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Not worth the $$$

I was not a fan of this product. After straightening my hair I decided to give it a try and was surprised at how stiff and sticky it made my hair. I usually have soft hair and with this product I couldn't even run my hands through it without it getting tangled. On top of that it created fly-aways!

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Gives Volume

This actually does work and gives hair HEAPS of volume! Only down side is I found it made my hair get knotted easily and felt sticky and weird...but other than that it's great.

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Temporary Pr...


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Works a treat!

For those looking for a little boost, I highly recommend this! I'll be honest and admit that I didn't know how to use this until I had my hair done by someone else, and she did some amazing curls with a GHD. She then added to this by lifting up sections of my hair, then dusting some powder onto the roots.

The powder did not stay white, and there was a definite bounce to my hair. By adding the powder to little sections, this gave it a bit of an oomph!

Flat hair? Forget about it! The only down side is that your hair can become a bit of a clumpy mess with this in it, so make sure you wash it the day after using it!

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Best in Beauty 2013

This product has done wonders for my hair. Its easy to apply and is totally non greasy. It gives amazing volume and texture to my hair without making it frizzy or leaving any residue.

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Good but not great

I love this product as it does what it says it does, it's a powder that adds volume to hair, lasts most of the day and leaves hair feeling softer too. however the reason i gave it 3 stars is because i have purple and blue coloured hair and this product sort of changes the colour of my hair when it goes on and makes it look duller. So i would only recommend this product to people who have natural coloured hair!

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Great for adding volume to flat hair

I love using this after I've straightened my hair as it can get a little flat. I just sprinkle it through my roots and fluff it up with my fingers. It does go down after a few hours because I have very heavy hair and I don't tease or use any spray to hold it I guess, but I just fluff it up every now and again and it works great for me. I also find that I can still see its effects for a few days after initial use, depending on how much I use.

Great for up dos or for wearing your hair loose and really easy to use. I prefer to sprinkle directly into my hair as it feels a bit sticky at first and I feel like I'm wasting it by putting it on my hands. It doesn't really have a smell which it great and the colour fades almost intstantly. Really handy product!

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Great for limp 2nd day hair!

This product is great for giving a little bit of extra volume for slightly oily and limp 2nd day hair. It's also great if your hair tends to be on the flat side. I wouldn't say it gives you va-va-voom big dramatic hair, but it's enough to make your hair a little more lively and fresh rather than it being flat against your skull. It gives a very natural effect, not crunchy at all, so its perfect for everyday use!

However, the product does feel a little sticky where it's been applied (I'm guessing that the stickiness is how it works), so make sure to only apply it to your roots. Also, because of this, you probably wouldn't want to use it many days in a row without washing your hair.

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Instant Results!

I was lucky enough to win this recently and although my hair doesn't really lack a lot of volume, I have been using it anyway on days when I just want an extra lift or when I'm creating a particular hair style that requires some extra help.

I found it really easy to use and has so far lasted me ages!
For only 10g giving you up to 50 applications, that is pretty amazing!

Even though my hair is dark brown the formula blends in well with my hair and doesn't show. It doesn't leave my hair feeling weighed down or dry & starchy either.

Would purchase in the future, great little product! :)

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Adds volume to fine lifeless hair

I have lots of fine hair but no volume. I used this and teased my hair slightly with dramatic results. I was truly amazed that what looks like tack powder has such a huge effect. It also washed out easily which I really liked

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Great to provide quick volume

I recently purchased this. I found that it did work for me. I like the way this product feels as it doesnt make my hair feel greasy or sticky. But don't think that it lasted 24 hours! Overall though, it is a great product

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