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Sexy Hair

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray

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Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray delivers a firm, full, flexible hold, with a fast-drying formula that adds incredible shine to hair. Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray gives volume, lift and hold to hair. The flexible hairspray won’t diminish under humidity. Suitable for all hair types, it is the ideal working hairspray for holding and finishing when a natural, modern hold is required.

Spray the Volumizing Hairspray 20-30cm away from the hair.


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Cosmetics qu...


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Lovely shine and hold!

I liked the scent and hold of the product the best! It held my fly aways flat and was easy to brush out when I wanted to wear my hair down the next day. It didn't leave white flecks like some other hairsprays so it was a relief!

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Discovery Bag Trial

I was really interested to try this hairspray because I never found a hairspray that doesn't dry my hair out and does the job of volumising my hair.
This spray comes in a big, tall and attractive bottle. Hairspray has a very nice smell which is not overpowering at all. It feels a bit sticky but not much like most of the hairsprays, you can deal with it. It gives an instant boost and volume to my hair and it doesn't even look like I have used lots of products, it doesn't give that hard and stiff feeling.
I am really in love with this spray, I use it all the time when I get too lazy to wash my hair as it gives great volume and get rid of the oil sleek.
Overall it's a great product perfect to get volume.

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Offers great hold, volume, and flexibility

This is my first time trying out a Sexy Hair product and I can definitely say that I am impressed. Hairspray is not something I pay much attention to, I usually just grab which product is on special or available to me at the time. After trialling the big sexy hair spray and play volumizing hairspray (that’s a mouthful!), I have realised that not all hairsprays are made equally.

The first thing that caught my eye about this hairspray is the packaging. It comes packaged in a bold, deep red container of 300ml of product. I first used this product after placing my hair in a high top bun aiming to tame my flyaways. The hairspray managed to smooth all my flyaways flat and more importantly, it managed to keep them smooth throughout the whole day!

The next few times I used the hairspray was to set lose curls. I always find it particularly difficult to find a hairspray that can firmly hold lose curls without making them stick together and drag them down. After a light spray of the big sexy hair spray, my waves were left looking fabulous! The spray managed to firmly hold the waves in place but still allowed the waves to be flexible and have great movement. The spray gave great body and volume to the hair, leaving my waves looking full and bouncy. I noticed that the spray also added a nice healthy shine to my hair strands which I really enjoyed. When I used the hairspray on days which were humid, the hairspray stayed in place and did not become sticky at all. The spray does not have an overly strong traditional hairspray scent either which was great. Overall it is a great, multi-use hairspray that manages a firm hold on the hair whilst offering the perfect amount of volume and movement.

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pink shoes


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Hair spray a new look for the day

I should come with a warning label that says - please keep this woman away from hair spray.
Me - hair spray - creations.
This is where Miss teen is probably so glad she moved out of home as she would have been my guinea pig -cough cough- model.
Firstly let me say this comes in a huge red can with big sexy hair on one whole side of the can. Its bright its fun its funky and so eye catching, its awesome.
Now I don't usually go anywhere exciting that I need to create great hair dos for and except for keeping hair in place while in a ponytail or similiar I don't do hair spray.
I did find the hold for those pesky curls, and wayward hairs amazing. My hair held its place really well and I didn't have that 'hairspray' look that you sometimes tend to get. Once out of the ponytail I found it easy to brush through and you would not have know you had hairspray in your hair. It just seems to go back to normal hair. Even brushing it the next morning it seemed like I had put no hairspray at all in my hair I so love that bit.
So now after realising that my hair does not become monster like after using this spray I decided to experiment. Hot rollers came out on day one. Curled the hair apply hair spray one side I sprayed lots on and on side a little and I found that even a little gives an amazing hold.
But wait ...there's more. On days after I tried many different hair styles (lucky it was school holidays so I didn't have to venture out in public) just to see how much I could 'spray and play'. I had up dos and down and everything that I could possibly create, some were downright scary, and I am pleased to say that my big sexy hair spray out did itself.
This is the best hairspray I've ever tried its easy to use, fantastic hold and doesn't over coat your hair.

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discovered! ... oh i mean discovery bag trial!

