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Cold Cream Hand Cream

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For dry, chapped, irritated hands.
Avène Cold Cream Hand Cream provides quick relief for chapped, cracked hands leaving them feeling soothed and protected. Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water and Cold cream, the texture is non-greasy, leaving hands feeling soft and moisturised. The cream leaves a film that protects hands for up to 10 washes and can also be used on sore, dry noses affected by tissue rash and on dry, cracked heels.
Suitable for sensitive skin.


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I just love the way this product makes my skin feel...and the smell! Fabulous! It is one of my most favouritest hand creams ever!



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Nice hand cream

For the amount of product you get in this bottle, the hand cream is, in my opinion, quite overpriced. The packaging isn't the best, but it works and I appreciate that it comes in a squeezable tube. It has a mild barely-there scent. The cream itself is wonderful and thick. It takes a few minutes to absorb, and it doesn't leave my hands feeling oily or greasy. There is slight residue left, of course, but it doesn't feel slippery or yucky at all. This is very healing for cracked or dry skin, and repairs it wonderfully. It is also great for the nails and keeps the cuticles soft. This isn't the best hand cream I have tried but it is lovely to use in winter when my hands are feeling especially dry.



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Not too bad

After already using a couple of products from the Avene range I decided to purchase the hand cream. The product was not as great as I had hoped. The fragrance is too strong for my liking, not very pleasant and when I put the cream on and rub it in it starts to ball up. It does make my hands soft but I have put the Avene facial moisturiser on my hands and find that it does a better job than the hand cream. I wouldn't repurchase.

Ideal for

Normal to dry hands.



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Worst cold cream

I came across this product when I ran out of my previous cold cream. I usually use cold cream for my hands when they get dry and irritated. I was looking forward to using this product to help me with those problems, but I was very disappointed. First, when I used this cream I noticed that is has this horrible smell that resembles plastic. Also, the cream felt too think and was hard to spread on my hands. After using this, my skin became very dry and even started to crack till it bleed. It just made my skin even worse to the point where I had to stop using it after only the 1st week. I do not recommend this if you have very dry and sensitive skin. Look for another cold cream.



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A little disappointed

I suffer from dermatis on my hands quite bad. I already use four products from the avene range and love everything about these products as well as having and seeing automatic results. When I saw the cold cream hand cream I couldn't wait to try as I'd had amazing results with the other products in the range I am currently using. I was however a little disappointed. The cream wasn't hydrating enough for my dry hands. The cream did dry quickly into the skin but I didn't see great results. Probably great for the everyday person but someone with dermatis on their hands didn't do what it said. Disappointed :(



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fix the dry hands

i got this product as a gift, first time i tried, i fall in love. The smell is quite pleasant and it keeps my hands hydrated. after a wash, you can still feel that there is some residual of the cream left on your hands. i love the fact that it heals my dry hands well. definitely buy my own once the tube finished!



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Super hydrating

Like all of the other Avene products, this is a beautiful thick textured cream. It has the same scent as all Avene products, quite a pleasant scent.
I suffer with dry, dry hands, always have had super dry skin everywhere; hands, body, face. I have found it so hard to find a great hand cream that does the job. I have tried 100's of hand creams, some very expensive and some on the cheaper end.
My hands normally are dry looking, scaly, crepey. This hand cream nourishes my skin, it's like a balm in a way. It absorbs beautifully though and does not leave any trace of oily residue. I always apply this before bed though so I don't wash my hands and the cream can really sink in and do its job. When I wake up in the morning my hands still look healthy and plumped up and it only begins to wear off after a few washes through the day.
I would recommend this to everyone.



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Hand cream heaven!

I've tried a few Avene products to date now and I must say they are proving to be a brand i can trust for my unpredictable skin. So far I've fallen in love with many of their products but this hand cream is one of my faves.

From the above picture you can see the design of the product. Its simple yet screams luxe to me. I love the white colouring and the avene orange squiggle
The cream comes in a massive 75ml soft squeeze tube with a flip top lid. It's slim enough to carry around in your handbag if you like.

Ive been using this cream morning and night. The cream is quiet thick but still easy to squeeze out and absorb into my skin. It's not artificially fragranced at all but still has a light scent. Once absorbed I'm never left with any oily or greasy residue but I can feel a thin protective barrier. This doesn't bother me at all. I like it as i know I can wash my hands a few times and not ruin the benefits of the cream. When I apply it at night i wake to soft nourished hands that look amazing. I also massage the cream into my cuticles. My nails look strong and healthy and the whites of my nails are extremely white. I love it!
This hand cream is by far a favorite of mine. A must try for overly dry hands.



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Thick and luxurious!

I received a sample tube of this from Chemist Warehouse and promptly returned and purchased the full size unit.

The product is lovely, rich and leaves my hands well moisturised and smooth. After a week of consistent use the dry and rough callous I had on my palm had gone!

The cream is also non greasy so you don't have horribly sticky or slimy hands after applying it.



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A Luxurious Hand Cream

Avene Cold Cream is the only hand cream I can use that doesn't cause an allergic reaction to my dermatitis prone hands. It has a light fragrance that doesn't irritate my skin, it absorbs well without leaving a greasy residue and leaves my hands moisturised. A great product!

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