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Shea Butter Hand Cream

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L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is a super smoothing hand cream enriched with 20 per cent shea butter, honey and sweet almond extract blended with the light alluring aromas of jasmine. Texturally please balm glides on and absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. Anti-oxidizing vitamin E helps nourish hands.

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Ultra Hydrating

In two words - "absolutely delicions". If you tend to suffer from very dry hands and the occassional outburst of dermatitis than this cream is the answer to your problem. It is rich, creamy and moisturising without leaving your hands greasy. An added bonus is that a little goes a long way. All that is required is a small pea sized dollop which will easily cover your hands a leave than silky smoothe.


When using to combat dermatitis I would suggest applying a few times a day - particularly after you have washed your hands.

Ideal for

Dry, dermatitis prone skin

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Very hydrating

This hand cream is very hydrating and you only need a very small amount otherwise you will rubbing it in for ages. The smell is really nice and the cream is a pleasure to use. Your hands will be soft, smooth and very hydrated.



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Rich and Creamy

This is such a luxurious product. I got it as a birthday gift pack and I just love the texture and smell. Very rich and hydrating product, that gets rid of the chalky feeling after washing hands. It's also not too oily and leaves no residue, which is a pet hate for hand cream.

Melissa :)


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smells amazing !

This stuff smells so good. My hands just soak it up. Feels great. I just love it.



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Ideal product to carry in your bag

I have so many different versions of this because of how much I love it! Really handy and easy to carry in the bag. Ultra moisturising and hydrating, no need for constant top up after washing hands. The packaging is a beautiful aluminium tube which looks beautiful and expensive but isn't. I remember my first one being a gift from a French friend and I have bought more for others as gifts which they appreciate, not a lot of people want to waste money buying hand creams. I'd definitely recommend buying this if you want soft, clean looking hands.



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Best in Beauty 2014 – Best hand cream hands down

The Loccitane shea butter hand cream is by far my favourite hand cream out of the many I have tried over the years. This hand cream is Loccitane’s best selling product, and that comes as no surprise to me at all. The Loccitane hand cream comes packaged in an aluminium designed tube which reminds me of the hand creams you find in French pharmacies. It comes with a secure screw top off lid to avoid spillages which is great because you can keep one in your bag without with peace of mind that it won’t spill out. The Loccitane hand cream carries the scent of the shea butter which smells delicious.

The Loccitane hand cream contains 20% shea butter along with other organically derived ingredients including honey, almond extract and coconut oil. With the cream being infused with such natural moisturising properties, this cream really is the ultimate moisturising concoction. In terms of the consistency of the cream, it is very creamy, thick, and rich. The lovely creamy texture of the hand cream allows the product to rub into the hands very smoothly. When I apply the hand cream, it rubs on without leaving any residue because it absorbs into the skin completely. This is great because it absorbs into the skin in under a minute so I don’t have to worry about leaving it everywhere on surfaces.

This hand cream does an amazing job at replenishing my dry hands and for healing them when they are very dry and scaly during the winter months. No matter how dry my hands are, a day or two using this hand cream and my hands are left moisturised, soft, and heath. My friend who has eczema on her hands uses this cream to relieve the dryness and she says it does an amazing job. Another great thing about this hand cream is that it is parabens free which is great for those who only purchase parabens free skincare. I think a price tag of $40 for the 150ml tube (which will last you a very long time) is great for the results that you will see. I will keep repurchasing this hand cream again, and again.

cherry pie


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Excellent basic staple

Best In Beauty 2014
This is my second favourite hand cream after Crabtree and Evelyn's pomegranate and argan oil. It is very thick and rich and takes a little longer to sink in, but once it does it leaves my hands feeling soft for ages. The shea butter leaves my skin very silky and feeling nourished and protected. It has a clean, soapy fragrance that is quite strong and you only need a little bit. It needs to be massaged in well which I think helps my nails, and I like the clean looking, non-fussy packaging. Perfect if you have a few minutes to allow the cream to sink in.



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Best In Beauty - My favourite hand cream!

I bought this fabulous hand cream at L'Occitane in the Philippines 3 years ago and I fell in love as soon as I first tried it. It is a gorgeous cream and I know my hands love me for it! I am obsessed with hand creams but this is one that I always seem to come back for.

This hand cream contains 20% shea butter so it has quite a thick consistency when squeezed out of the tube. In saying that, the cream is so lovely to apply because of the richness of the formula and absorbs surprisingly quickly considering - and no greasiness whatsoever! The added jasmine gives the hand cream a wonderful aroma which is so pleasant - hence why I can't get enough of it!

It is incredibly moisturising and my hands feel very soft and hydrated after every application.

I love the packaging of this hand cream. It's part of L'Occitane signature look and it is so classy! I love whipping it out at work, at home, at the shops, wherever I am - and I always get comments on the packaging.

I have both sizes at the moment - one for my handbag and one sits on my bathroom shelf. This is just one of those products I cannot live without! My hands are important to me so the products I use are equally as important.



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Best in Beauty 2014

I am always on the look out for the best hand cream as I want to maintain the softness of my hands for as long as possible while also nourishing my cuticles each day. L'Occitane's shea hand cream has been one of my favourites since I first used it some years ago. It continues to be my HG night hand cream that I use every night before bed together with a cuticle balm/oil.

The cream is thick as you would expect from the 20% shea butter but does absorb into the skin if you spend a few seconds massaging it into your hands and on your cuticles. It is quite therapeutic as well because the light fragrance is refreshing and pleasant. It is an ideal cream to use during the colder months but, even so, I use it year round at night time before going to bed so I can get the maximum benefit from it. It is a luxurious product but so effective in providing great hydration and protects hands and cuticles from drying out.

The two sizes that are available provide versatility as you can have the smaller size in your makeup bag if you require extra treatment during the day.

I have also found that this is the best handcream for my guy who has rough hands from manual work and he misses it if he doesn't use it daily!

An icon that deserves an award every year.



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BEST in BEAUTY 2014 - Luxurious, thick, rich hand cream.

I am a bit of a hand cream junkie and I am always on the look out for new hand creams to try. After receiving a small 10g tube from a David Jones Sampler bag, I knew it was worth investing in a full sized tube.

The L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream comes in a brushed silver foil tube with a screw cap and contains 150ml of product, it comes packaged in a brown "recycled" looking cardboard box.
With a young child my hands are always in soapy water, washing, wiping and cleaning and as a result they always feel dry rough and looks very much neglected so I need a rich, nourishing cream to help soothe my hands.

The L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream is luxuriously rich, thick and very hydrating, it instantly soothes and penetrates deeply to nourish and moisturise my dry hands. I love the way it makes my hands feel, so soft and smooth but without that oily greasy residue. The hand cream is enriched with 20% Shea butter and also contains coconut oil and almond extracts and readily absorbs into my hands.

I really like the fragrance of this decadent hand cream, it's subtle but smells amazing! I usually leave my tube next to my bedside table and apply generously to my hands at night before I go to bed.
When I wake up my hands feel so soft and smooth and the skin looks much younger. Who doesn't want softer smoother, younger looking hands?
The only improvement that L'Occitane could make to this wonderful cult product is to have a flip top cap, because for some reason I always manage to drop the cap and have to go hunting around for it.
If you want to special pampering treat for yourself or maybe need a lovely gift for a friend, the L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream would be ideal!

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