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Complete Salon Manicure

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I have several of these SH nail polishes and there is a good reason. They actually delivery a quality finish, easy to work with and are a nice thick consistency so you wont get a streaky finish. I have found I will get a week to a week in half with a two coats and a top coat and I am... Read More

Sally Hansen

Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish

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My favourite top coat

I purchased this nail polish in "Invisible" I use this primarily as a top coat, but it also does wonders if you just want a shiny more natural looking nail.
I have found that I get more longevity using this nail polish, I have had my current nail polish on for 7 days and I am only just... Read More

Sally Hansen

Cuticle Eraser + Balm

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love this

have had my eyes on this for a few months - picked it up half price at a chemist warehouse sale- tried it out and am in love! this balm quickly loosens those quick cuticles and hangnails, you rub a small amount onto cuticles. and if needed, push back with a cuticle pusher or cotton tips.... Read More

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Established in New York, 1957, the original Sally Hansen philosophy was to prevent and treat nail problems, encouraging the natural nail to grow strong and healthy. In fact Sally Hansen’s first product Hard As Nails, pioneered a nail protection formula that redefined the nailcare market by combining beauty with treatment benefits. Today, the Sally Hansen range spans nail treatments, colours, hand and foot care, cosmetics as well as hair removal and bleaching products.

18K Gold Cuticle Eraser

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser renews, softens and improves the appearance of rough, parched cuticles. The gel texture combines real gold with natural humectants to trap moisture and nourish cuticles. The eraser features an applicator tip with a nibbed exfoliator and built-in cuticle pusher.

  • rrp: $12.95

18K Gold Hardener

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener locks in moisture and strengthens nails. The formula combines 18-carat gold with peptides and amino acids to create a shatter-proof shield that protects and strengthens nails. The hardener dries in 60 seconds. It can be worn under and over nail colour for a hint of sparkle, or on its own for a shiny finish.

  • rrp: $16.95

3D Gel Shine Top Coat

Sally Hansen 3D Gel Shine Top Coat is a thick nail polish topcoat designed to dry quickly. The top coat is formulated with a vinyl and gel tech formula which combines with nail colour to create multi-dimensional shine and volume. To use, apply one coat over dry nail colour. Removes easily with traditional nail polish remover.

  • rrp: $16.95

Acetone Free Polish Remover - Artificial & Sensitive Nails

Acetone Free Polish Remover - Artificial & Sensitive Nails by Sally Hansen combines pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and chamomile to gently and easily remove polish from artificial and sensitive nails. Helps keep nails strong and healthy looking.

  • rrp: $5.45
  • Pack size: 150mL

Acetone Free Remover for Healthy Nails

Sally Hansen Acetone Free Remover for Healthy Nails is an enriched formula that quickly and gently removes nail polish. A special blend of pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and an acetone-free base quickly and gently removes polish. Helps keep nails strong and healthy looking.

  • rrp: $5.45
  • Pack size: 150mL

Age Correct Retinol Hand Crème

Sally Hansen Age Correct Retinol Hand Crème gives younger-looking hands due to its time-fighting ingredients such as vitamins A, E, collagen and grape seed oil.

  • rrp: $19.95
  • Pack size: 127.5g

Age Correct Strong + Resilient Brittle Nails

Sally Hansen Age Correct Strength is a moisturising nail treatment that works to restore youthful strength and vibrancy to nails that have become dull and brittle with age. Infused with rose oil, soy protein, special amino acids and vitamins, the formula helps to repair and prevent splitting and cracking, restore youthful colour and shine, and smooth longitudinal ridges.

  • rrp: $14.95
  • Pack size: 13.3mL

Ahead of The Curve

Sally Hansen’s Ahead of The Curve two step sapphire file is double sided and features a two-part smooth and shape system with medium grit on one side and fine grit on the other. Start with the medium grit to adjust the nail length and shape, then follow with the fine-grit outer curve for a smooth finish.

  • rrp: $12.95

Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is enriched with vitamin K, this long-lasting and transfer-resistant makeup has been designed specifically for legs. With a ‘spray-on pantyhose’ effect, it provides silky cover for freckles, veins and other imperfections without the inconvenience of ladders, tears or constriction. As it won’t run, streak or hide your pedicure, this allows for the comfort and sexy smoothness of bare legs to be enjoyed throughout all activities and seasons. Available in: Light Glow, Medium Glow, Tan Glow and Deep Glow.

  • rrp: $24.95
  • Pack size: 75mL

Big Matte Top Coat

Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat is a quick-drying top coat that adds a matte texture to the nail. The coat has been formulated with mattifiers that transform manicures into a velvety, matte finish.

  • rrp: $12.95