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Burt’s Bees

Almond Milk & Beeswax Hand Crème

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Burt’s Bees Almond Milk & Beeswax Hand Crème is a 98 per cent natural hand cream that provides long-lasting relief to dry, chapped hands. It contains sweet almond oil, beeswax and aloe to moisturise the skin and leave it soft and supple. Burt’s Bees Almond Milk & Beeswax Hand Crème has an inviting almond fragrance. The jar and steel lid are recyclable.
Apply to hands as often as required and rub in well.


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David Jones, Myer, Priceline, Harrison’s Pharmacies, Klein’s Perfumery, Terry White Chemists and selected retail outlets


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Hydrated soft hands

I work in the health industry and this means i am washing my hands a lot. I need a good hand cream to ensure my hands do not dry out.
I used almond milk beeswax hand cream and it worked so well.
It did take a little while to absorb however after my hands felt great and really hydrated.


Use only a small amount as it goes a long way.

Ideal for

People with dry hands

Lady of Crow


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Night time hand treat

This cream is very think and does take a long time to absorbed, but when it does it leaves the most divine soft feeling to hands. I like to use it before bed, when I know that I won’t be spreading it over the house. This way I find I wake up to nicely rejuvenated hands.

The scent of this cream is reminiscent of almond biscuits; very sweet and almond which I find absolutely divine. I also love the little glass jar this which I’ll be washing out and reusing when I’m finished



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Delicious scent, creamy consistency

I have been using the hand cream for a few days now and really loving it. It states that it is 'almond and milk' however smells exactly like sour cherry which happens to be my favourite scent so no complaints here. It has a thick, almost lip-gloss feel to the cream however immediately 'melts' into your skin to leave behind a smooth film on your skin which is almost unnoticeable.



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Great cream but very scented

I had a small sample jar of this which was great for my handbag. I loved the rich and very moisturising texture of this and while it didn't sink in straight away when it did my hands felt smooth and soft.
I really didn't like the smell of this I just found it sickly and when I made the mistake of putting this on when I was stuck on a very hot crowded train once I found out other people think that as well judging by some of the looks I got.
I would buy this again if it had a more neutral fragrance.

Instant Awesome


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Very nourishing for the skin, delightful smell

I really like this product, and because of it am eager to try other Burt's Bees products.
I wouldn't classify this product as an "everyday use" type of hand cream as it is quite thick and absorbs gradually rather than instantly. Good for use before bedtime or at home. The smell is very rich and natural.

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Intense hydration

This hand cream is very rich and moisturising. I find it wonderful to use before bed, as it can soak in and you wake up with lovely, soft and smooth hands. Take care and spend time massaging it in, your hands will be much more hydrated



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Super soft!

This product is super soft and smooth, it's simple to apply, and the aroma echo's the products sentiments as it smells of almonds and milk. The packaging is very handy, and it's cute, but I felt like my hands were very greasy after using the creme. Because it's so thick, it seems to take longer to be absorbed, and my hands felt stodgy for a few minutes while it dried.



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good hand cream

I have quite dry hands as a result of my work. i gave this a go and i like it! the smell is a little off putting, maybe thats just me, but the cream is great, soaked into my hands quickly and they felt soft and smooth.



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Super rich cream

I was lucky enough to get a deluxe sized sample of this product from Burt's Bees. :) I've finished the jar and really loved using it. It is probably the most intensive hand cream I've ever used and really works on dry patches.

I adore the scent, I believe it is the almond oil that to me always smells like cherry lollies!! :P The scent alone makes this a pleasure to use. I find I need only the smallest dab on both of my hands. As I rub it in it feels quite oily but it does sink in. I don't mind the texture, you just have to be careful not to go overboard or you'll have greasy palms.

Also a grea product to rub into dry knees and elbows. I can't wait to try the banana scented hand creme next.


Apply only a small amount as a little goes a long way with this.

Ideal for

Dry, chapped hands, knees, elbows and feet.



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Perfect for dry skin

This is a beautiful smelling moisturiser that works perfect for really dry skin. I use it on the soles of my feet after getting the dead skin cells off and my elbows and it works a treat. I also use it on my hands but only if they are dry - if not I find it is a little too much and leaves a slight greasy residue.

Really nice product at an affordable price.

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