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Daily Hand Cream

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KORA Organics Daily Hand Cream leaves your hands feeling soft and looking young with an anti-ageing blend of noni extract, rosehip, pomegranate, olive oil and other essential ingredients that come together to create this rich, silky and replenishing potion for the nails and hands. Ideal for rehydrating skin and cuticles, it leaves your hands feeling smooth and protected. Daily Hand Cream is free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, and silicones.


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Amazing, this hand cream is great, it's in a nice squeeze bottle. This hand cream helps with any dry hands or even just to use when ever, it's also organic which is great and because of that I don't mind they price.
With this hand cream you only need a pea size to spread all over your hands.
This is perfect for dry hand or dehydrated skin, I use it for both and my hands are left soft and hydrated.



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Moisturising and sinks in quickly

This hand cream is one of the best I've tried. It hydrates my dry hands and moisturises my cuticles very well. Even though it is hydrating, this cream sinks in after a few seconds so you can get back to what you are doing i.e. typing on the computer. It has a pleasant smell which I am sure is a combination of all the organic ingredients. You may want to smell it before you buy in case you don't like the smell.


Test out the scent before you buy.

Ideal for

Use anytime of the day!



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A real treat, but not fantastic

I have tried many other natural brands of hand cream (usually much less expensive) but decided to splurge and grab this. It's quite light yet still moisturising and has a really nice scent that I descibe by simply saying "it makes me feel happy". I may have been influenced by the word "Happy" written on the back of the tube (Miranda is a big fan of mantras). Honestly, the scent was my favourite part of the hand cream, I found myself reapplying frequently because it's not that nourishing.

The tube is quite small at only 90ml and since it costs $40 it's not something that i'd buy again. It's nice but there are other products out there that are cheaper and better. Also, I have a big gripe with the way that this is marketed as "organic". It's not, it's 99% natural origin and "Ecocert" which requires only 30% organic ingredients. So you are paying a premium for "organic" when it isn't even that.

But all of that aside, it's nice, just overpriced for what it is.



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Luxurious and Divine

After using many different hand care products this is one that is just simply divine. It doesn't leave your hands greasy like some hand creams, Its great for your skin and smells divine


Stock Up on this product you will love It!!!

Ideal for

Anyone and Everyone!!



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Good hand cream, but expensive

I was on the lookout of a good hand cream and after checking out The Australian Beauty Awards list, ended up buying Kora Organics hand cream. The smell is ok, nothing special, has good consistency not too thick or runny - just right. Really does leave hands feeling beautiful and well hydrated. Being an organic product is an added bonus! I will look out of it when it's on special, really don't want to spend $40 on a hand cream again.


I use it only before going to bed, and a cheaper hand cream during the day.

Ideal for




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I am not sure i like the smell. I didnt find that it absorbs fast it tended to make my hands a little sticky. Very think on my hands.



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At $40 a tube, it's pricey, but it works so well that I think it's real value for money! It goes a long way, so you won't be purchasing that often.

The sales assistant told me she hated the smell, but I like it. Sort of medicinal. Almost makes me feel like its a more targeted product rather than just something "nice to use."



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Lovely, smooth hands

I received some samples of this hand cream when I purchased the body wash online from the Kora site. My hands are prone to dryness and can look rough if I don't take care of them so I'm always buying and trying different brands.

I loved what the Kora hand cream did for my hands, lovely and smooth, divine smelling, absorbed quickly and made my hands so soft.

I will definitely buy some next time I buy form Kora.


dry, rough hands, daily use.



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Soft, smooth hands, anyone?

This light textured hand lotion not only made my hands all soft and smooth, but also looks healthy and skin seemed more supple. Absorbs quickly and moisturizes very well.



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Very hydrating.

Really good. Makes my dry hands a lot softer and absorbs quickly and well.

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