This uber sleek black/red (US salon brand) hairspray came with a brochure... pretty promising with its vogue styled hair. It claimed unbelievable moisture & fullness w/o extra weight for star quality volume. At this point my expectations were high. I liked that the can was tall rather than wide hence comfortable to use. I could smell a slight alcohol scent which scared me alittle... because usually that means dry brittle strong hold. But i was completely wrong. It held for hours at least 12 hours with perfect lift, shine and flex on both curls and even just my normal ponytail. I was sooo impressed i used it on my mum and sisters hair because it claims to be great for all hair types and it worked just amazingly (they have thick and fine respectively). My hair usually looks dry and lifeless and hairspray makes it worse, but this made it smooth to touch and incredible. I was pleasantly surprised and it is definitely the best ive used (and thats really saying something because i go through alot of hair product!) Upon coming home hours later i caught a slight whiff of it in the air, i thought the bottle had leaked or something, but it hadnt, it was just the amazing lasting power. Without dragging this on, i cannot fault it at all, again an amazing db item and i will be sad the day it runs out but i will definitely have to get some more!

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Divine Diva


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Trial Team Review Discovery Bag

Having never been a complete advocate of hairsprays due to the fact that yes, they offer hold without any volume while making your hair dry, coarse and stiff. That's where Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play comes to the rescue.
This hairspray is absolutely the holy grail of hair sprays and that's saying a lot for me. I have used many in my time and this one is truly fabulous, as it holds and styles hair without making it dry, stiff or coarse. It also works on all hair types, whether you have long, short, thick, fine or just plain downright unruly hair.

The product is housed in a long, tall, lean tin that is red with black and white lettering and finished off with a sleek black lid. The scent of the product is neither strong nor overpowering, but a slightly salty beach smell.

My hair is medium length and a little unruly at times and I can apply Spray and Play without weighing my hair down or leaving it a wet mess. In addition, a little amount does go a long way in helping to tame my mane. With this product there is no need to spray your hair to death just to keep it in place, as this product does such a fantastic job at keeping my hair just the way it was when I first applied it, while also keeping it soft with loads of volume.

This product is very easy to use and while I was never truly sold on hairsprays I can see myself definitely purchasing this when my tin runs out. The only disadvantage I have found with this product is the price. It is a little more expensive than your regular supermarket brands, however you only need to use a small amount so I can see this lasting me many more months.

I would highly recommend this to anyone with limp unmanageable hair who wants to add some serious volume and bounce. So what are you waiting for, jump on board for a seriously sexy ride.

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Ms Jelena


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Discovery Bag Trial

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray comes in a beautiful bright red tall can with a black lid. This hairspray has a somewhat typical “hairspray smell”, but not as overpowering as some other ones I have tried.

This hair spray comes out as a very fine mist and provides a flexible, yet long-lasting hold throughout the day. Hair looks natural like there is no hairspray sprayed over the hair. There is also no sticky, crunchy or hard look or feel on the hair either. I also spray this hair spray on my hair while blow-drying (turning my head upside down) and it creates such a big amount of volume that lasts ALL day!!

I have been using Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray for a few weeks now and then decided to use my old hairspray for a day and noticed that this hairspray is so much better!!! I think I have found my new HG hairspray and I can’t rave enough about it, it’s absolutely amazing!

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Discovery Bag Trial

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray adds fantastic lift, gorgeous shine and a firm, flexible hold that's never sticky or stiff.

This is one of my favourite hairsprays- it does wonders without leaving hair sticky, dry, or greasy looking. I can't believe how much volume my hair has ALL day.

Does everything it says it does. Leaves hair looking so full. Style stays all day

Read the full review of Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray by diabla.



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amazing hold but not stiff

This product comes in a very tall tube in attractive packaging – a red container with a black lid. This hairspray is amazing, it never feels crunchy, sticky or hard, it stays soft. It doesn’t leave that horrible white residue the next day and it also doesn’t have a strong chemical smell like some other hairsprays.
I have been using it for a few weeks now and so far it doesn’t seem to dry my hair like other hairsprays can.
Highly recommended!!!

Read the full review of Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray by Senorita.

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