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Wets the hair too much, doesn't hold too great

The smell of this product is gorgeous, but that's all I can really say for it.

Unfortunately it sprays on too wet, so if you have just curled your hair, you loose some of that curl because you've slightly dampened your hair, and if you have straightened your hair an use this product, it will begin to curl back up because you've just wet it.

The hold is very minimal, so you do have to spray hairspray over the top once again to set your style in place.

I was greatly disappointed in this particular product in their range, however highly impressed with their other products.

Big waste of money, however I am curious about trying it on my hair before I curl it to see how that goes.

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I am sitting on the fence for this one. I love the light weight hairspray from this line but this one is just so so. I love the smell of this line, finally a hair spray and gel that don't smell like straight up chemicals. I don't know what it is about this. I thought it was going to be a lighter consistency than a typical gel but it was not. It left my hair a little too crunchy for my liking and I now know that gel and my hair just aren't friends. It does give a nice hold don't get me wrong but I just don't think this is the right product for my hair.

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Great spritz.

I spitz this over my hair before going out to give me a light hold and a fresh smell.
Works great for beach bum hair.

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I love this stuff, in fact, I love the entire Tousle Me Softly range. It smells lovely & when I spritz it on my hair after a shower it gives my hair a gently tousled look. I use this frequently & the bottle lasts for ages.

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Nice for defining frizzy hair

My hair tends to be a frizzy mess after I wash it so I spritz a bit of this into it and let it dry naturally and it really helps define my wavy hair while still allowing for natural movement. It smells really nice too which is a plus.

I also like to put it on my hands or on a brush to slick back those flyaways for a smooth look.

Be careful not to use too much though because it can become sticky and cause your hair to tangle.

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Nice wavy definition

This product works well to compliment the other items in the Tousle Me Softly range. I use it when I want to make my natural waves more defined and I think it does what it says but still manages to keep my hair nice and flexible without being stiff.

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Beachy Waves!

This spray gel woks so well in my daughter's thick slightly wavy hair. The smell is amazing, it's fruity and lasts until washed out. Only spray a small mist though, if you use too much it feels sticky! The packaging on the bottles looks pretty.

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Not for me

I really wanted to like this, I love herbal essences and this was their first styling product I tried. The first thing I noticed was the fantastic smell, which stays on your hair all day :) but it didn't give my hair any 'tousled' effect. I suppose it would work better on thicker hair, my hair is super thin and this just weighed it down a lot and actually made it quite hard and sticky. So disappointing :( I didn't want to waste it though, so now I just spray some on my comb an brush it through my hair so at least it smells nice.

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pretty good

It's pretty good. I have waves in my hair but by the time my hair is dry it starts to go a little straight but i love my damp waves so i tried this over the mousse as i thought the mousse would be a bit too sticky. the product is a bit sticky like you get knots after a few hours of wear and like others say it doesnt hold very well but well enough for you to actually see the waves in my hair. i dont really care for the smell like i dont love or hate it. i would reccommend that you dont scrunch as it looks more natural. not too sure if i will buy this again propabably if i cant find any others...are there any similar spray gels? i might try some of them

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Very nice!

I agree with other people that the hold isn't very good but you can just use a hair spray and that holds it fine. I love the smell and the packaging is really nice! It's good to use if you just spray it in damp hair and scrunch to get nice beachy waves. :)

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