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06 Feb 2011 04:59 AM | Posted by bh's Olivia Mackinnon
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Whether you have a partner or you’re living the single life, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with a twist this year? In addition to loving someone, you should take some much-needed time out to love yourself too!

So when February 14th rolls around, make sure you’re sorted with some of the most indulgent treats on offer, so that you can give yourself a pampering experience that far outweighs a box of chocolates and a bunch of roses!






Bloom Scented Hand Wash

“All of the fragrances in this hand wash are delicious and with the matching hand creams they double your pleasure! These are a favourite in my bathroom, it makes me wash my hands more just to get a lovely smell.” Rating: 5/5 – Elegantlee


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