Cedel - Extra Firm Hairspray


Extra Firm Hairspray

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Cedel Extra Firm Hairspray offers an extra fast, firm hold in conjunction with a formula that is easy to brush out. The highly effective spray is based on the ‘resin system’. Developed over 50 years, the system combines resin with conditioning agents and light fragrance enhancers to add both lustre and shine. Cedel Hairsprays apply without residual resin build up. Australian made and owned.

$3.99 / $5.49

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40g / 250g




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Rosey Posey


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Go to hair spray

This is the hair spray for me, and so cheap! I find this holds in my hair for 10+ hrs. The first time I saw it was as a bridesmaid for a wedding.. The hairdresser used this hair spray and after a windy beach wedding our hair all looked amazing still at the reception. Plus I love the smell, better than a lot of other sprays out there.

Shop A Everyday


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Great Value

I love the cans here, both the pink and green ones. The product is good, holds my style for hours, does not build up, smells very nice and last ages, so is excellent value for moneyi



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Love it - worked wonders in my hair!

I was trying a suicide roll on the weekend, and whilst staring at the mass of hairsprays to choose from, the simple packaging and reasonable price led me to choose the Cedel Extra Firm. I did not choose wrong!

In the past hair sprays have left my hair rock hard and my 'do' droopy. I was very afraid that after an hour the roll would flop and i'd be left with a hair disaster. It didn't, in fact it stayed perfect for hours right up until i unpinned it and brushed it out to go to bed.

The key features of this product are the beautiful smell, soft touch from the conditioner and the extra firm hold it certainly gives.

I would recommend this product and repurchase in the future.



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Stay in place hold

I love the bottle as it is in my favourite colour pink but what I love more is that this har spray helps keep my hair style in place.
Quite a strong smelling spray but you get used to the smell and it is worth it for the hold. Helps keep flyaway hairs at bay



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A steal!

This is a great hair spray. Personally I do prefer the firm to the extra firm as i normally use it when curling my hair and this holds my curls in ringlets, what a problem to have, a hair spray that doesn't let your curls drop enough! But it's great. It smooths and holds my fly away down at my part. The hair spray is not crunchy at all and better yet it can even be brushed out at the end of the night before bed. It has a very mild but pleasant scent which fades quickly. It is also a bargain! Go ahead and try it :)

Vintage Chic


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My favourite

This is my go to hairspray. It has wonderful staying power without feeling sticky or crunchy. The smell is really feminine, but not overpowering. (my son likes using it too!) It's easy to brush out at the end of the day and doesn't leave a powdery residue. And it's Australian too!



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Reminds me of nan

I have very early memories of this spray sitting on the vanity at my nanas house and I guess that's what prompted me to try it way back when!! It's a great spray and great value for money

Ideal for

All hair types



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Beautiful hairspray

I often repurchase this hairspray. I find it holds my hair place quite well, but looks natural at the same time. The scent is quite strong, it has a perfume like scent to it. I often have people say to me my hair smells nice if I am using this hairspray! It brushes out really well, and the price is great for those on a budget. I recommend it to all.



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I just love the retro packaging of this hairspray.

Wait its not retro, it is still the original design.

I purchased Cedels hairspray purely for sentimental reasons, my grandmother always used Cedel hairspray very, very generously to hold her blue rinse perm in place, she literally would enveloped in Cedal hairspray.
I love the fragrance of Cedel hairspray and purchased the smaller sized can just to spritz in the air every now and again to remind me of my grandmother.
I miss you gran.


Step back in time



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I highly recommend this above all other hairsprays I have tried. I've been using Loreal elnett for a while but I found it made my roots really dirty and greasy. Luckily I picked this one to try and what can I say, it's brilliant. This gives a superior hold, without building up. When I'm going to bed I just brush it out and I'm not left with any stickiness or stiffness. The smell is hardly noticeable. My mum is very sensitive to hairspray smells and she's glad I'm using this one now because it doesn't bother her and make her want to turn on the bathroom fan. It's great for all kinds of hairstyles e.g. curls, victory rolls, fancy up dos, etc. Love it!!

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