Schwarzkopf Extra Care Styling - Strong Styling Hairspray

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Styling

Strong Styling Hairspray

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Schwarzkopf Extra Care Strong Styling Hairspray has been specially formulated to offer the combination of a fine controlled mist with strong setting properties. Provides hair with long lasting strong hold for a natural stylish look. The non-sticky formulation brushes out easily.

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Super hold

If you want a hairspray that will hold your flyaways and strands back and in place...than this is the hairspray for you.
It is great value....and is really strong...I used to use this for my daughters dancing Eisteddfods and Concerts where not one hair was allowed out of was very reliable.
I also used to use this on my own hair when I was younger and into partying...because I could party all night and my hair would stay curly and bouffy, which is what I love....
I don't use it anymore because I'm over the strong smell and the stiff isn't a sticky hairspray but it is definitely a stiffening hairspray...I could touch my hair and it wouldn't budge.

Temporary Pr...


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Holds, but makes it a little stiff!

This hairspray is my go to for when I REALLY want my hair to hold in place! I've used it previously to ensure that certain really tricky styles stay where they should. Like most hairsprays, this does initially seem a little overwhelming when first sprayed, but it does settle. It's also not quite as choking as some of the others out there.

When it dries down, it's does stiffen some, as you would expect with extra hold hairspray, but you can definitely skip, dance and jump on a trampoline, leaving your hair in one piece!



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Wonerful value for money

I recently started using this product because I wanted to try and tame my fly-aways.
I have been so happy with this hairspray; the smell is lovely and subtle and not over the top; and the hairspray holds my hair in place very effectively. On busy mornings when I am in a rush to get the kids off to school, I don't often have time to wash my hair, but I just comb through and tie up and then apply the hairspray and I holds my hair style in place. I also love the fact that it brushes out without leaving any white flecks like my old hairspray used to do. I think that it is great value, and would gladly recommend this hairspray for those wanting a great hold.



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Favourite hairspray

I use this everyday (work days) and for going out, to keep my flyaway hair in place and it's great. It's strong enough to keep my updo in place but not so strong that it makes my hair stiff. Washes out very easily and the spray nozzle has never clogged up as some others have. If you buy the huge can, it is very cost effective too.



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Great, cheap everyday hair spray!

The Schwarzkopf Strobg styling hairspray is a pretty good hairspray. It holds curls, crimps or straightened hair very well. It holds most tricky hairstyles for a number of hours. It has a kind of scented chemically smell, not delightful, but not repulsive. This hair spray can something kind of crumble and leave little white crumbles if to much product is used. All in all, I think that this is a pretty good hairspray. I would recommend! :)



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This was quite affordable, it was around $7 and it says at the top of the bottle 20% more value.
This was excellent as i run out of hairspray fast with the small-mediumish bottles. This one has lasted me forever, i bought it at the start of the year i think and wow.
Great value for the price i think.
Now its pointless unless its good.....which it is of course.
It holds my styles as it claims, i love how its maximum hold because i do alot of curly styles and im outside most of the day.
Very happy with this product!


Ideal for people that need a lasting hairspray and want maximum hold.



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great hairspray :)

it just holds your hair all day long and gives a tiny bit of volume, doesnt work on the roots though, only the ends. i dont like the smell, its this chemical sorta smell, but i guess maybe all hairsprays are like this? great hairspray, willl definitely buy again unless i find something even better :)



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Perfect for Everyday

I use this hairspray every single day and I love it. My hair never feels crunchy or hard, it stays soft and it doesn't move!! (and I have very fine flyaway type hair) It also doesn't have a strong chemical smell like other hairsprays, so you can use it in the bathroom without choking on any fumes!!

Ideal for

This hairspray is great for all types of hair, and comes in 3 different sizes which is handy!! I will never stop buying this fantastic product, and I hope they don't stop making it!!



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My first love

I have been using this hairspray since I was a teenager (over 20 years) and love it. It's the only hairspray that I have found that doesn't leave that horrible white residue the next day and doesn't smell like other brands either. It works on my hair to keep flyways down after straightening my hair and that finishing sleek look that is sometimes hard to get even after straightening. I love that it comes in 3 sizes so I can keep a big one at home and a smaller one in my travel bag. I would be devastated if this was ever to go out of production!!!


Use a fine mist to finish off hair styles and to keep flyways under control.



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My morning ritual

I have tried quite a lot of brands of hairspray and I always go back to this one. I have lots of fine hair and Schwarzkopf Extra Care Strong Styling Hairspray keeps all those little annoying hairs in place. It's great value for money and last for ages.


Fine hair, budget conscious shoppers

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