are still not many other colours in this range that I would go for, even after falling in love with this one.



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TRIAL TEAM- all fired up.

Trial team- ALL FIRED UP.
I received the sally Hansen complete salon manicure to trial. Excited much!!
I receievd the colour all fired up which is a bright fire engine red. As a fair skinned girl I would normally go for bright pinks and reds so this colour although bright was perfect for me.
The polish comes in a solid square container which you can see the amount in the product. The container also was easy to open and close and not spill over- many a time I've spilt polish on the couch. Oops.
The complete manicure comes with a rubber holder on the top (super easy to hold with a wavy hand) and a very thick brush which I loved. The brush is flat and a semi circle cut which i liked. Each application applies directly onto the nail and delivers a good amount of productd. Lord knows how many polishes have applied way too much polish.
This nail polish is however a bit thick and gluggy. That said, I found it easy to apply and only needed a few strokes on each nail. The result was smooth and didn't clump or look bubbly on the nail. One coat of this delivered a really nice shinny smooth result- interesting considering its really thick and clumpy. Also was easy to get the polish on all the sides of the nails and didn't smudge.
The complete salon manicure in my book took longer than usual to dry than other polishes. I found I have to wait longer to apply a second coat. That said second coat was super east to apply. To dry completely without bumps took a good 20 min, using the quick dry with this was easy and halved this. But beware this does take a while to dry.
Smell of this nail polish? Minimal and less stronger than others, and does fade.
Results? There was a smooth finish with no bumps or lumps and looked super shinny. This nail polish also contains a base and top coat so result is pretty great.
1 coat nice smooth finish
2 coats shinny and super bright.
Wear? I wash my hands a lot so it's a bit hard for me to say without saying this. This for me didn't last for 10 days like advertised. But does any nail Polish?
This nail polish for me lasted longer than others I've used. And I got to 4 days before a chip. That's impressive. The shine lasts and lasts and looks as great as a shellac nail polish.
When using this alone I got 5 days. When combining it with the full trial team of base coat top coat this lasted 7 days and the shine was amazing.
Price wise? This is a bit higher end of the range. I think your paying for the complete idea. Above average nail polish.
Post use? My nails are still in good condition and not drier or more damaged. And not yellow either.
Complete system? Using this with the complete system was fun. The whole system made my nails really strong smooth and looked professional.

I do think this is a great choice for the lazy girl/ time poor as its a "complete manicure" and delivers a good result for those that want a quick shinny smooth result. Its good for both those who want a quick nail polish and those that take the time to do their nails.
Beware that this takes a good 20 Min to dru. I'd recommend the Sally Hansen quick dry drops for this. This delivers a good overall result.


Takes a while to dry- beware of this. And don't bump your nails to not get bumps.
Good range of colors including seasonal ranges.

Ideal for

Anyone. Lazy girls who want a quick manicure and those who are time poor.



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The Solution to a Long Wearing Manicure

I received the shade All Fired Up to trial, and I was so excited! I have tried a number of different shades from different collections of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range, and I have never been disappointed.

The nail polish applicator is a thick, flat, densely bristled brush. The brush also features a rounded tip which is great for getting right into the base of the nail and around the cuticles. I find the stubby brush applies the polish with much fewer strokes than other brushes, so I can paint my nails very fast. The brush and formula coats each nail evenly and smoothly.

The shade All Fired Up is a fire engine red with a hint of an orange undertone. The shade is very sassy and warm, perfect to go between seasons – it’s a shade you can’t go wrong with. The polish applies very opaque. One coat would be enough to wear on its own, however I like the finish of two coats for added vibrancy and for longevity of wear. The polish dries very fast and has a gel finish to it. This means that my nails are left looking glossy and shiny, as if I have just walked out of a salon. When used in conjunction with the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength base coat and 3D Gel Shine Top Coat, my manicure lasted up to 10 days with minor chip wear. This polish is a knock-out shade, applies beautifully to the nails and is long wearing. It is everything a great nail polish should be. I will continue to repurchase from this range.


Apply a base coat to the nails (Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength works a treat!). Apply a top coat after applying the polish, and the following day for added longevity.



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Long lasting, easy to use, vibrant colours

I used All Fired Up, as part of the Sally Hansen trial team, so the colour went on top of a few layers of Diamond Strength, but it did last me for 3 days before even starting to chip, which is very long for me. I wouldn’t normally wear such a bright colour - this one was a vivid fire engine red (which my daughter felt looked a little scary!), and I’m really more of a neutral girl, but it looked very professional, glossy, and thick and really caught the eye - looking almost as good as the gelled nails my friend got done at the salon (I kept looking at my nails and stroking them as they were very smooth and nice looking!). The brush was a little wider and thicker than normal, but with very fine bristles that put on just the right amount, even for a butterfingers like me. The bottle is tidy and made of thick, light glass, with a simple look that calls attention to the colour.


I will certainly be repurchasing this product, maybe looking for the neutral sheerer colours. Either way, one coat is definitely sufficient so it’s quite good value and I felt that it also thickened and strengthened my nails, which was a nice bonus. I think this is a particularly good polish for those who struggle with polish and need an easy to use brush and have weak nails. I also think it helps to finish with a coat of 3D Gel Shine, which really amped up the polish and kept it looking super glossy. I was particularly pleased, since it looked so thick and rich on my nails, that it came off very easily with a single swipe of a cotton ball and remover. I was expecting a battle and didn’t get one!

Ideal for

This polish is ideal for anyone who likes a polish that lasts but is easy to remove, is very easy to use, has a great range of vibrant colours (the red is pretty intense) and doesn’t want to spend a fortune.



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Big Cheer for Sally

An excellent product yet again from Sally!
Although I do think some of the brilliance is simply in the brush shape and size. It makes a huge difference to how I paint my nails.
I trialled the 550- All Fired up. A little too bright for my fingernails but really loved it on my toes. I will definitely be buying more from this range. Would highly recommend.



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Five-star polish

I received 'All Fired Up' as part of a Sally Hansen trial team, and even though I have reviewed this product before, this was a great reminder of just how amazing the Complete Salon Manicure polish is. All Fired Up is an orange/red shade I never would have chosen for myself, and to be honest I wasn't that fussed about it in the bottle, but when it was on my nails, I LOVED it. I had previously used Shoot the Moon in this range which is a shimmer. All Fired Up is a gel-finish. It's incredibly shiny, and has that gel like finish which looks amazing and is very forgiving to a shakey application.
This polish really is a complete salon manicure. The bottle is lovely and feels very luxurious with thick glass, then a lovely long handle, finished with a soft grip strip. The brush is flat and cut so that it is a semi-circle shape which makes application very quick and easy, and helps give that professional finish.
I used this polish both on it's own and with the rest of the Sally Hansen trial products (base coat and 3D gel top coat). The base and top coats do take the polish to the next level, but true to it's name you can use just the polish as a complete manicure.
All Fired Up gave acceptable coverage in just one coat, and a lovey deep colour with two coats. It was quick drying and very long lasting. Either with the base and top coats or on it's own, it lasted 7 days with only minor chips.
There are so many amazing colours in this range. I definitely need to get some more!

Ideal for


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