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Intensive Nourishing Creme

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NIVEA Hand Intensive Nourishing Creme soothes and relieves dry, chapped hands. The formula contains co-enzyme A and panthenol to encourage cell regeneration. The concentrated moisturising formula comes packed in a small, convenient bottle.


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Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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Hand Saver

I have a drawer full of hand creams ranging from $2- $40 each and yet I keep coming back to this. I get dermatitis from washing my hands continually at work and within days of using this again my hands are clear or dermatitis, cuticles are smooth and hands look human again.
It is lightly scented but no offensively so, it absorbs quickly and does not wash off first wash. It is not as moisturising as my other favourite almond/beeswax hand cream but as it absorbs fast and leaves no oily residue it is perfect for work.



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Nivea never fails

I have been using Nivea products for years and have always been a fan of their simple but effective products.

This hand cream does what a good hand cream is supposed to do and that is keep your paws soft, moisturised and smell fresh. The product absorbs into your skin pretty well although it can leave them a little 'wet' or greasy if you use too much or don't rub it in properly. Packaged nicely in a squeezable bottle which doesn't leak or disperse too much cream at once.
The formula of the product has a medium consistency as it is quite creamy and thick but not so much like a paste or too thin to the point where it becomes runny as I have experienced with other products. The scent is light and pleasant much like most hand creams or other Nivea products I have used.
I'm not looking for rocket science when I buy hand cream which is why I stick with Nivea as they keep it basic and stick to the point as well as being affordable. Have been buying for years and will continue too :)


Make sure you rub in properly or you may end up with sticky hands.

Ideal for

Dry hands, in winter and for everyday use.



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My Everyday Go-To

This is a fantastic product that works. I suffer from dry skin and I use this on a regular daily basis and find it makes a lot of difference. I apply after using an anti-bacterial gel as well, as I just finds this replaces any lost moisture due to the alcohol in anti-bac products. There is no overly strong or unpleasant smell in this cream, and it feels really good on.
If you're considering purchasing it, do it with confidence.



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Cheap Quality Product!

It was getting into the colder months and I realised that my hands were getting dryer and cracking so I went on a hunt for a hand cream. I picked up the Nivea hand cream for a few dollars and the effects were immediate! The cream was absorbed quickly and my hands felt soft and any dryness and redness had gone within a week! I love this product and use it daily! Very cheap and great quality for dry hands!


Try and use it daily for best results!

Ideal for

Dry and cracked hands.



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A staple product

Now that the cooler months have hit I need continued care for my hands as they become very dry very quickly.
What I love about Nivea hand creams is that they never let me down. When I buy one I know I will be impressed from opening to finishing the tube off.
The Intensive Nourishing hand cream is perfect for sufferers of excessively dry hands like me and at such a bargain price.
The cream gets absorbed quickly, instantly hydrates and instantly protects for hours after application. My hands look amazing after using also...they look so much nicer. And it smells nice, it has a nice floral scent to it.
Honestly could not get through Winter without this product and I highly recommend it to all. A true staple in my skincare kit.

cat lover


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I've been really impressed with this hand cream from Nivea. It has a nice light perfume that I would class as a fairly typical hand cream fragrance. It absorbes readily and really does keep hands hydrated for a long time. I've been using it before going to sleep at night and have found that my hands feel soft and not at all dry in the morning. I really don't think you could go far wrong with this, especially for the low price!



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Moisturising hand cream

This hand cream soaks into my skin immediately and makes my hands feel soft and smooth which last for several hours. It has a light pleasant scent. You only need a pea size amount for your whole hands so it will last a while. Great to keep in your bag and use it whenever your hands feel dry.



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Not too shabby

Bought this on special at Woolies. I like it - the smell is pleasant but not overpowering. Quite moisturising. Recommended.

Miss Beauty ...


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Good for the price

I always stock up and buy this when it is on special. For the price it does an excellent job. I have sensitive skin on my hands and this doesn't aggravate them.


apply at night before bed. Put on cotton gloves for even more absorption.



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Very nourishing

On of my favourite hand creams, it has a gentle scent which I find to be relaxing. My hands feel instantly hydrated when I apply this and I tend to go through the tube quickly, not because it doesn't leave my hands moisturised for a long time but because I love the fresh feeling of relief my hands experience when I apply it.
It doesn't instantly absorb into your skin and has a slight greasy residue but it does not bother me or stop me from using it during the day.


Work it into your cuticles also to prevent them from becoming dry and a little of this product goes a long way.

Ideal for

Everyday use after washing hands to feel instantly hydrated.

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