Tinaaa's product review of Instant Volume Powder by Schwarzkopf Extra Care Styling

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  • Feb 29, 2012 12:05am

Glosscars 2012

Not many products live up to what they say they do, but this is an exception!

The powder comes packaged in a small plastic green and silver container. When the lid is taken off, there is a cross of holes where the product comes out.

It is very easy to use! After styling hair (i find it works excellent on natural hair too), shake the bottle onto the palm of your hand to get about a 50c amount of product out.. Just rub the palms together and apply it first to the roots and then throughout the hair. Afterwards i apply a tiny bit of hairspray for extra hold!

I love this product because it doesn't weigh the hair down at all, the powder isn't visible and the hair generally doesnt look or feel greasy. It gives hair a real boost of volume and texture, it makes my flat, thin hair 'big'! It is a must have!

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Fiona1979 (Australia)
This stuff actually works
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Natasha1515 (Australia)
Not for me