Revitanail - Sensitive Nail Strengthener - Pink


Sensitive Nail Strengthener - Pink

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Revitanail Sensitive Nail Strengthener is toluene and formaldehyde-free. The sensitive formula features dimethyl urea, that gently hardens the nails without causing them to become brittle. It also contains pearl and diamond powders for nourishment and additional strength.


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No waynear as good as the original!

I brought this as my original revitanail is nearly all gone and has gone all thick and yucky. I thought I might try this one as I wanted a strengthener without formaldehyde. I like how shiny my nails look and I like the pink tinged color to it but after two weeks my nails started to peel my nails have never peeled in my life they are always strong and grow well I will never buy this product again I will stick to the original product!


Don't buy it if you want nails that peel.

Ideal for

No one.



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Perfect Protection

I bought this to lather on after a long stint wearing acrylics, my nails were so fragile, sore and venerable. The polish texture is smooth and glides on easily leaving me with a nice protective coverage. Quite substantial 1st coat, thick enough to be all you need. I have applied as per the instructions and after the 1st week nails feel so much better. Like they are moisturized, protected and stronger. Once my nails repair, I will continue to use this once or twice a week as for protecting. xx

cherry pie


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I really like this nail strengthener, I like it better than the original. It leaves a pretty light pink tint on my nails and has a low sheen which makes them look naturally healthy instead of brittle and flaking. When used according to the instructions it definitely makes my nails stronger. The sensitive formula is formaldehyde and toluene free which is important to me. I would like to try the apricot version but I never see it in the shops.



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On to my second bottle

This makes my nails look so healthy by stopping breakage and giving them a nice soft sheen. Since using this my nails are definitely in much better condition.
I prefer this over the Sally Hansen varieties I tried in the past.



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Not as good as the original formula

I have used Revitanail's orginal nail strengthener at different times over several years and have always been very happy with the results. I decided to try the new formula for sensitive nails as it doesn't contain formaldehyde or toluene. Unfortunately it hasn't worked nearly as well as the original formula for me. I was so hoping that it would work as well as I prefer not to have to use products containing formaldehyde or toluene. I also liked the pretty pink hue but if it doesn't do the job for me, I will have to let it go.



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Revitanail : Sensitive Nail Strengthener - Pink

This product is perfect for those who react with the original formula or who are pregnant (the original product should not be used if you are pregnant)!!! The product colour is perfect as you can do some white tops if you like for a beneficial french manicure!



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i love revitanail!!

Revitanail products are definately one of the best,
being a nail bitter with extremely weak nails, this product worked wonders!



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Revitanail Sensitive Nail Strengthener - Pink

This stuff is a miracle cure, combined with the hand cream my nails endure!



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My nails are renewed!

Since using this product my nails are to die for. My friends now all comment on my naturally strong and long nails.
Nails this good are all thanks to Revitanail.



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From strength to strength!

This nail strengthener is a great product - my nails often get brittle and weak, but I found the strength really improved after using this product according to the instructions. It is a sensitive formula, which didn't cause any irritation or stinging if it made contact with my skin.
I like that it leaves a soft pink sheen to my nails, making them look healthy and pretty.
I am impressed that it is both formaldehyde and toluene free - both are nasties, and not welcome in my home. It contains pearl and diamond powders which make me feel glam ;)
The bottle is sleek and easy to handle, and the product brushes on with ease.

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