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Not for volume/tight curls but great for easy beachy waves

One of the reasons why I avoid styling my hair is because of the god-awful scent of hairspray that seems to never fade and follows me everywhere throughout the entire day. However, I think that this has an absolutely delicious sweet floral scent and my boyfriend says that I smell good whenever I wear it (as opposed to reeking of chemical hairspray). It isn't too strong either and my allergies don't act up with prolonged wear of this. It is easy to overdo as it does not actually spray evenly and strongly and I find that some parts of my hair feel stiffer and stickier due to the excess product. It's great for holding loose waves for about 10 hours or so but I find that my hair is almost straight again after that. I've also tried this on tight curls but the holding time isn't as long and it made my hair feel too crunchy and sticky for my liking. It doesn't leave any odd powdery residue that I've experienced with other hairsprays and dry shampoos, and is quite easy to wash out. I would probably repurchase this one day as I'm quite averse to the other hairsprays in my collection.

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Thanks but no thanks

I bought this because I wanted a hairspray that would hold my curls or if I styled my hair, I would this because it seems to be 'light'. After curling my hair, I would spray this to hold. I don't think this hairspray is great at holding in defined curls; at the end of the day, it lost its shape into loose curls. I definitely think this hairspray is more suited for setting loose, beachy waves.
The feature that disappointed me most was the nozzle and its spraying mist. The nozzle sprays straight and doesn't 'spread' to a fine mist, it's a concentrated spritz and for me, it wasn't dispersed. The nozzle also gets clogged at times. Overall, I don't mind it but I wouldn't purchase this again.

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I don't use this hairspray to set my curls as I rarely wear my hair curly, however I do use it to set my straightened hair in place.

Whenever I want to style my fringe a particular way I use this hairspray and it never fails me. I love the smell and the fact that it dries very quickly and holds my hair in place all day long.

It does feel slightly crunchy, although not as crunchy as other hairsprays.

The smell is delightful and it is ever so easy to brush out.

The only negative about this product is that I found the nozzle to clog up with product. However all you need is a pin to unclog and your good to go.

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Smells great

I love the smell of this range. This is an easy to apply mist & does hold your hair, but only gently. If it's windy or you need extra hold, you may need something else. I am happy with the results I get on my short, fine hair.

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My hair looks oily with this product on

I purchased this product because the smell was amazing, but y hair didn't really stay properly and it looked oily!

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I can see how this could suit some people but when I use a hairspray I want it to actually hold! I just don't find this product does that for me.

Smells so good though!!

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Steph Speth


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Great Hairspray

I'm not a massive aerosol fan so this was a great find! It smells fantastic and does a good job without getting crunchy.

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Great and easy

This product has a great mist top spray so it delivers the spray dispersed evenly and not in one concentrated spot. I love that fact and the spray doesnt dry up inside the pump making it easy to use, everytime.

I love the plastic bottle as its light weight and you can carry it around any where you go. Aresoles can be tricky and bulky that is why this hair spray is just a must.

The spray holds great. a light mist for a fancy hair styles will stop fly aways and hold it tight in the breeze and more spray will give that extra tight feeling if you are going out somewhere for the night and dont want your hair to move at all

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I love this!

It can make your hair a little crunch if you spray too much but otherwise, it's awesome! The hold isn't extreme but it definitely lasts and it smells nice. :)

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Very Light

the main selling point of the spray compared to a mousse product is that it is light. you can spray an excessive amount on (not that you'd need to) without getting the crunchiness that a mousse does when used too much of. the smell and feel of it is quite nice afterwards. the spray helps with natural waves already there, and helps to define them. it doesn't however create them. my hair is naturally semi-wavy but if i straighten too often it loses some of the curls. i can only use this when my hair is at its usual state, otherwise it is fairly limp. don't let that discourage you though! it is great usually, providing bounce, and clear waves/curls without trying too hard to be curly.

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