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Complete Salon Manicure

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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure combines a base and top coat strengthening and growth treatment and salon inspired shades. It contains Micro-Encapsulated Time-Release technology infusing nails with advanced wear, care and shine for up to 10 days. The formula utlises coral calcium and sea mineral complex to aid nail growth and strength, pearl protein to enhance the smooth finish and marine kelp to help boost shine. Available in Sheers, Deeps, Brights/Vibrants, Classics, Nudes and Metallic/Stone. Shades include Clear’d for Takeoff, Sheer Me Now, Peachy Keen, Shall We Dance?, Pink Slip, Wine Not, Navy Baby, Midnight in NY, Yellow Kitty, Grass Slipper, Calyspo Blue, Purple Pulse, I Pink I Can, Kook-A-Mango, Right Said Red, Café Au Lait, Mudslide, So Much Fawn, Guilty Pleasure, Pedal to the Metal and Black Platinum.



Priceline, Target, Kmart, Terry White Chemists, My Chemist, Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent pharmacies nationally. Miracle Gel is available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, selected pharmacies and selected Myer doors.

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Symantha Studio


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I have several of these SH nail polishes and there is a good reason. They actually delivery a quality finish, easy to work with and are a nice thick consistency so you wont get a streaky finish. I have found I will get a week to a week in half with a two coats and a top coat and I am very hard on my hands with chemicals and water. I can not fault this product as it delivers quality results with out an expensive price tag like it's competitors.


Make time once a week and enjoy giving yourself a great mani finished off with beautiful nails with a vibrant colour that look professional and know you're using a quality product.

Ideal for

Everyone...I highly recommend the colour 'Plums the word' for those who have more fair/light skin it is a great colour that doesn't wash your skin tone out.



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This product is a gem

I purchased the shade "Jungle Gem (674) for roughly $12 and it really is a diamond in my eyes. To start with, I only needed to apply one coat of this nail polish (Not heavy handed) and it looked perfect. The colour is an extremely rich and vibrant teal, perfect if you prefer darker nail polish but wanted to add a little colour into your life.

The bottle is a standard size with a rubber lip on the lid, I love this addition as it makes it easier to grip when applying your nail polish. Especially if your using your less favoured hand you need all the extra help you can get. The actual brush is wide making it easy to cover the whole area of the nail. It also holds onto the product easily making it easy to control the amount applied onto the nail.

The nail polish lasted a week on me before it started getting minor chips to it, around the 8th/9th day I removed the nail polish due to larger chips. Normally nail polish doesn't last 3 days with me so I am extremely happy with the results.

Below are all of the products used.
Base coat - Manicure Vitamin Boost Nail Formula
Colour coat - Sally Hansen #647
Top coat - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear


Buy a good top and bottom coat to get the most out of your nail polish

Ideal for

The best feature of the Salon Manicure range is a wide brush that makes the application quick and easy. One stroke distributes the right amount of product to evenly cover the nail surface without streaking. The formula itself is not too thick which is also fantastic. I feel like those thinner, pigmented formulations last a lot longer on my nails and don’t peel off as easily as thicker polishes. It also dried up reasonably quickly even without drying drops of top coat (but I would still recommend using one for longer lasting results).

Yvette Rose


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Complete Salon Manicure

What I like the most about this nail polish is the the brush - it applies so easy, giving a neat, messy free look.

My nail polish chips quickly so having it extended to 4 - 5 days is a feat in itself thanks to Complete Salon Manicure.

Not a huge fan of the color however they brighten up my toenails as they look too loud of my fingernails.

The nail polish smell is not too over powering, which is perfect.



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All fired up!

I'm not a fan for red nail polish, and when I received "all fired up" as a trial product, I was quite hesitant. It has a slight orange tint and it would look very chic on some people, but for me it's a bit too daring. I like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range though; I have some colors already myself. It's so easy to apply because of the wider, contoured brush, and the nail polish is not too thick that it causes streaks when you apply your second coat. I can't wait for them to come up with a new, wider range of colors.


Finish with Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D topcoat for a professional gel manicure look.



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The best nail polish ever!

I received one of these polishes in a bonus gift at Priceline and I absolutely love it! I have colours red handed and shell we dance I love both colours! I'm hoping to add some more to the collection soon but can't choose which colours as they are all beautifull! Even though it's a "complete salon manicure" I still add my top coat of choice to get the desired finish I want.



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Trial Team review

I am not a red nail polish kind of girl – for some reason it makes me feel out of place like I am not ready for this type of elegant shade yet. When I received the shade All Fired Up as part of the Trial Team I was a bit worried that I will have to force myself to use it, but it wasn’t the case at all. I’ve even grown to like this shade and kept on reaching for it over and over again.
It’s a bright fire engine red with a hint of orange, which is particularly noticeable when you apply only one coat. And yes, you can get away with just one coat of this product! With two layers the shade is more true to what you see in the bottle and of course it looks more opaque.

