Garnier - Fructis Shampoo Anti-Dandruff Normal


Fructis Shampoo Anti-Dandruff Normal

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For normal hair, Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Normal helps improve the balance in the scalp’s cellular turnover and restores its protective barrier function. The formula provides a sensation of comfort and freshness while delivering an ultra clean scalp for healthy looking hair. The normal shampoo instantly eliminates 100 per cent of visible flakes, and as it’s infused with anti-bacterial elements it also targets dandruff at its source.


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works well

The garnier anti dandruff shampoo comes in an efficient sized bottle with a flip top lid. The lotion is a light blue with rough beads in its texture. The texture of the shampoo is quite rough. While the shampoo is a dandruff shampoo it has a pleasant smell light and easy- its fresh.
On application the shampoo foams up but not too much, its easy to rub onto your scalp and spread around even though it has strong beads. Can really feel this scrubbing your scalp. I found it quite unusual as ive never used a shampoo quite like this, I guess it works similar to a scrub for your face. I feel after use my scalp feels clean and soft. After around a week I noticed a decrease in the amount of dandruff plus it doesn't come back as much. Il
I usually suffer from more flakes then anything but with this product all the superficial flakes are gone- everything is removed with all the beads.
This dandruff shampoo also contains anti bacterial agents so stops the bacteria that causes dandruff. This shampoo is great, eliminates flakes and helps the re emursion of dandruff.Plus it doesn't dry out my thin dyed hair or strip the color. Perfect for men too



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Glosscars 2012 - Sure keeps my man happy!

I am writing this review on the behalf of Mr. Chocolatelace.

Now, first things first. Mr. Chocolatelace has a particularly bad case of dandruff. I am talking the pretty nasty type, where you get greasy, large flakes of dandruff that tend settle all over the crown area. Sometimes, the flakes fly around like snow and fall onto his shoulders. I'd like to apologise if I just made you lose your lunch.

The reason why he loves this shampoo so much is because it reduces the dandruff dramatically, without causing irritation and dryness (as he has experienced from other brands). He uses this product once a day, and though he still gets flakes from time to time, the highly foaming shampoo minimises scalp aggravations, as well as gently removing build-up of oil and styling products. It doesn't leave the hair stripped, even though he refuses to use conditioner. Mr. Chocolatelace loves the fruity scent ( I love it too!) because it leaves it lightly fragranced for a clean, fresh feeling.

He would like to recommend it to everyone that experiences dandruff, as the effectiveness of the shampoo and budget-pricing has left him particularly impressed. A definite winner!



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Good review from Hubby for glosscars I guess...

Well hubby generally does not say much for reviews so I will have to interpret his short answer and expand a little I guess....
His answer:
I don't have dandruff back yet....


He used to use Head & Shoulders, but has since converted into giving this combination a decent trial run. Head & shoulders did work well for hubby, but when on a budget he always looks for cheaper alternatives, plus he has never really been keen on the smell of H&S. He loves the smell, it feels clean, and apparently it is working for him.

Ideal for

Only downside is that so far Hubby has not found the conditioner to match, and he is certain he needs both for his hair...

Bellezza Cielo


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Hubby thinks it works

Thsi review is on behalf of my hubby. He's not the sort who'd sign up to BH neither do i want him too so i asked him for his review and this is what he's got to say.

He's very prone to dandruff. It's just his hair type. Very fine brownish hair and dry scalp. He since childhood kept on getting dandruff.

He used to use head and shoulders before but found even thougj that does remove dandruff it was also making his hair flat and oily. He stopped and dandruff came back.

Then he found this shampoo and now he loves it. No dandruff and amazing clean hair. The reckons the smell is amazing and you can actually "touch" the cleanliness in your hair and scalp.

The price is reasonable too and there is no flaws in this product

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