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De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 The Ends is a lightweight, moisturising finishing product that seals the hairs frazzled cuticles and softens the hair from root to tip. De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends contains an infusion of antioxidants, amino acids and natural blackberry and bilberry extracts for added manageability.
Use to freshen up the ends of hair whenever they look and feel tired and frazzled. Apply a small amount.
Packaging: purple.

$8.90 / $17.90

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60mL / 120mL


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Reliable and it WORKS

Was given this as a gift at Christmas time (along with shampoo and conditioner) and I LOVE it! I normally have quite dry and really 'blah' ends which are a pain to get under control. This De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 is amazing!! My ends are soft, healthy and under control! You really only need the smallest amount and it goes a long way.

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A little goes a long way~

I love this product, the ends of my hair are very dry and this product gives new life to them - it makes them softer, shinier and less brittle looking. You only need the smallest amount so it lasts well too, overall an awesome product! :)

Read the full review of Instant Rejuven8 The Ends by EmiriiDesu.



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Great product that lasts and lasts!

I went into a hair salon and asked them for the best product they had for dry and damaged ends, and this is what they gave me - and I am so glad they did!

I bought this in a Bonus pack with an extra 25% in there, and the tube has lasted me such a long time because you only need to use a pea sized amount each time as is recommended.
It is also good knowing I'm supporting an Australian brand that doesn't test on animals.

Firstly this product smells really wonderful and almost... *almost* reminds me of a soft lavender scent. I usually use this product daily, or at least every time I will be out and about in the sun.

This product makes my dry ends feel so much softer and silkier and look shinier without weighing it down or feeling greasy which is a huge plus for me because many of the leave in's I have used have made my hair feel more worse than it already did.

I know that this product works to protect and nourish my ends because the last time I went to get a hair cut, the hair dresser said my hair was in much better condition than she was expecting because of the length of my hair - which was good to hear :)

This rejuven8 - ing product has saved my hair!

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I've been using this for years and it's never been a let down! The product smells great and adds shine to hair whilst taming frizz. And it's CHEAP! I find a pack lasts me about 2 years and that's with using it every few days (more when I leave my hair naturally curly). Because the product is a cream it also moisturises your hair. You won't be disappointed!

Read the full review of Instant Rejuven8 The Ends by OnFire.



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Just about great at everything

This product is seriously amazing - there are actually no negative things to say about it. Firstly, it smells amazing. You can use it when your hair is wet or dry, use it to smooth your hair, before styling to protect your hair, after styling. I also sometimes use it as a mask - it's very hydrating. You only have to use a tiny amount - about pea sized, and it lasts for ages. It really helps hair look much more shiny, hydrated, smooth and works amazing on split ends. The brand doesn't test on animals, and it is Australian so locally sourced.

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I love this product. It smells incredible and was my first entry into De Lorenzo products. I use about the size of two peas, and spread it between my hands before applying to wet hair. I also use a smaller amount on dry hair if it's looking frizzy or dull. It creates incredible softness and shine, and has never made my fine hair greasy. Best of all, I get to support an Australian brand that does not test on animals.

Read the full review of Instant Rejuven8 The Ends by Aud762.



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makes hair softer, shinier, less frizzy/damaged looking!

I have very thick, frizzy, wavy/curly hair that has many split ends and is a bit dried out due to styling and whatnot:-( I have cut down on styling etc. but the split ends will not heal themselves and I dont want a trim as I am growing out my hair!
I got this for chrissy and was very excited to try it as I heard great things! LEt me tell you this did not dissappoint! You really do only need a pea sized amount, well in my case maybe a bit more, but you just rub it in your palms and smooth through your mid lengths and ends and it leaves your hair feeling much softer, the ends looking much healthier, and your hair smelling great and looking shiny! My hair really does feel healthier after using this product and a little goes a long way so I am sure it will last quite a while! Its a great product to have for a quick fix to healthy looking/feeling hair!

Read the full review of Instant Rejuven8 The Ends by spash96.



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Great for protecting ends

Smells amazing, is great at keeping ends feeling soft. Great on damaged coloured hair. Use before styling

Read the full review of Instant Rejuven8 The Ends by Nicole165.



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I've been using this product for years and years now. The packaging is great, it comes in a tube with a flip top for ease of use and it's a secure flip top - so you can pack it in your toiletry bag and know it won't leak everywhere.

When you open the tube, you're hit by the most divine berry fragrance. You only need to use a small amount and the results are amazing. It has more weight than a frizz control oil, but not so heavy that you notice it's in your hair. I live in a very humid tropical city and The Ends is my go to hair product I use daily. I never have split ends, it's so good at protecting the hair shaft.

I just cannot praise this product highly enough. It's reasonably priced and the tube will last a long time. It can be used in either wet hair as a leave in treatment (use it sparingly) or as a frizz control product on dry hair. It's especially fantastic for smoothing and soothing the hair after straightening and makes your hair look glossy and gorgeous.

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1 week and I'm hooked!

Absolutely love this product! A pea size amount is all you need and it goes so, so far, plus the smell is incredible. Reduces the appearance of my split ends and makes my ends feel much smoother too, and for the price ($19.50 for 120mL) it's a steal!

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