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Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

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Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is 95 per cent natural and provides intensive care for dry cuticles, brittle nails and chapped, cracked fingertips. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream contains sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and lemon oil to moisturise the cuticles and leave them soft and healthy. Vitamin E and rosemary leaf oil help condition the skin assist with its repair while beeswax helps to seal in moisture, protecting the cuticles and nails from drying out. It has a wonderfully refreshing lemon scent. The steel container is recyclable.
To use, massage into and around nails at least twice a day.


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David Jones, Myer, Priceline, Harrison’s Pharmacies, Klein’s Perfumery, Terry White Chemists and selected retail outlets

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Fantastic product

This is hands down my favourite cuticle cream of all times. It comes in a cute, vintage looking tin and smells amazing – like freshly picked lemons. I also love the fact that it’s 100% natural and contain great nourishing ingredients, like sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter and rosemary leaf extract.

The texture feels very waxy and slightly grainy when you swirl your finger into the product, but on application it’s soft and buttery. It does take a while to absorb, but doesn’t feel too sticky or greasy if you spend enough time rubbing it in.

I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream for months now and I keep one tin in the office, and one at my desk at home to make sure I use it regularly. It makes my cuticles feel very soft and well nourished, even those affected by eczema related dryness. I’ve also noticed that my nails tend to grow stronger, quicker and don’t peel as much as they used to before I started using it.

It’s a bit more expensive than some other cuticle creams, but it lasts forever because you don’t need to use a lot to see great results. I will definitely repurchase when I finish my current supply, but I don’t really see it happening anytime soon.

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Best in Beauty 2014 vote

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is both a handbag staple and a car console staple for me - I'm never without a tin or two within easy reach.

I love the packaging - the yellow tin is cute, slightly vintage looking & a little quirky. But inside is where the real magic is - this formula can make even the most raggedy & neglected of cuticles look & feel better instantly.

I used to have pretty ordinary looking cuticles & weak nails, but this product changed that - regular use has given me cuticles that are healthy & strong & nails that definitely are in better condition.

I'm delighted that it also prevents the return of the dreaded 'hang nail', a condition where the skin around the nails is weak & prone to painful splitting & tearing. My thumb area is often prone to this, unless I use excellent preventative products like BB's cuticle butter.

I like to keep a tin in the car console to use when I'm stuck at red lights for a while - helps pass the time & keeps my nails at their best.

It can leave a slightly oily (deliciously scented) residue on fingertips after applying, so I suggest keeping a tissue handy to use after. Small price to pay for a product that's simply outstanding - highly recommended

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great smell and soft cuticles

One of my fave Burt's Bees products for years now, this cuticle cream not only smells delicious, but also helps smooth and nourish your cuticles. You can feel the difference after about an hour, but for best results use overnight (see tips below).

The smell is zesty lemon and the cream is light yellow -sheer when you put it onto your hands.

I usually put the cream on in the evening because my hands can get a bit sticky after putting the cream onto my cuticles.

Thoroughly massage into cuticles for best results!

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Best in Beauty 2014- Lemony goodness

I've used a couple of tins of the lemon scented cuticle cream and love the packaging and the way it works. It comes in a tiny round flat tin which fits easily in my bag or my desk drawer.
I have rough, dry, and hard cuticles and am always on the lookout for something to soften them.
This cream is thick and I scoop out a little bit and apply to my cuticles. I rub it in and it keeps my cuticles soft and moisturised. This product's consistency is thick and rich, but it actually doesn't loom like a cream, its more like a very thick solid gel consistency.

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Great hand and nail oil repair product.

I recently stopped painting my finger nails and let them grow out bare as I am trying to minimise my beauty routine and keeping up a manicure can be time consuming. I didn’t realise how weak and dehydrated my nails would become without polish. I bought the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil as well as the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème to try and restore some health to my nails and cuticles. So far I have been pleased with the results of both. I keep the Lemon Butter Cuticle Crème on my bedside table and apply every night before bed. It has a balmy texture that melts to an oil as you massage it in. As the name suggests, it has a lovely lemon scent. I rub the product all over my nails and around my cuticles and have noticed my nails are growing strong and shiny and the skin around my cuticles is less ragged. One small gripe is that sometimes I can’t get the metal lid off the container and would prefer it in a screw top if possible. Otherwise, I really like this product.

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Best in Beauty 2014

I received this product as part of a pack I bought online and love it.
It comes in a cute little 17g tin having a very much vintage feel. The smell of the crème is absolutely divine, it has a rich lemony scent. The crème feels soft on your fingers and just melts into your nails.
My nails just seems to eat this product and has left my cuticles feeling and looking healthier and deeply nourished. It has even healed and soften the dry skin along my nails and fingertips. I never noticed how my nails needed that extra moisture.
I have already bought a second tin and am well on my way to purchase another one.

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Lovely smell and works!

Love the lemony smell of the product and it keeps the nail bed hydrated and healthy. Only need a little bit of products for all the fingers, so this little tin will last a while. Will definitely re-purchase when it runs out.

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Cannot recommend enough!

I had a set of cheap acryllics done in vietnam on a whim, and they all snapped off within a few days. Not a huge loss, except it split most of my cuticles and nails were looking god awful.

Not only did this product help my fingers repair at a really fast rate, it smells like my Nana's home made lemon butter- utterly delicious!

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Smiling Fili...


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Lemon Love!

I got this from a Priceline goodie bag and the moment I opened the lid, I'm hooked! I'll probably use this even if it doesn't work well just for the addictive lemon smell! That's how much I love this cuticle cream and thankfully it's awesome as well!
I usually use this after removing my nail polish and use it all day, usually more than 15 times and wait the next day before putting a new coat of nail polish. I then put some again on my nails before applying the base coat.
My nails break easily and very thin and I have noticed since using this cuticle cream my nails became thicker. It still breaks occasionally but not as bad as before. My cuticles are softer as well.
I love that it comes in a tin although not very hygienic but I'm not that fuss about that. It's easy to use and you just have to rub your fingertips and rub it on your nails.
I've been using this for a few months now and still haven't used 1/4 of it! I think it will last me for a year which is good value for money.
Highly recommended!

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Best cuticle cream ever

I love this product! The tin is adorable.
The smell is amazing. Its not that artificial supersweet lemonesque smell.
More like you were walking under a lemon tree and smelt a big nice lemon this is the scent you'd find.
The product is thick and its so easy to go overboard because it feels amazing to lather on and rub into your fingers.
However a little goes a long way. The formula is slightly granularly but as you rub it in it just melts into your skin, leaving it feeling moisturised, protected and smelling amazing! will have to repurchase as I've started hitting the bottom of the tin!

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