If you’re after a hand wash with natural ingredients, be sure to take a look at the ingredients list to check that the product is free from harmful components.

And because most of us aren’t scientists and don’t know what ingredients may be harmful, we’ve put together a list of ones to watch out for.
1)    Parabens. This is a type of chemical that’s known to cause skin irritations, especially to those with sensitive skin.
2)    Mineral oil. Mineral oil acts as a thin layer on the skin, and because it’s difficult to absorb, it can clog pores, which slows down the skin’s ability to get rid of toxins.
3)    Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). The chemical, which is often used in car wash soaps, and floor cleaners (which are far less delicate than our skin!), can dissolve the oils on your skin and cause skin irritations.

Here are some natural ingredients you should look out for:
1)    Jojoba. Jojoba is a natural remedy and a natural moisturiser, so it will work wonders on your hands. We love: Jojoba Company Luxurious Hand Cleanser.
2)    Chamomile oil. Chamomile oil has great healing properties and can help soothe skin. We love: Eminence organics USDA Organic Tea Tree & Mint Hand Cleanser.
3)    Aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural healer, soothes skin, and stimulates healthy cell growth. We love: Abana Hand Wash

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Are natural ingredients important to you? What do you look for in a hand wash?