The best feature of the Salon Manicure range is a wide brush that makes the application quick and easy. One stroke distributes the right amount of product to evenly cover the nail surface without streaking. The formula itself is not too thick which is also fantastic. I feel like those thinner, pigmented formulations last a lot longer on my nails and don’t peel off as easily as thicker polishes. It also dried up reasonably quickly even without drying drops of top coat (but I would still recommend using one for longer lasting results).

All Fired Up shade lasted on my nails for about 3-4 days – it may not be the best result ever but I actually like to change my nail colour often so that’s the longevity I usually expect. It’s also worth to mention that sometimes I was able to keep it on for 5 days without chipping – but only when used with a particular top coat.

I am very happy with Sally Hansen Salon Manicure nail polish range and I will keep checking their stands for interesting colours to add to my collection.



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Amazing colour! Often brighter red coloured polishes are tricky to pull off depending on skin tone and application technique but “All Fired Up” #550 nailed it all. The colour was flattering, I received numerous compliments while wearing this colour and was amazed how great it looked every application. The bottle is a sturdy and chunky design with a comfortable lid shape with a rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold when applying and makes less mess. It has the usual nail polish scent. Using Diamond Strength as a base, Sally Hansen’s ‘Complete Salon Manicure’ nail colour really popped and I had no staining of colour to my nails. Used stand alone it worked well as a ‘Complete Salon Manicure’ as it combines its own base and top coat strengthening and growth treatment, a complete package in itself. I am impressed that the nail colour didn’t leave my nails feeling dried out but instead provided a breathable feel.

The applicator brush has a thicker, sculpted shape that draws just the right amount of polish from the bottle and applies in only a few strokes per nail. Its shape glides the polish onto nails with no need to fuss about corners and edges, perfect for nail amateurs like me or professional nail artists. One coat is more than enough as this is a thicker formula than some others but I still applied two thin coats to ensure real pops of colour and long wear. Time saving and perfect for people like myself that usually find bright colours messy, Complete Salon Manicure didn’t take long to dry, approx. 10 minutes, and provided my nails with professional looking results. I have worn this with no top coat and with a Gel shine 3D topcoat. I found that without a topcoat it lasted about 5 days and with the Gel shine 3D topcoat lasted 7 with only a few minor chips. My best tip is to ensure the colour wraps around the tip of your nails lightly when applying and it seems to last chip free for longer. The nail colour without topcoat had great wearability and shine alone, and with Gel Shine 3D looked even more amazing like gel nails done in the salon! Great colours in this range and easy to remove using my Sally Hansen nail polish remover. This is a convenient, fun way to achieve salon looking nails at home.


2 thin coats give great coverage, long wear and shine.



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There's a red for everyone.

Im not a red wearer but this red is absolutely stunning, it actually looked really nice on my hands. Other types of reds usually make my hands look old his is definitely a beautiful red.

I love the wide thick brush, it gives it a more precision finish with only one or two strokes needed. With no streaks visible.

I liked the thickness of the nail polish, it felt like quality and highly pigmented and opaque.


Apply vaseline with a cue tip around the cuticles to prevent colour staining skin. Once nails are dry just rinse and you have a perfect manicure.

Ideal for

Everyone who loves red and is afraid of red. Also for people who have a shaky hand, the wide brush will allow you to be more steady at applying.



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A real must try!

I really really love this product! I received a beautiful colour in 'All fired up' and I was so excited to use it! The bottle it comes in first off is so pretty and shaped very well and you actually get quite a lot of product ! The colour is thick and opaque and it does not have a very chemically or yucky smell, in fact, quite the opposite! The brush of his polish is something to rave about because it is shaped in such a way which allows perfect application in less than 3 brush strokes. it disperses just the right amount of product and with a top coat, it can be chip free for about 3 days! I only took 1 star off because I felt like this bright shade of red was not as opaque as other bright colours but still, a great great product which applies beautifully and last well!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

All fired up - great colour, great brush

This is definitely a statement red - it is piller box red or fire engine red - a real stand out colour, which i loved.

The brush was the best thing about the product - it was wider and flatter than your typical brush so application was an absolute dream. it only took 3 or 4 strokes to cover the nail and it was so easy to be precise with it. This would have to be the best nail polish brush that i have used.

The formulation was nice - it took two coats to become opaque and non streaky which is fine and expected with a bright colour like this.

The only thing that disappointed me was how quick it was to chip - my polish had chipped the very next day. i was expecting much longer (especially with the gel top coat).

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