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De Lorenzo

Instant Rejuven8 The Ends

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De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 The Ends is a lightweight, moisturising finishing product that seals the hairs frazzled cuticles and softens the hair from root to tip. De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends contains an infusion of antioxidants, amino acids and natural blackberry and bilberry extracts for added manageability.
Use to freshen up the ends of hair whenever they look and feel tired and frazzled. Apply a small amount.
Packaging: purple.

$10.50 / $19.95

Pack size:
30mL / 120mL


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Awesome! Tangibly softer, shinier hair. Doesn't add weight.

I absolutely love this stuff. My mum has been using it for years and her hair is so long and thick and shiny.
I have medium length hair which can be coarse on the ends.
Usually hair products do nothing for my ends. They might make my hair feel better for a short period but it washes out and there is no actual effect on the hair itself.
When using 'The Ends' I can really see a difference. A small amount goes a long way and it smells great. Used on freshly washed or even second day hair it dries to somehow make hair feel cleaner as well as being shiny and very soft. This effect lasts for a good three or four days before I use again.

Ideal for

Fine hair, hair with brittle or dry ends



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Beautorium December 2014

I was very excited when I was this product available on beautorium. I have been wanting to try it after reading the great reviews and this was the perfect opportunity. I used the product soon after I received it and my long hair now has it's 'swing' back. The reviews did not let me down. I love the texture my hair has, the perfume and that you only need to use a little. This product will be on my list of 'must haves' from now on. Thank you Beauty Heaven. 😊


I use on towel dry hair, massaging it into the bottom half and then scrunching before letting my hair finish drying naturally.

Ideal for

Straight after washing and towell drying and also suitable for touch ups on non wash days as it doesn't leave a build up.



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Smooths all ends

I use this product every time I wash my hair and it is amazing! My hair looks and feels good after every use and it also smells really good which is a must have with my hair products. I find it works best for myself when I apply it before blow drying my hair and not only on the ends but all over. Another plus is that only a small amount of the product is needed for it to cover all the hair, the downside would be using to much and the hair becoming oily.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Smooth Ends

I use this after I have towel dried my hair and the ends of my hair don't get dry and knotty when I go to blow dry and straighten it because this has worked it's magic. It's a great texture and smell. I use it before I use my styling products and then a hair oil throughout my hair. Great Australian product.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Holy Grail hair product

For me, this is my HG hair product. If I had nothing else in my bathroom I would have this. I use it on both wet and dry hair, it never makes my hair greasy or oily and it creates a beautiful soft texture. It also helps me smooth out flyaways on straightened hair, and helps round out my curls when my hair is unstyled. The smell is divine, it's like a gorgeous mix of berries and so so creamy.


The tiniest bit of product goes a long way so it lasts forever. Really great value for money.

Ideal for

Anyone. I have fine, flyaway, coarse, dry and curly hair so if I can use it and use it well, anyone can. Yet another awesome product from DeLorenzo.



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Smooths and Shines

I received this product from Beauty heaven and so glad I did. I mainly use it in my hair before I go to bed and it leaves my hair smooth, shiny and soft looking the next day or I sometimes use it after I have just washed my hair then blow dry it. It keeps the flyaway down and makes styling so easy. Plus it smells great. Thanks BH!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Love it!!

I received this through Beautyheaven and all i can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I put my naturally curly hair through a fair amount of rough treatment from straightening to curling and colouring. My hair is quite frizzy after washing and drying i used to have to always use some sort of treatment conditioner. Now all i do is wash and condition as normal, towel dry and apply about a pea sized amount of rejuven8 from mid-length to ends. I then style as usual or just leave it to do its own thing which i would never of done before. I will definitely be buying this in future!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

The best hair product I have ever used.

I have used this product for a few years now ever since I fried my hair by over colouring. I was suffering from hair breakage & my hairdresser suggested I give this wonderful product a try. It worked absolute wonders with my hair.
Then I ran out & couldn't afford to buy any for a while. At the same time I noticed it was one of the products that was made available with the last Beautorium event. Lucky me!
After washing & styling my hair I use just a pea sized dot of this product, rubbing my hands together & then applying to the ends of my hair & also on any fly away bits.
Its makes every hair sits exactly where it should, makes my do looks healthy, & smells wonderful. I will always try to have this lovely product in my cupboards as no other product comes close in comparison.


Just used the smallest amount, rubbing well into not just the ends of the hair but can be used all over. A little bit goes such a long way. I leave a little on my hands afterwards as well, no need to rinse off.

Ideal for

Ideal for making my hair look 'done' & well groomed.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Smells delicious and works!

I ordered this as a last minute thing in the recent Beautorium event and I'm so happy that I took the plunge.

The product is a light cream encased in a handy squeezy tube with a scent similar to lavender and blackberries.

The tube suggests using a pea sized amount on wet or dry hair, since my hair has bleach damage and is very long I can get away with using a lot more than this but it still doesn't weigh down the hair.

I find when I use this product my hair looks less frizzy and dry, is more manageable, feels softer and has a little extra shine.

I think this is a bargain product that delivers results and I will likely keep it in my routine for good!



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Beautiful to use on dry hair.

I received this from Beauty Heaven and love the product. My hair is very fine and this really helps keep it sleek when I apply to the ends after hair is dry. Also tried when my hair was wet but it then helped the kinks stay in place. Not the effect I was looking for, so I will just use it once hair has dried. It smells great and goes such a long way in my hair just past shoulder length.


Works best for me on dry hair to tame the fly-aways and frizzy bits. Only use a very small amount as directed.

Ideal for

Fine, dry, blonde hair. (dry as in having dried after washing)

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