If you’re stuck on how to sport a super seductive style on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a few ideas to ensure both you and your partner are feeling the luurve.

Eyes – On no other day is there the greater need for a seductive flutter, and The Lash Me Audrey Reusable Eyelashes are just what the love doctor ordered. Featuring long feather detailing, this flutter is not for the faint-hearted.

Lips – If you want your lips to look totally smoochable, Napoleon Perdis Love Bite Lip Plump is your secret weapon. The capsicum pepper and cinnamon in the formula will stimulate and plump your pout, while menthol and jojoba work to smooth and soothe, so your lips remain totally kissable.

Nails – If you’re a fan of the love heart idea but don’t have suitable products (or the patience required), why not opt for the OPI Nail Apps in Hearts. They apply easily to a clean dry nail, and your partner will no doubt love the extra effort you’ve made.

Scent – On Valentine’s Day, the best idea is to a.) spritz a fragrance that your partner loves on you, and b.) feel totally sexy thanks to your scrumptious smell. A quick spritz of Impulse True Love is bound to have you feeling flirty.
Olivia x

How do you show when you’re feeling loved-up?


Stockist: Lash Me Audrey Reusable Eyelashes, $19.95, 1800 251 215


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