Schwarzkopf Extra Care Styling - Instant Volume Powder

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Styling

Instant Volume Powder

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Schwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder lifts hair to give it instant volume that will last for up to 24 hours. Once applied to the roots of the hair, the powder works to boost hair height for added volume.


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Good but use with caution

I would say this adds more texture rather than volume. But a little goes a very very long way! Definitely don't apply this straight to your head, I did the first time and used way too much!

I dab a little bit of this on my roots with my finger and it gives me a really nice volume/texture in my hair. It does make your hair feel a little dirty and gritty so I would recommend washing you hair after you use this (rather than leave it a day or so).



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Not a bad thing

I have always had fine hair that needed some added volume to look good. I never devoted too much time to my hair styling. I just needed to go out out the house quickly and not worry about the hair too much. One day browsing ( I know you will kill me ) in a polish equivalent of Priceline I noticed this powder. Seemed pretty easy to use and promised volume.
I bough it of course and tried it out at home. The packaging is simple, we get a tube of product with a lid on and a sieve as a dispenser. We shake out a desirable amount of product onto our hands ( or straight onto the roots of hair) and we rub it in into the roots. It lifts the hair immediately creating volume. It does what it says, there is volume. It gives the hair some texture too.
It might feels sticky a little bit but I think it is just the impression. It doesn't seem to make my hair more greasy. Actually, I like to use it when my hair is not so fresh anymore as it can work like dry shampoo too. It is a lovely product but in my opinion makes my hair a bit too matte. And I don't think the volume lasts up to 24 hours. However, when we see the hair seems a bit "meh" often it is enough to give the roots a bit of a rub and the volume is back.



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This product is great for giving hair an amazing boost of volume and oompf at the roots :) works like dry shampoo to absorb oil, but with a much better volume result!
So Simple to use, just shake a bit into your roots, massage it in and your good to go! Great price too :)



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works well but not perfectly

I recently bought this product because my hair is straight and very thick and weighs itself down so that it looks flat. I tried almost everything to give it a bit of volume and this is the closest I have come to getting that.

It works instantly to give me that volume but it does feel sticky and doesn't hold the volume for more than an hour so I have to keep fluffing my hair up throughout the day and it ends up looking dirty. But that might just be because my hair is so heavy. Might work better on ladies with thinner hair.

Overall I like this product despite the stickiness and might repurchase if I don't find anything better.


Works better when sprinkled directly onto roots rather than on fingertips first



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I don't have a lot of experience with hair products, but the Schwarzkopf team at the BH Degustation Event showed me how to use this, and I'm so grateful they did! Having a professional show me how to get the most out of this product has really helped me appreciate it more, and I've been very impressed with the results! I love using this on my fringe in particular to add volume, and it does a fantastic job, without leaving behind any powder residue.



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Instant Long-Lasting Volume

I’ve tried similar volume powders from other brands, but it wasn’t until Beauty Heaven’s Beauty Degustation Event that I learned how to use this innovative gem. Some people sing high praises about this volume in a bottle whilst others just seem to despise the product. I believe that is due to how susceptible Schwarzkopf’s Instant Volume Powder is to user error. The volume-boosting product is a slightly gummy translucent powder that gives the hair texture whilst being completely matte and undetectable to the eye. It allows my smooth straight hair to have the grit of second day hair minus the oil build-up at the roots. I prefer to flip my hair in sections to the other side of my head and tip a small amount of powder about an inch away from the root. Gently ruffle the hair to disperse the powder evenly. Instantly the product provides grit to the hair that ensures long lasting volume. However the packaging is my main gripe. The sifter isn’t fine enough to gently distribute the powder, and because the powder is so lightweight I find it difficult to gauge whether I’m tipping out too much or too little. Cons aside, I really enjoy the volume and bounce my hair has after I’ve used this styling powder. What is even better is that the product takes about three washes to completely get out of your hair, meaning for someone who washes their hair everyday I can get still get a generous amount of volume for the next two days. Schwarzkopf have really changed my hair styling game with this product and I would definitely consider repurchasing this in the future.


Apply small amounts gradually, an inch or two away from the roots.

Ideal for

Ideal for those with flat lifeless hair that gets easily weighed down by hair product build-up.

Pink Hornet


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Bad Hair Day Saviour

I had this product suggested to me by the wonderful Schwarzkopf Team at the recent Beauty Heaven Degustation event.
It is my favourite product of the generous goody bag we received but I was pleased to discover it was very reasonably priced.
The package is fairly standard for both Scwarzkopf and this style of product. A grey and green tube containing talcum powder type substance.
It was love at first use for me with this product. It is like dry shampoo but better. I find it more concentrated and easier to apply and direct.
I use it most days to create more 'oomph' at the roots of my long fine hair. I just put a 20 sent piece in my hand, rub it through my fingertips and then run them through my hair at the roots on the crown of my head.
If my hair is having a total 'sad' I tap a liitle into the roots at the crown and brush through. This might be enough or if I still put it up into a pony tail or braid, it seems to add 'guts' to my updo and I get a better result.
I will not be without this again. Thankyou Schwarzkopf and Beauty Heaven.


Play with the product and try different ways of using it. I am still discovering interesting results such as brushing through clean hair to give it the pliabillity needed for hot rollers or updos.

Ideal for

Take it in your carry on luggage when travelling as an ideal alternative to dry shampoo.
I recommend it for any bad hair day.



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Sitting on the fence with this one

Instant volume powder does work but I do not like how my hair feels afterwards.

When I apply in my hands to rub together, the instant sensation is cold and sticky feeling I then work it through my roots. I found at first my hair looked great but throughout the day it looked dirty and it felt sticky.

I think I would prefer to stick to sprays or mousses for hair volume.

This product is not for me



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Great For Oomph At The Roots

I love this for the oomph it gives my flat hair at the roots - I like the way it holds and stiffens it into place and gives me volume where my hair is so flatly stubborn.

I have also used the Schwarzkopf men's version of this product and I love it as well - I find them much the same really. It's a white fine powder that comes out of a lid with lots of little holes - so it's easy to sprinkle it out like you would with the old fashioned talcum powder products - but the container of this is a lot smaller. Only a tiny bit is needed at the roots to give me the style I want. More can be added to give hair an even stronger fixed hold. I like it because it's not a spray and doesn't go everywhere, it just sprinkles right on the spot required.

It is just as it says on the container - "light and lasting" - it lasts right through until I shampoo it out. I will always keep this stuff at hand because I don't know what I did without it!



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Not worth the $$$

I was not a fan of this product. After straightening my hair I decided to give it a try and was surprised at how stiff and sticky it made my hair. I usually have soft hair and with this product I couldn't even run my hands through it without it getting tangled. On top of that it created fly-aways!

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