Sunsilk - Sunsilk Haircare Co-creations Expert-Perfect Straight by Yuko Yamashita


Sunsilk Haircare Co-creations Expert-Perfect Straight by Yuko Yamashita

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Sunsilk Co-creations Expert-Perfect Straight by Yuko Yamashita seal in straightness. By penetrating the hair fibre the conditioner hydrates each strand of hair from root to tip. Straight Lock Technology will bind the hair together into a simple straight style. The shampoo and conditioner help to manage and maintain the straight shape of your hair as it dries.

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Perfect Straight Straightening Cream From The Range

The straightening cream is from the Yuko Yamashita range.
The cream comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a click open swing lid.
Its a styling cream to help achieve straight hair, it has 24 hour straight hold.
I have wavy hair and need assistance n achieving a perfect straight style.
The cream is applied to towel dried hair.
The cream is white with a smooth flow consistency.
Texture is smooth, creamy and light.
Fragrance is lovely, smells great.
Rub a small amount of the cream between palms and smooth through hair, concentrating mainly on the ends.
Melts into hair, lightly coats hair strands, feels very lightweight and is not greasy or sticky.
I brush hair to release any knots and let my hair dry naturally.
I then use a hair straightener to achieve ultimate straight hair.
The cream assists with smooth straight strands, helps give a shiny finish to the straight style.
The styling cream is used in conjunction with a hair dryer also.
I like the cream, it helps keep hair under control for a smooth straight style.



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Doesn't last all day!!

My review is on the spray of this product.
This spray works well however, for a limited time only. It does take the fuzziness off from hair that is fuzzy. It makes my hair soft and shiny but like I said it doesn't last very long. It's also meant to make your hair pretty straight however when I use it, it doesn't make my hair very straight at all, it leaves my hair in it's natural wave. However, I've only used this spray when my hair is dry, maybe it might work differently when it's used on damp hair.

Ideal for

This spray is ideal for people with fuzzy hair. Also hair that's not curly.



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You get what you see

Instantly picked this up from the shampoo aisle when it said 'straight hair'. I naturally have wavy hair and I have been contemplating to perm my hair to straight hair. But after using this product both Shampoo and Conditioner I have seen making results. My hair after it dries, is straight! Although not straight like a match stick. But straight enough to have that natural look and so it doesn't look over done. Not only does it give straight hair, but also healthy shiny, silky hair! Which is something I've always wanted. I've been so impressed with the product, I've been using it for almost 6 months now. It is the only shampoo and conditioner I think I'll ever used. I will be devastated if they stop making this product!


After adding shampoo into my hair and rinsing it. I apply conditioner, massaging it into my hair. I tie my conditioned hair into a bun as I scrub my body with my favourite body wash. Allowing for the conditioner to really get into my hair and for my hair to absorb the product. (2-3 mins) Then I unravel the bun and rinse my hair. I personally think it will show results much quicker, with your hair drying into straight hair :D

Ideal for

For people who have wavy hair and want a natural straight hair look



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Ahhhh hello soft, shiny hair!

I've used this shampoo/conditioner combo for quite a while, and I'm very happy with the results! My hair was soft, untangled and manageable. I was surprised with how much shine my hair had.I let my cousin try and she is now a sunsilk convert too!



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Best supermarket shampoo & conditioner!

I always get people telling me how soft my hair is, and how I manage to keep it minus the frizz in this 40+ degree heat in summer - my secret? Sunsilk Extra-Perfect Straight!

These two products are by far my favourite in the whole of the supermarket range. I am one of those people who get bored by smells & always want to try the latest product! So I do, but I always go back to this shampoo and conditioner because my hair has never felt as soft as when I'm using this product. It doesn't hurt that it leaves my hair smelling fruity for almost three days. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a decent shampoo that doesn't leave your hair heavy or oily. It's usually on sale at Coles or Woolies too, what a bargain!



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Whoopsy i accidently did 4 stars but this is a 5 star item



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i love it

It was a surprisingly good product. So cheap and it works. I got it on special haha.
*works for it's purpose makes hair straight (people asked me how my hair is so straight and I told them about this)
*makes my hair silky,
*makes my hair soft
*protects it from damage
*removes fly aways and frizz
*makes hair smooth
*smells good ( I actually got asked by at least 5 people mmm your hair smells amazing) and I caught random people smelling my hair.

* I can't think of any!

overall great product!


Rinse with cold water and use with conditioner
follow the instructions

Ideal for

frizzy dry medium thickness hair
for hair that is wavy/straight
long hair
not for curlies to make their hair straight! but it does define your curls if you do use it



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Love it.

I love the way this shampoo smells and the way it leaves my hair once its dried, not only does it keep my hair naturally straight but it also gives my hair a little volume and leaves it soft. :)



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Not so straight...

I have tried using this shampoo and conditioner, but it does not work, it has a nice smell, and makes your hair soft and shiny, but not straight. I bought this shampoo and conditioner hoping that I would not have to use my hair straightener but it seems I still have too...


Put shampoo in wash out then put in again then rinse, then put conditioner in and leave to sit for a few minutes then rinse.

Ideal for

Already straight hair?



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Straight and silky without styling

My boyfriend uses this (he has beautiful, straight waist-length blond hair. I'm not even kidding) so I use it when I stay at his place. It's great in this situation because I don't have my straightener or even hair dryer with me. My hair is naturally pretty straight and fine but doesn't look great when it dries naturally (frizz, flyaways), however when I use the shampoo and conditioner and let my hair dry naturally, I only have to comb it and I know it will look after enough time drying.

Smells nice too, normal consistency, helps with detangling.

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