Firstly, I do not apologise for the corny title of this blog. Easter is a fun time! A glorious time! So it’s only fair that we flirt with a few hilarious play-on-words, don't you think? My thoughts egg-actly.

Secondly, you simply must embrace all things Easter this coming long weekend and jazz up your beauty routine accordingly. I mean, you could opt for chocolate coloured eye shadow or liner, or even super-bright, Easter egg foil-like colours on the lips or eyes. Fun, right?

But I’m going to head down a different path… the nail art path (and grab a few chocolate eggs from the bushes while I’m there, too).

If your nails are keen to join in the Easter-esque fun as well, I suggest grabbing one, two or all five of these newbies: Sally Hansen Easter Salon Effects in All A Flutter, Pink-A-Dot, Mad For Plaid, Not a Peep and Checker Out.

Aren’t they just too adorable for words? Indeed.

But the best part is this: these nail design strips are oh-so-easy to apply and they last up to 10 days, making them the best chip-free and smudge-free option for a long weekend getaway. And when it does come time to remove them, good old nail polish remover will do the trick. Egg-cellent, huh? (Sorry, I had to. Again.)

So, get your little fluffy tail to the store quick smart and grab a packet of these brilliant nail strips or you may miss out. These super-cute Easter-themed packs are only around for a limited time, so you’ll have to catch them before they all hop, hop, hop away. (OK, I’ll stop now. I promise.)


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Are you keen to treat your nails or eyes or lips to a little Easter-themed love this long weekend? I’m going to give Pink-A-Dot a whirl, I reckon.