John Frieda - Frizz-Ease® 3-Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray

John Frieda

Frizz-Ease® 3-Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray

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Transform thick, curly, frizzy hair into straight smooth style. John Frieda Frizz-Ease® 3-Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray is an at home alternative to salon keratin treatments. The semi-permanent straigtening solution gives women with coarse curly hair at home access to a coveted styling treatment offering a lasting smoothing effect, the heat-activated, semi permanent styling spray is ideal for women with coarse, unmanageable curls or waves who struggle to achieve and maintain straight style. The weightless spray provides heat protection as it blocks out frizz and enhances straightening results, locking in sleek, glossy texture for up to three days. The formula contains a blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand seals in straight style as it smoothes. Spray through damp hair, combing to distribute. Blow dry hair straight first, finish by flat ironing hair in sections to preserve hair for three days or until your next shampoo.



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Always Smiling


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I use this product after every shower. It makes your hair shiny and it does really stay straight after straightening once.


Apply to towel dried hair and let your hair air dry naturally.

Ideal for

Any kind of hair.

Scray Scray


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A helping hand to straighter tresses

So, for me since I let my hair dry naturally most times to minimize heat damage, this was slightly harder to work with than normally if my hair was blow dried after application. Applying too much can lead to sticky parts which cannot really be fixed and makes styling near impossible - avoid this! I sprits it evenly throughout my hair along with a heat protectant and let it dry naturally from wet (also combing through). I feel like it would have more of an effect if it was blow dried in as suggested by the company. It still helps to maintain my styling over the next 4 days which is how long I try to keep it. It locks it in, so that if I sleep on it wrong or whatever else, the impact is not so bad. I also believe it adds a touch of shine that my hair didn't possess before using it.



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Excellent for thick wavy hair!

I have very thick wavy hair that is prone to frizz. When I straighten my hair without product, although it is straight it is still quite fluffy which I find annoying. I picked this product up on a 25% off promotion and although I had high hopes, I didn't expect it to work... but IT DOES! This product leaves my hair straight and smooth with no frizz or fluffiness to speak of! I absolutely adore this and will definitely repurchase. I only use about 6 sprays and I find this to be enough. The bottle says up to 15 sprays, but I think that would be too much even in my long thick hair.. maybe if you have curly hair you may need to use that much? I can get 3 days out of this (though I usually wash my hair every second night... but if needed I can stretch to the third!). If you're struggling with frizz or wavy hair I definitely recommend you give this a go!



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I have REALLY THICK, CURLY hair and my mum suggested that I sprayed some of this product into my hair before I went on to straighten it. (I have never put any product in my hair before straightening) I underestimated the time my hair would take to naturally dry and had to run out the door without putting the iron on it. Throughout the day, I resorted into pulling it back and changing from a bun, to a plait and finally a ponytail without paying much attention. When I returned home and looked into the mirror I was surprised that my hair, instead of being a complete frizz ball with a few crazy curls, was in smooth waves that looked gorgeous! Since then, I haven't been using this spray with any sort of heating tool to make it straight but just letting it tame my curls/frizz into perfect waves without any sort of effort. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT!



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God Send!

I love love love this product and bought it after reading a beauty heaven article about it. I've been using it on and off for about a year now.
My hair is thick and curly and frizzy. When I straighten it usually It lasts about 4 hours.
With this product I really can get at least 3 days sometimes even 4-5 with the help of dry shampoo.
I towel dry my hair first this spray this through and comb my hair. I find about 15-20 sprays does my thick shoulder length hair.
then I blow dry my hair completely and flat iron it. I find by day 2 I like to quickly straighten the ends or bits that I've missed but its quite easy to manage for the next few days. This product is miracle in a bottle. Well priced and for me it does exactly what it says :)



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1 Day straight

I was so excited to try this as I hate having to straighten my hair every morning but I was disappointed that this product didn't work for my hair. My hair stayed straight for most of the day but the next morning when I woke up it was flicking out and I had to straighten it again. I tried it 3 times but got the same results. You have to use at least 15 sprays each time so I don't think that the bottle will last a long time as it isn't very big. It didn't weigh down my hair or make it look oily which is good.

Beauty Diva77


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excellent product for long thick hair

Fantastic product and would recommend to anyone with long thick hair, has done wonders on my hair and will continue to use the products.


Comb through your hair

Ideal for

Long thick hair



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Would buy again

Stops my curly hair from kinking as much as when I don't use it.
Has a nice subtle smell and doesn't make my hair sticky. Doesn't quite last 3 days though


I use it sparingly. I use it in conjunction with a heat protect spray

Ideal for

Wavy to lightly curly hair or those wanting a little longer from their style



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Not bad

This definitely doesnt last for three days but it does work for one which is good enough for me!

The only down side is that I need to use so many sprays, around 15+ to coat my long hair.


Spray on before you straighten your hair

Ideal for

Hard to straighten hair, hair that doesn't like to stay straight



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Works to Control the waves

I've tried a few products to use with a straightener, but most of them are oil based and weigh my hair down, so I was intrigued to try this and luckily won it in the Beauty Heaven 30 Days of Giveaways competition.

The claim is that you use it, then your hair stays straight and glorious for three days. Well, I tried it and it actually worked! It's simple to apply - just a few spritzes and a comb throug to cover the hair follicles, then give it a moment while the straightener heats up and style as susual.

Then work with it, sleep on it, run your hands through it, it remains looking gorgeous for three whole days (four if there is no humidity in the air)

Recommend for anyone who uses their straightener as part of their normal hair "do" routine.


Don't forget to comb it through, nt just spritz it on.

Ideal for

Every day

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