Aveeno Active Naturals - Intense Relief Hand Cream

Aveeno Active Naturals

Intense Relief Hand Cream

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Lasts through hand washing. A unique, non-greasy hand cream specially formulated with natural oatmeal and rich emollients to help soothe and moisture dry skin. Fragrance free.


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Love this hand cream

this hand cream is perfect for moisturising my eczema hands. As you know, eczema skin tends to become dry and itchy and eventually flared up if not taken care of properly, and you will start scratching because it is itchy and scratching make it worst, vicious cycle. this hand cream breaks the cycle but keeping my hands moisturise for 24 hours a day, and i found that after using this cream, my eczema gets better and less flare up. the hand cream is soothing and calming with just a subtle smell of oatmeal, I absolutely love this


apply as often as you like, not sticking but form protective moisture barrier on your hands keeping it moisture all day

Ideal for

dry and eczematous skin.



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Average product and not intense at all.

I have peeling calluses on my hands and this does nothing at all! No idea why it is marketed as "intense relief" and it's moisturising level is very average. I prefer the Neutrogena intense hand cream over this.
It's fast absorbing and light feeling and probably suited to the average person.



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Aveeno intense relief hand cream

This hand cream rubs in nicely, isnt greasy or oily on the hands and actually does last through hand washing as promised. It's an excellent hand cream, definitely worth the buy and can often be picked up on sale at priceline.



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Great for dry and peeling palms

I started using this cream after cheap jewellery left my palms and fingers really dry and peeling. After using it a few times a day my hands were back to normal within a week.
It's a gel like cream, spreads easily and doesn't leave any greasy feeling. It really does last through hand washing.
One tube lasts quite a long time, I have now been using this hand cream every morning for over a year and I'm on my 3rd tube. I like it so much I keep a tube in my office at work just in case I need it, however I find that after applying it in the morning my hands stay soft all day.
I also really like the packaging. It's easy to use, convenient to throw in your bag and never makes a mess.

pretty produ...


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World's best hand cream

If you're a frequent hand-washer like me, you definitely need this hand cream. It has a lovely thick, creamy texture that isn't too thick or heavy. It almost feels half way between a cream and a gel to me. It is so luxuriously moisturizing and always leaves my hands leaving smooth and soft. I suffer from chronically dry, rough, flaky hands and this really does the trick.

The light oatmeal scent is nice and not too overpowering. The packaging is wonderful also. It's never hard to get the cream out and the dispensing hole in the cap is the right size and shape to prevent it clogging or caking up in the cap like a whole lot of hand-creams do.

I definitely recommend you try this! I'm never going back to another hand cream.

Ideal for

Anyone, especially those with very dry and rough hands



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moisturization really does not lasts

I was totally excited when got thishand cream..I thought this will be better than my old hand cream brand,quite dissapointing,yes it is natural and moisturise your hands but it did not do a great job in making my hands youthful looking...but still good product but not buying again..



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Works well for very dry skin

I have had eczema on and off for the past couple of years, which sometimes leaves me with very dry and cracked skin on my hands. I got this to help with that, and it did. After using it for a couple of days, my skin become much better and more moisturised. I also love bringing this when travelling because the bottle is a great size and super easy to use.



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Best handcream!

This is the handcream I always go back to! Sometimes I'm tempted to stray and buy other handcreams but I always end up buying this after being dissatisfied with other ones. It dries relatively quickly and doesn't leave a residue. Definitely a staple for me!



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I love this hand cream, It lasts the longest of all the hand creams I have ever tried. Even after I wash my hand they are still soft and nourished. Very good when my dermatitis plays up!



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Relief at last!

With a small baby, Im constantly washing my hands or washing clothes & cleaning up so my hands are in poor shape. Peeling palms, cracks on my nuckles and overall very dry. This is one of the best if not the best cream I have come accross. My hands are very sensitive given their condition and there is no irritation at all. A lovely gel like consistency that absorbs instantly without any residue or greasiness. A definite must have for dry hands!


Apply repeatedly throughout the day after each handwash.

Ideal for

Rough, dry, cracked skin/hands.

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